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They call me Portland Burger.

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You see, it would be this mat that you would put on the floor... and would have different CONCLUSIONS written on it that you could JUMP TO.

Black Oystercatcher.
That's a weird bird!
New blog post is up for more photos
Link in bio

Humpback whale
Relatives of the albatross
Doesn't start breeding until 8-10 years old
And can live for 30+ years

Northern fulmar.
Had an incredible experience
My first pelagic trip
50 miles off the coast of Newport, OR
I saw so many good birds
Including this Black-footed albatross
Pack hunter
Suet destroyer
Congratulate me
For I have found
A rare-ish bird
All by myself
I'm such a big boy.

Solitary sandpiper.
So this is why some people wake up early.

Sunrise Sanderling
Incredibly attractive brood parasite

Brown-headed Cowbird
I'm coming back out of retirement
Let's talk birds.

Semipalmated plover.
Jumping for joy
Or locamotion
It could be either

Bullock's Oriole
Cedar waxwings
Eyeing osoberries.
Latin for bear berries
Bear beary.
🐻 🐻
Ready to pounce
Tiny insects beware

Warbling Vireo.