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When big life events happen in life, we don't know if the outcome of it, is good or bad. It comes from perception of how you see the event. Severely breaking my leg in January through one of those curve balls, it was up to me to make the outcome good or bad. I'm glad life challenged me, I'm glad it made me re-evaluate my life, I'm glad I was given the time to spend with my family, and really spend time with them. I won't say is was all roses and rainbows, it was a roller coaster of emotions, but, we we're able to pull together and connect more. Life is hard, it comes with so many choices with wants and needs. It's challenging to make everyone happy with your decisions, it's a balancing act though. Living on the otherside of the country from my family makes my heart weap, yet, where I love to live, gives me energy and fuel to take on my dreams. It's all a fine balancing act, that I'm still trying to figure out. My family was a huge push to get me back on my feet and to where I am now, I am hugely thankful. If you asked me a month ago on my feelings of going back to BC, I would answer with mixed anxiety. Today, I feel like I'm conquering this injury, I'm ready to get back to BC. I'm ready to start training to get myself back into peak bagging mode. Jumping on a plane now... I'm coming home! Thanks for the photo @jawiggles. #bikeadventures #imcominghome #toronto #citylife #family
Beach time with the fam-jam! My feet are loving not being crammed into snowboard boots every month! Spread them toesies! Photo from the big bro: @jawiggles. #beachlife #famjam #torontoisland #lettingmydogsbreathe
Five months ago my whole entire world flipped upside down, putting what matters most in my life into a deeper perspective. It has been a wild ride these last couple of months, from fear when I first did the injury, to anger when I left BC and the mountains. I entered back into Ontario and was filled with defeat, that everything I have built up was slipping through my fingers. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror for I didn't know who I was looking into. It took months to feel my inner fire, deep within my belly. Every "new" thing would fill me with anxiety, I would quiet up, and calculate every movement in my head to figure out, if I "can" do it, I then learned to replace can with want. I want to do this, I will do this, I've got this. The one's that have helped push me to this point, know how thankful I am. This time, I want to thank myself; I've spent the last 4 years truly living my dreams. Traveling the world simply, engaging locals, and conquering badass mountains. Yet in those times, I felt I was always searching for something more... yet, what I was searching for, was exactly what I was doing. I just want to explore, that's it. I don't want to be the most badass snowboarder, I don't want to be an influencer or a role model. I just want people to get off their asses and live their lives. The mountains have been the best teachers of my life; they've taught me patience, sacrifice, forgiveness, and the value of hard work. The value of being strong, of being able to handle shit you can't control, yet you stay positive. Mountains have taught me how to literally tip toe on life and death and to be comfortable with it. I'm 32 years old and I've racked more injuries then I can count, mostly to my legs. I'm proud of my injuries, it shows my determination to never give up and chase what you love. Love you homies, keep rising everyone, keep becoming a better you. Strength is within all of us.
Passion... what is it, and where does it come from? What drives us to never quit and what makes us push further then we have gone before. For most of 2018 I lost my inner fire, I found myself worrying than embracing. Only recently that little ember that sat in my belly, sparked, and ignited a whole fire in my belly. Over the last 2 weeks I feel my drive again, I feel that confidence coming back, the words I tell myself don't condescend, yet uplift me. Not saying to myself; can or will I be able to do this, instead replacing with when and how will I be able to this. Instead of putting limitations on myself, I changed what if's to goals. Today I went on my first big solo journey in almost 5 months! Even though I've only started bike riding over the last week since my injury, I went for a crusher today. Biking 73km with 350m of elevation gain from my brothers (@davidcwigley) place in downtown Toronto all the way to my dad's house in the suburbs of Whitby cruising the waterfront trail! Re-awaking my exploratory soul, and finding gem adventures in Ontario! So in love with my @salsacycles Fargo bike. Super excited for bike packing adventures this summer!!
The Dirty Dozen... 12 years ago marks one of the most important days of my life, the day I almost left this Earth. The day when my heart stopped and I was shown the other side, after returning my mind was engaged to live out my journey and to follow my dreams. It has been quite an adventure and sometimes I need to take a day to myself and just reflect, the amount of people that I would have never spoken too, hung out with, adventure with. The places I would have never seen, the mountains I would never climb and the friendships I wouldn't have built. 2018 hasn't been an easy year on myself and my family, but life also has it's secret agenda, and sometimes we need to stop fighting and to just be and listen. Fear has built an insane amount of anxiety in my head from breaking my leg in January and yet it's also given me the chance to truly rebuild myself from the ground up. After years of traveling, I've given myself the chance to be still, to slow down, and to appreciate more of what I have, then to feel like I'm wasting time. Humans are the only species that have a concept of time and we worry about it. We stress about it! So, knowing today was my re-birth day, I took a day to myself to reflect, that no need to stress about time. No need to worry about plans, about money, about getting myself to the shape I was. Instead I went and bought myself the bike I've always wanted a @salsacycles Fargo for some awesome adventure bike packing. In reality life is to short to not go for what you want in life. Thanks to everyone who's followed my journeys on this platform, to the people that have touched my life, my family, and to my adventure partner @jorunswild for bringing so much love in this rough year and continuing to stoke me up and push me to the next big adventure! Blessings to all.
