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This little guy is very special to me
A Rufous-collared sparrow

In the zonotrichia genus there are 5 species total. 
I had only seen 4:
White 👑 and golden 👑 live in my yard
I have seen 15 white-throated sparrows in my whole life in Oregon
And only 3 Harris's Sparrow - a rare but regular visitor

But this year I was able to leave the country and collect all 5 stamps on my zonotrichia punch-card.

In Peru the most ubiquitous bird for me was this Sparrow! Though, it has a very dynamic range of calls, I always thought it was a different bird each time I heard it. 
I love sparrows and I am very happy I was able to get such good looks at it, and I feel lucky that I got to see all five of the zono species this year.

Happy bird watching nerds
The hunter patiently stalks it's prey
Dauntless Dabbler:
The Life and Times of a Modern Day Mallard
Sassy sparrows saunter spryly searching for succulent seeds.
Big beautiful blue bird butts
Geese find me irresistible
If there is a career path
That leads to
Professional Sparrow Photographer
Please point me in that direction

Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon)
When life gives you peanuts
Bury them in the ground
And hope you can find them later.

California scrub jay
I'm thankful for turkeys.
But I haven't seen one in a while.
¡Feliz día de acción de gracias!
I may have neglected to tell you
But I went to Peru this year
And I saw a few very good birds
This Andean flicker was one of the highlights!
The sensation of picking the correct key the first time and smoothly inserting it directly into the lock.
Good bird
Of weekend productivity

House finch