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I find myself day-dreaming about nights dreaming under the stars and wrapping my head around a new landscape to explore. As much as I miss exploring and camping new land under my own 2 feet. I have bigger goals in my head now, like being able to use my own 2 feet to be strong enough to carry gear into the backcountry again. The beautiful thing I've learnt from the mountains, is no goal is to big. You just need determination, patience, time and to never stop believing in yourself. Some days are going to be mental battles, some days physical, some emotional. Strength comes from the heart, determination is the key to success. @venturesnow @sparkrandd @fitwellboots @ltdoptics @tribute_shop @thesnowboardersjournal. #weareventure #venturesnowboards #thesnowboardersjournal #splitmoreworkless #yukon  #seeyouinmydreams #snowboarding #goatworthy #chaseyourgoat
Attention homies (Kootenay Folk)! Just an FYI, if anyone happens to want to go for a walk, want to try out splitboarding, want to try a fresh deck, something different, whatever! It kinda makes me sad my babies are just collecting dust, but, they are available to use! Contact me, hook up my homie with some brews that's holding them and we will hatch a plan! Snowboarding to me has always brought the since of freedom, I want to share that freedom with others. Even though I'm down and out, I want to continue sharing my passion of splitboarding from a far. If I can't be there in person at least my spirit can still shine out there. Of course be smart, read the avalanche bulletin and know what your doing out there! @venturesnowboards @sparkrandd @tribute_shop @ltdoptics @thesnowboardersjournal #weareventure #ventureeuphoria #ventureparagon #venturestorm #splitboardingistheanswer
Decided to open my wings and take flight today! Peace out snow, peace out mountains, peace out BC, peace out friends! Catch ya when I'm able to be confident on my own 2 feet again! Enjoy the winter, mountains, and adventures. On the long road to recovery! Photo by: @rowanbashford. @venturesnow @sparkrandd @fitwellboots @ltdoptics @tribute_shop @thesnowboardersjournal. #weareventure #venturesnowboards #thesnowboardersjournal #splitmoreworkless #newzealand #seeyouinmydreams #snowboarding #goatworthy #chaseyourgoat
Happy Birthday to this gem (@jorunswild)!! She's turning a quarter of a century today! I knew after our first adventure in the Columbia Icefields in August to get summer turns we would be great adventure partners. Watching her carry everything we needed for our self supported trip put a smile on my face. Never complained, always had a smile and super optimistic. Unfortunately I broke my leg this winter, changing our adventure plans of 2018 to more domestic ones. Yet, she's never left my side, has been there so much for me during this recovery. Sacrificing her winter to be with me, cooking me amazing foods, getting me to my appointments, and helping with everything I can't do. I’m stoked that when I am ready to return to the mountains, I have a pack mule to help me get back out there. I'm too lucky to have her! Even though I feel like I'm a burden to her, she does not! Thanks for everything that you do, you the best! 😘
Dreaming among the clouds.
#throwbackthursday. Dreams lie in the background, dreams lie in front of me, our path is uncertain, yet our course can always be altered. @venturesnow @sparkrandd @fitwellboots @ltdoptics @tribute_shop #weareventure #venturesnowboards #thesnowboardersjournal #splitmoreworkless #thisisalaska #seeyouinmydreams #snowboarding #goatworthy #chaseyourgoat
Mine as well celebrate some milestones today. It's been a month since my surgery and in theory 2 more months till I can start using this ole leg again and introduce walking! While in rehab I was gifted with a copy of @thesnowboardersjournal to get the stoke back. In the 3rd issue is a tale and some photos of mine about a line we rode in Alaska. I am super bummed to not go to AK this winter, but dreams will be lived again. I am humbled to relive memories on the glossy pages. Well in other news I'm slowly working my knee back to gain it's flexibility, at 65 degrees so far. @venturesnow @sparkrandd @fitwellboots @ltdoptics @tribute_shop #weareventure #venturesnowboards #thesnowboardersjournal #splitmoreworkless #thisisalaska #seeyouinmydreams #snowboarding #goatworthy #chaseyourgoat
Camp Life in the mountains delivers the best of the simple things in life. Enjoying the alpenglow from the top of a mountain as you soak in lines to ride throughout your adventure (We ended up riding the couloir on the peak to the left 2 days later). As you prepare to strap in and ride back to camp to cook up some dinner, boil up some hot chocolate and cap off the night. It takes a little bit of gear and time to dial in winter camping, but it's worth in every way! Makes you appreciate life so much more, and I appreciate this trips more than anything... can't wait till I'm strong enough to carry the weight again, but baby steps till then! @venturesnow @sparkrandd @fitwellboots @ltdoptics @tribute_shop @thesnowboardersjournal. #weareventure #venturesnowboards #thesnowboardersjournal #splitmoreworkless #norway #seeyouinmydreams #snowboarding #goatworthy #chaseyourgoat
When your spirit animal wonders where your soul went. @venturesnow @sparkrandd @fitwellboots @ltdoptics @tribute_shop @thesnowboardersjournal. #weareventure #venturesnowboards #thesnowboardersjournal #splitmoreworkless #kootenays #seeyouinmydreams #snowboarding #goatworthy #chaseyourgoat
Happiness is not a matter of good fortune or worldly possessions. It's a mental attitude. It comes from appreciating what we have, instead of being miserable about what we don't have. It's so simple, yet so hard for the human mind to comprehend. @venturesnow @sparkrandd @fitwellboots @ltdoptics @tribute_shop @thesnowboardersjournal. #weareventure #venturesnowboards #thesnowboardersjournal #splitmoreworkless #newzealand #seeyouinmydreams #snowboarding #goatworthy #chaseyourgoat
I miss it more than anything imaginable. I miss my freedom, I miss the adventure, times with my friends, the adrenaline rush, and mostly the tranquility of nature. I miss you nature more than anything. If you wish to learn more about me and my absolute love and passion for splitboarding, follow the link in my bio to my interview with @splitboardmag. Thank you everyone for your time, love, help, and words during this injury, it all means alot to me. You don't realize how much you love your legs, till you can't use them. So go use them! Thank goodness for modern science though! Peace and love. Photo by: @zclanton. @venturesnow @sparkrandd @fitwellboots @ltdoptics @tribute_shop @thesnowboardersjournal. #weareventure #venturesnowboards #thesnowboardersjournal #splitmoreworkless #newzealand #seeyouinmydreams #snowboarding #goatworthy #chaseyourgoat