We adventure to discover pieces of us that are hidden deep within the unknowns. We leave familiar land to embrace expanding our minds and opening our sub conscious. Letting go to take more in, releasing while receiving. Fear hides in those shadows just as much as confidence shines bright. Fear consistently trickles through my mind with each new task that comes up, but as time progresses what I once feared becomes normal again like walking down stairs! This photo from @macdask makes me really happy from a year ago of @kylemiller411 and @elias_sandvik annual camping trip that I was thrilled to be invited to. Sums up adventuring for me pretty easily in this photo- 4 dudes at different ages stoked after a few days camping on a glacier, rode a few lines, ate some food, shared stories, and went back home.
I miss this... The idea of adventuring, of just loading a backpack and isolating yourself away from civilization. Finding yourself in the quiet remoteness of nature. I joked about this time last year, I spent more time living in the backcountry then I did sleeping in a bed. Fast forward to now, and that doesn't even ring true, I haven't spent a day in the backcountry in 5 months. I would travel the world to find the next big adventure, and now living back in my childhood town, hills I would laugh at before are now my mountains. I knew before the only thing that would slow me down, is if I made a bad calculation and broke my legs, well I broke one of them, ha! It's been interesting to have a really slow year, I've joked that I've skipped a generation and just went into senior hood. I'm too slow for the young whippersnappers these days! Before my biggest challenge was to sit still, I always felt I had to use my time, to tick off the next mission, and I blew off alot of people, I was jaded, I recognize that. I recognize alot in myself that I've wanted to change or correct. I've been given the opportunity to reformat myself; train my body to have correct posture, my core to be strong to hold my body, and to be more acceptable to other's handicaps. Adventuring though isn't about exploring the most remote place in the world, or the baddest most epic line, or even leaving your country. Adventuring lies within your mind and your heart and soul. It's discovering ways to embrace nature, the world, humans and animals, to be free yet to be grounded. Adventuring is about discovering yourself, and pushing yourself to believe that you can push farther. And we all have that willpower... just never stop believing. Photo by: @macdask
My friend Adam West (@firstlightozi) found this picture the other day of my trip over to the Main Range in Australia in 2015. I still speak highly of this trip, I had such a blast riding corn snow through gum trees and camping with kangroo's below snowline. I was working patrol @brokenriver in New Zealand at the time and Adam invited me over, I flew only with my outerwear and boots and Adam set me up with everything else! He had 25+ splitboards at the time, of course I grabbed a @venturesnow 165 Odin before I was even an ambassador for Venture and actually when they just closed their doors for board production-later reopening for 2016 production. That board was sooo much fun to rip around!! Australia is a really cool destination to go splitboarding, I wouldn't have expected such rad terrain to hide deep within in the range. Can't wait to return again!
Stoked to be able to do and show @jorunswild all the tourist things!! Been 20 years since I've been here last, pretty fun to relive old memories and climb a tree or two! #touristday #niagarafalls #waterfalls
Week 16. It’s been quite a road to recovery and hard work is beginning to pay off! I’ve had my doubts, my scares, and my worries, yet, I kept pushing and have had so much help and positivity to push me along this dark road. In the last week we have seen some big changes, from taking 2 hours to walk over a km. To today where we walked 2.5kms in an hour an half, and I was able to walk the last of it without using my cane. I’m liking these feelings! So much love to the family and friends for the love and support!! The rebuild is happening! #roadtorecovery #imwalkinghere #rebuild
"We've traveled thousands of miles, yet, have barely scratched the surface." Numerical value, we give everything a value and try to beat it. Have to complete this goal by this age, to be this fast, this smart, this rich, we put numbers on everything. An underlying value so we have a marker to beat. I've noticed this while healing, have to get my range of motion by this week, bike longer, push more reps, hold squats longer, take more steps. Not everyone gets this chance in life and you're the creator of your future. When you're stripped of what you love, you're forced to relearn about yourself, dig deep, and find that inner fire and ask it what it truly wants, what it truly seeks. That flame may just be an ember, yet an ember can start a wildfire, all it needs is fuel. This winter was the hardest mental challenge I've personally encountered. It was mentally frustrating to feel I was making a splash in the splitboarding/ mountaineer world, having my idols recognize my work, then to watch it fade away and become irrelevant. It took all my power and concentration to not fall into depression; to rise, to keep pushing, to not give UP. I may not be able to climb mountains, but I can beat the mountains in front me. Have to learn to crawl before you can learn to walk; I crawled, hopped, clawed my way to get to couches and beds. As I grew strength I was able to stand and then I was able to bike. Building range of motion I began going into the pool taking steps in the water, starting deep then working towards shallow water. Months later after my operation I eventually took a step, with one step, came another, then another, and eventually I took on the stairs. There are days, when I catch myself, and reflect how far I’ve come! I have people coming up to me at the pool to tell me how impressed they are with my recovery. My PT and doctor are all impressed at where I'm at in my stages of recovery; it's all in the mind though. This injury has shown me a world of pain, people that suffer on a regular basis, that can't get help, doctors can't find the problems, and spend their days in pain. Cherish your body, nature, and life, because trust me, yes, it can all change in a flash.
Pretty stoked to have this mountain girl (@jorunswild) leave the mountains to come be with me for a little while!! As I go into the next stage of rehab I'm happy to have this pack mule help me push into the next phase! Been over 2 months since I've last seen her, which is a little too long! Accidental long distance relationships, woo woo! See You tomorrow!!! Big Day!