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I went to Panama.
Now I have 5,500 photos to sort.
I am ready to return.
This is a snail kite
You can tell because it is holding a snail.
Happy Easter.
Happy April Fool's Day. 
Desert cottontail.
A very good bird has been visiting my local patch.  I feel so lucky to have such a Birdy spot so close to me.
Especially happy to have a Say's Phoebe come and hang out in my neighborhood.
This is a rare bird for the city.
I have been spending the majority of my photo-energy on a non-bird-centric film project this year. 
I am trying to shoot a roll of medium format film a week on my 1967 Hasselblad 500c.  I have shot 11 rolls of film so far and blogged about each one. 
Please check my blog, the link is in my bio. In the meantime, I will post good bird photos as I take them.

Photo related: good bird photo from new camera, also on blog.
I am running out of stilt photos to post.  This may dictate future birdwatching expeditions.
Birds love birds
I like a bird that lets me get real close.
Penguin coloration
Sexy legs
What more could you want?
"Did you see the Bald eagle?"
Is a question you only get asked if you are outside.
It is snowing in Portland.
I'm too excited to sleep
Even though I know
I must wake up early for work
Photo unrelated
It's a bird.
Seether is neither black nor white
Marbles for eyes.

Double-crested Cormorant.