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Micro steps!!! They were small, they were tiny, but I finally took my first unassisted steps in over 93 days. I cooked my own dinner and shuffled around the kitchen on my own two feet! It feels insanely refreshing doing things on my own, the tunnel is slowing getting brighter and the end is inch by inch getting closer. I just had to announce it to the world because this milestone has been on my wishlist for a little while now. Last week I began walking in the swimming pool and feeling more human being in the water. I've been spinning 30 minute sessions on the bicycle and have added squats in my 2 hour rehab program which has been good for my mind to push to the next level. Happy dance!! Photo by: @petemossbosssauce
It's all about the simple things in life... Photo by: @macdask. @jetboil @trewgear
The name of this line is fitting- The Storybook Couloir, write your tale as you flow through life bound between 2 hard covers. @logweeze, @gregorgraham, and @thugdaddywarbucks look on as @inffni captures the moment. Flowing through life brings the highs and lows, the yin and yang, the accomplishments and the failures, from being the trainee to the mentor. Challenges will be endured, some avoidable and some will smack you dead in the face and rearrange your concept of reality. The challenges can make or break you; rising you to a higher being or leaving you running in fear. We all write our own stories in our own time zones, enjoy where you are in this life, and what you have written. As always, enjoy the moment.
Yew!!! Since I can't do a happy dance, I'll post a photo of one!!! I took my first crutch assisted steps around the house today- 12 weeks post surgery. It took me a bit to gain the confidence, yet, I went for it today and it feels slowly like my leg is ready to be a leg again. It's pretty fascinating just seeing the atrophy in my muscles and relearning to fire up all my muscles again. I'm moving like a turtle while focusing on proper alignment and technique, don't want to develop a limp! My physiotherapist see's me off the crutches in a couple weeks, all progress! Thanks for the support anyone's given me or let me complain or cry even! Been a tough year, but I'm learning alot and appreciating just the little things in life. 
Feels like bagging a summit with my homies @alpcitychronicle @rangerbackcountry and @yossi.jagger
Wrote up another blog for @beyondsnowboarding on some basic splitboarding advice. If your new to the sport and excited for spring, swing over to my profile and click on the link!
Just a little "Hey, how ya doing...?" 11 weeks now since life did a flip on me. Everyday I rehab my leg for about 4-5 hours for when I'm ready to walk, focusing my mind to push through barriers, to see pass restrictions, and to keep believing that everyday is worth the grind. You realize what you want most in life, when you can't have it. Life went from the best times of my life, to a state of rock bottom. With the battles of depression, boredom, family battles, career shifts, and thoughts on the great unknown... "what do I do now?" The only thing I can do when your at the bottom, is Rise. When life has you down, you rise up. Snowboarding has been the greatest gift life has given me, it's also been the scariest. I've had my best days, and my worse days. I've made some of my best friends and I've lost friends to it too. I've watched it change lives for the good, and for the bad. Yet, what it has taught me is self power, how to be strong, and how to be determined. To some it's just a toy, to some it's their life blood. To me... it's what has made the most since in my life, the mountains are the one last place that humans haven't totally fucked up. It's the best place to connect with nature, but, I wish more people were mindful with how they access them. Never stop achieving/ believing/ creating/ dreaming/ exploring. Till next winter my dreams will continue to grow. Photo by: @logweeze
@logweeze made my day the other day when he sent me over this photo. There's nothing better than having your best buddies on a glacier camping out for weeks in AK- shredding lines, eating food, jamming out, smiling huge, scarring the shit out of yourself, and being exactly where you want to be. Reflecting back on photos, I'm so stoked I pushed myself to do cool shit. Honestly, sometimes I had no idea what I was getting myself into... I just went!
It's that beautiful time, the migration to Alaska. Where dreams lie due North and the sun lingers longer in the sky. My most memorable trip last year was our 2 week glacier camp out of Haines. Slay lines, eat food, smoke weed, celebrate, sleep, and repeat. @logweeze captured it perfectly on his gopro; @_zakmills, @uncle_bacon_girouard and I shredding the glacier back to camp after coming back from our objective. You can see the first peak we climbed on the trip on the right side on the horizon, we coined it Wolf Face. If the opportunity comes up, go to Alaska! You won't regret it, you'll just regret all the years you didn't go up before!
Thanks to my homeboy @logweeze for still getting me out into the backcountry! I may have grown soft this year and may look alot smaller. I might not even talk, move, or seem lifeless. A piece of me is out there, still wanting to get after it and bag some peaks!
As spring is beginning to pop into action! The big ole spring objectives are on the horizon. I wrote up a blog for Beyond Snowboarding with some basic avalanche tips. Link is in my bio. @beyondsnowboarding is about creating a one stop shop website of info for when you start seeing beyond the resorts. Introducing yourself to the world of splitboarding. It is in it's very early stages, but, hope to see this community grow and blossom. In the photo Brandon is performing a shovel shear test as @kim_vinet observes the results when it felt like spring in December! @avalanchecanada
Thanks to amazing friends for making my day today and getting me outside. I haven't felt this good in awhile, seeing the water, feeling the sun and wind again. My soul feels extreme joy in knowing that the little simple things in life, like just being outside, will always make me smile. Thanks for giving an ear and the slow crutch walks, means the world @colleenmccarten and @spicyperogy!!! I'm exhausted now and it feels so goooood!
I have a little content from 2018 from the beginning of a bumpy year! @petemossbosssauce showing how to handle the bumps in life!