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The best way to celebrate a birthday is with a nice #donkeyroll 🐴 #popstardonkeyroll
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"We are the Style Boyz, we came to party," #itslit #popstardonkeyroll
@animalviper has perfect form when it comes to doing the #PopstarDonkeyRoll! Thanks for sharing! 🐴
@erikshaw7 took "Donkey Roll" very literally and very seriously and we very much approve. 🐴 #popstardonkeyroll
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Thanks @bradthemeizz for sending in your  #popstardonkeyroll Keep 'em coming and we'll keep sharing! Tag @popstarmovie and #popstardonkeyroll
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Flap your arms like a bird flying around
Then point your fingers at the cold, dead ground
Make like a dude on an Egyptian scroll
Don't be a MILF and just (let me see that DONKEY ROLL) #DonkeyRoll #PopstarDonkeyRoll
Get your cowboy hats, donkey rolls and "doink-de-doinks" ready.
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The #DonkeyRoll: Bringing siblings closer together since 2016
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Do as Conner4Real says, not as he does...actually...don’t do what he says, either. #POPSTAR
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