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Have a golfer on your holiday gift-giving list? Power Plate was touted as a unique solution for golfers of any age, or ability, to quickly improve their flexibility, range of motion, stability, and balance in the @africanamericangolfersdigest Holiday Gift Guide!
There are no results without action. Ready to take that first step toward reaching your fitness goals? Visit our friends over at @fitnessproequipment.
Say no to winter bod 🙅 🙅‍♂️ Instead, work on stability, while firing up that core with this #moveoftheweek from @youlimusic.
Commit to living your best life today 💪 #SaturdaySweat
Double the kettlebells, double the strength. We’re looking to Master Trainer @CarolinePearce for the ultimate Friday fitspo to take us into the weekend.
Who said you have to hit the gym to reach your fitness goals? With the Personal Power Plate, on-the-go workouts are accessible as ever no matter where you are. #PowerUp
ICYMI: 75% of American pro football teams are outfitted with Power Plate units. Do you want to train like an elite athlete? Get on Power Plate! 📸: @Broncos
With Power Plate, you get a complete, full-body workout incorporating stretch, balance, core, strength-building and massage, all in only as little as 15 minutes. Visit the team at #HuntsvilleFitnessEquipment to reap the rewards of whole body vibration training.
This is not your average plank, ladies and gents! Go after that killer core with this knee-to-elbow #moveoftheweek using two powerhouse fit forces — @SKLZ stability ball and Power Plate.
No pain, no gain. Get on Power Plate! #SaturdaySweat
Grab those resistance cables and power up with this whole body circuit from Master Trainer @CarolinePearce:

1. Squat withalternating biceps curls
2. Squat jumps – cable handles at shoulder height
3. Cable cleans
4. Wood chop (each side)
5. Split squat chest press with switch leg jumps

30 seconds per exercise, 3-5 rounds 👊
Tired of waiting for results? Our whole-body vibration technology speeds up health and fitness benefits to deliver faster, longer–lasting results. Don’t waste another second, #GetonPowerPlate!