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About today... 🏊☀️ 📷 @bardzins
Last chance to fill out our survey about @Positivus '17 and your wishes for next year! We're giving away three 3-Day tickets to Positivus '18 to our survey participants. Direct link in BIO.☝🏻Pēdējā iespēja aizpildīt aptauju par Positivus '17 un izteikt savas vēlmes nākamajam gadam! Starp aptaujas dalībniekiem izlozēsim trīs 3 dienu ielūgumus uz Positivus '18. Tiešais links PROFILĀ. 📷 @bardzins @zemgulis
Have you filled our SURVEY yet? There's a chance to WIN 3-Day tickets to @Positivus '18! Direct link in bio. 🙌🏻 Vai Tu jau aizpildīji mūsu aptaujas anketu?  Ir iespēja laimēt 3 dienu ielūgumus uz nākamā gada festivālu! Tiešais links profilā. 📷 @mihail_voloschuk @zemgulis
Yes, we love you! ♥️ P.S. Have you filled out our survey yet? We're giving away 3-Day tickets to @Positivus '18 to the participants who leave their contact details. Let us know what you liked, what not, your favorite artists and dream line-up. DIRECT LINK IN BIO 📷 @annijaveldre
Have you filled our SURVEY yet? Click the direct link in bio to help us find out what you liked, what not so much, so we can make a better @Positivus '18 together! Oh, and we're giving away three 3-Day tickets to the survey participants. Come share your festival experience! 📷 @bardzins, @taskans, @mihail_voloschuk
Hello everyone! Please fill out our survey. We are committed to improving your festival experience and with your valuable feedback we aim to make @Positivus '18 even better. DIRECT LINK IN BIO. And there's a chance to WIN a 3-Day ticket to next year's festival, too 😉📲 THANK YOU AND SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! 📷 @kristsll
Anna Hanks from Austin, Texas (@annainaustin) says she had the best fish and chips in her life at @Positivus. Direct link to her article for The Dallas Morning News in our Insta stories 🍟 be #positivus17 📷 @taskans
Another magical moment captured at @Positivus Camping site 🌌 be #positivus17 📷 @bardzins
Throwback to @therealCROOKERS DJ set at @Positivus 🔥 be #positivus17 📷 @bardzins
That was some nice #festivalwear by @ElitaPatmalniece and @zazacouture 🔥be #positivus17 📷 @axelschillingphotography
Take us back... 🌅 be #positivus17 #festival #hammock #sunset 📷 @dambranslv
We're as smitten as @jose.gonz.music here about Melissa Locker's @Positivus festival review in @thelineofbestfit 😆 Check out our Insta stories and swipe up to read it 📷 @kristsll be #positivus17