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School of Visual Arts NYC • Open for commission, message me for details

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c u l8er
1 week and I'll be practically gone from Indy forever
finally secured my very own apartment (well, 1/3 mine [and no this is not a picture of it])
me and my mother are staying at my other mothers place
within 5 minutes, birds pooped on me and chase in the lovely church garden
imma be in ny tomorrow to the 4th, hmu
was about to buy a mens cologne for myself called noir but that would leave me with roughly $15 until my next paycheck
a year ago... @evan.booth for the pic!
your local angel
bitch im straight up mothafuckin chillen (my mom took this picture)
SPOTTED: Roaming @chaajl sighted in Indiana. Please call authorities if seen.
when he thinks hes a lap dog 😩❤️