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POZ is an award-winning print and online brand for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.


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POZ blogger Shawn Decker and his partner Gwenn Barringer have been educating people about HIV for years. They’re now appearing in a new national HIV testing and prevention campaign called “Doing It,” designed to motivate all adults to get tested for HIV and know their status. Read Shawn’s blog on POZ.com to find out more @shawndecker @gwennbarringer #doingitmyway #actagainstaids #hivtesting#hiveducation #hivawareness
Transmisión y riesgos del VIH - El VIH entra al cuerpo a través de heridas abiertas, llagas, o cortes en la piel; a través de membranas mucosas, como las que se encuentran en el ano o la vagina; o a través de una inyección directa. Lee mas... https://www.poz.com/basics/vih-sida-en-espanol/transmision-y-riesgos-del-vih #VIH #SIDA #transmision #riesgos
“Dismantling HIV Criminalization” panel featuring Kenyon Farrow of TheBody.com, Abdul-Aliy Muhammad of the Black and Brown Workers Collective, Robert Suttle of the Sero Project and Kate Boulton of the Center for HIV Law and Policy. The discussion was moderated by Kyle Croft, co-curator of the exhibition Cell Count. @visual_aids @lamamagalleria  #cellcount #hivisnotacrime #hivcriminalization
#tbt Five years ago, Mark S. King—an AIDS advocate, an author and a blogger living with HIV since 1985—appeared on our June 2013 cover. The issue included his essay on why HIV stigma among gay men persists. @mark.s.king #pozmagazine #hivstigma #hivawareness
On June 12, 1983 a group of people living with AIDS took over the plenary stage at the Second National AIDS Forum in Denver and issued a statement declaring their rights and responsibilities. The statement becomes known as “The Denver Principles.” #thedenverprinciples #aidsactivism #aidshistory #fightingforourlives #aidsiseveryday
Congratulations to Mariette Moure, Champagne Bubbles, Mini Horrorwitz and Didi Cumswell for making it to the final four of New York’s Best in Drag competition @thealliance_nyc @gmhc #nybestindrag #dragpageant #dragqueen #finalfour
Delighted Tobehere was the host with the most (outfits) at New York’s Best in Drag show @queendelighted @thealliance_nyc @gmhc #nybestindrag #dragpageant
Mariette Moure is crowned the 2018 winner of New York’s Best in Drag, which benefits @thealliance_nyc @gmhc #nybestindrag #dragpageant #hivawareness #hiveducation
Author and historian Sarah Schulman is our POZ Hero in the June issue. In her latest book “Conflict Is Not Abuse: Overstating Harm, Community Responsibility, and the Duty of Repair,” the long term AIDS activist explores the topic of HIV criminalization. @schulmanny 📷 @ericmcnatt #pozmagazine #pozhero #aidsactivist #hivcriminalization
Find out what happened after Hollywood reporter Karl Schmid came out as HIV positive on Instagram. Read “The Accidental HIV Activist” by @benryanphotos on POZ.com @karljschmid #hivactivist #hivawareness #hivdisclosure
#tbt 20 years ago Playboy playmate Rebekka Armstrong appeared on the June 1998 cover of POZ @rebekkaarmstrong1967 #pozmagazine #playboyplaymate #hivawareness
@visual_aids presents Scarlett Letters, an evening of performances and a panel discussion on HIV criminalization in conjunction with the exhibition Cell Count #hivisnotacrime #hivcriminalization #cellcount #artandaids