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The kids are running around and beating each other up. Everyone is either eating or yelling, or both. Uncle Leo sleeps through everything, it’s a gift. Uncle Tony wears a Hawaiian shirt because over his dead body is everyone turning him full Greek. Chris and I️ keep getting hassled because we’re the only unmarried adults, and confused expressions follow when we say, ‘career first but for sure kids later’. The whole day flies by in a kaleidoscope of love and noise, and on my way out in the evening my drunk cousins are arguing because one of them has said they’d drown their kids before the world has Artificial Intelligence. Everyone helps out and is equally loved, but at some point the men all end up on one end of the table together, laughing and competing, so the women smoke bomb them and clean up together in the kitchen. That’s just how it is. It’s not sexist, it’s awesome and it’s natural and I️ love tradition SO much and it’s how I’ll raise my kids. This is how we bond. It’s how we love. It all stretches out over a whole mammoth day and come dusk no one wants to leave. We couldn’t even fit everyone on the table if people had all come at once. Nothing comes close to this. Everything else is just reaching. This is what matters. These humans I️ love. #mybigfatgreekfamily #thankugod #posingrose
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That girl is a real crowd pleaser @wishxoxo #posingrose
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Never go to festivals but I’d run this if I did. Playing dress ups in @showpo🎠 #sequins #posingrose