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肓hite night over the weekend was busy but oh so fun. Melbourne you glamorous little city
Hold on to childlike whims and moonlight swims and your blazing self-respect.
When you have your mental health, freedom, self love, dreams and happiness all in tact and thriving. When youre debt, drug, immorality and addiction free because you never had a problem with the temptation of temporary feels and taking shortcuts in the first place. Because youre patient and wise. When you treat people with genuine kindness & love and you get the same back, naturally, regardless of the few and now irrelevant experiences you had in the past with false and disloyal people. When youre surrounded by loving people who inspire you. When you put work into those loving people around you because you want to see them thrive as well, because theyre your fam for life, theyre your bros and the love is very real. When you know that earthly possessions and the excess of money, fame and power, or proving something to others doesnt provide you with true happiness. People who have an opposing belief to that core value are generally incredibly unhappy and vindictive people. Period. Because what they believe in and have pursued in life has caused them to become bitter and dark, theyre just very good at making it seem like material excess or doing what is seen as perfect is the answer, when it really isnt at all. When you know that believing in yourself, not listening to insecure or envious people, and that working hard and being righteous, kind and sincere, achieving your dreams is all possible without being fake or hurting good people, and is what makes you successful and brings the blessings into your life. Thats when you know youre doing it right. Im proud of myself and I hope you are too, because life isnt simple but your dreams are definitely achievable. You reap what you sow, you get what you give. Be wise about where you invest your love, believe in your dreams and do good to others; the blessings will come.
肓ont travel without em
In case I dont see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight
Waves, sea breeze. Family. Dad took this photo, I remember about a minute before he took it Id paused to take a look around. Sometimes I like to stop and watch for a moment, like when were sitting around the table and everyone is talking with their mouths full, maybe mum will catch my eye and wink at me. Tiny moments that happen all the time and I just stop and think how fortunate I am to just be with good people who love each other. And its just the regular stuff we all get to do. Not a damn thing in this world comes close, and you cant put a price on it.
Go here. Now. Eat the food  #posingrose
Dark jeans and your nikes look at you. Handsome, youre a mansion with a view. Do the girls back home touch you like I do?  #posingrose