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She was South Korea’s superstar ballerina. Now, she’s given it up to try to make it in America. Wishing EunWon Lee luck!
Ready to take the leap into YOUR fitness journey? Visit the team at #FitnessExpoStores to learn the ins, outs and benefits of Power Plate.
It’s time to take your pushup game to the next level! Do exactly that with this week’s #moveoftheweek using the dynamic duo of Power Plate and @SKLZ.
Double tap if you’re getting on the Plate today! #SaturdaySweat
Nothing gives us that Friday feeling quite like some fitspo from Master Trainer @CarolinePearce! Try these moves that use a stability ball and a Power Plate to carve rock hard abs – and comment below with your post-workout feels!
#ProTip: Keep Power Plate on LOW to move freely without restriction. We generally only recommend 50-HIGH for massage.Trust us, it’s intense!
Because ballerinas train with total body strength workouts too! Behind-the-scenes with @Olivia.Cowley at the @RoyalOperaHouse in London 👏
#ICYMI: Power Plate’s vibrating platform moves 25 to 50 times per second to engage muscles you normally wouldn’t. Visit our friends over at @healthandfitnessohio to #PowerUp today.
We’re stronger together 💪💪💪 Call up your #fitfam and work it out with this hamstring and booty-blasting #moveofthweek from Master Trainer @radek.pajic!
Let’s get it! #SaturdaySweat
Hello from The Club Industry Show in Chicago! Here are our trainers carrying out leg massages on the Plate. After just three minutes of massage on a Power Plate, there’s an increase in skin blood flow which lasts until at least 10 minutes after treatment. #PowerUp
If you want to train smarter and perform better in whatever sport or activity you pursue, making time for recovery is key. Treat your muscles to a massage on the Plate. 📷: @PlateFit instructor @kelseyreddicks