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Before tomorrow comes and As a company that employs the majority of high school teenagers we still support you Santa Fe and we will never forget. Many of our lifeguards attend Santa Fe High School and this day shook us here at Poseidon very badly. 
Your names will forever be remembered by our community.
❤️Christian Riley Garcia
❤️Chris Stone
❤️Sabika Sheikh
❤️Angelique Ramirez
❤️Shana Fisher
❤️Kimberly Jessica Vaughn
❤️Aaron Kyle McLeod
❤️Jared Black
❤️Cynthia Tisdale
❤️Ann Perkins
Happy Mother’s Day from all us here at Poseidon!
A little underwater repairs before season starts! Make sure those main drains are compliant!
Blue pools for dayyyyyysssss!
Just because it’s not summer doesn’t mean pools can’t look inviting! We wouldn’t jump in but our maintenance team keeps our communities in tip top shape year round! ❤️ we love our crew! They work so hard!
What do you do when you walk into a nightmare of a pump room that makes you walk the plank with actual stagnant water underneath ?? Swipe 😂 you pack it full of sand from a filter change.
Did you know that PAMC offers an employee referral bonus: 
Any PAMC lifeguard who refers a friend will be paid $10 per referral. **The referred NEW employee and the initial employee who referred them must work until end of their summer assignment or obtain company written approval to quit before the end of their assignment for the referral bonus to be paid out on the 1st check in October. **must put on application!! **
‼️L I F E G U A R D S  W A N T E D‼️ Become an American Red Cross certified lifeguard with us this upcoming 2019 summer! Check out everything we offer with employment! Referrals, scholarships, incentives, giveaways and more! 
We are hiring now! Go to our website (link in our bio) and check out our training schedule and employment application!

We can’t wait to hear from you!
‼️‼️Big announcement going out in our re-hire letter‼️‼️ 💥Poseidon is now offering SCHOLARSHIPS💥

woahhhh!!! We are super excited to be able to offer this to our committed and hard working employees! 
Come work for us this summer to find out more! *rules do apply
Start of Victory Lakes plaster! This was needed so badly! Can’t wait to see it finished‼️‼️
Don’t worry Marco, we can clean that filthy mouth of yours too! 💯
‼️HOLY COW‼️ Remember that residential pool that hasn’t been touched since Hurricane Harvey?

Well look at it now!! Plaster went in on Saturday and we are plumbing a brand new filter today and installing a brand new motor! 
Doesn’t even look like the same pool!💥