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Бесплатное образование в Чехии 📑
Подготовка в ЛУЧШИЕ Вузы! 🇨🇿
Обучение в центре Праги 🎓
iPad в подарок нашим студентам📱

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St. Mikulaš brought us gingerbread and lots of laughter. Nobody was taken away by the Devil 👹 
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Участвуйте в конкурсе грантов, получайте возможность учиться в Европе бесплатно! Подробнее о правилах читайте на нашем сайте. С нетерпением ждем ваши заявки!
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A nice evening in a smart company🦉 Our annual intellectual game revealed the smartest of the smartest 🤓 
Наша интеллектуально-развлекательная игра Что?Где? Зачем? стала нашей ежегодной традицией. И победителями стали ... Gleeeeee!
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It’s good to go out in the middle of study period, especially when it’s sunny and there is a beautiful park near the beautiful castle.
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Hello! Today we will discuss the student‘s tests in PLI. 📒As you know, to enter the prestigious university you need to pass the Czech language exam. Usually universities require level B2. Each university holds its own exams, and the minimum threshold is 60 percent (but in ČVUT this minimum is 80 percent). This topic we will discuss more in the winter. 📌At the A1- A2 level we had 4 intermediate tests, each was after studying 4 lectures and 3 compulsory essays that were written in the class without dictionaries. In order to prepare for this essays, our teacher often ask us to write similar topics at home. There is percentage of success for each intermediate test. And at the end of the level we know the average percent for all 4 tests.
📌Also at the A2 level each student had his own project on one of the topics (jídlo a pití, rodina, oblečení, dovolená a cestování, být a stěhování ...). We had to prepare a presentation, a game or a class discussion on this topic. This project was also useful in preparing for the 2 main exams in the level A2: speaking examination - mluvení (you had to talk for 5 minutes on one of the topic that was in the projects) and a grammar test for 60 minutes.
📌All students of our first group, which started studying in September successfully completed all the exams, and now we are waiting for a more difficult, but also more interesting level B1.
🖇“Pořádně makej, parádně si užívej.” I think that this quote can be a good slogan for our school. When in the middle of October all the students finally joined our friendly family, a big party was organized.
📌Where: Mandragora bar
📆When: October 18, 2018
🗝What: Welcome party 2018.  Free drinks, many contests with prizes and, of course,  karaoke! And dating, dating, dating!

Also I would like to thank the PLI graduates who came to our evening and told in details about their studies at universities, answered all our questions in the informal atmosphere. We are waiting for new events! #plistudent
Ahoj everyone, blog #PLIstudent is on air!
Exactly a week ago there was a big party for all PLI students in the Mandragora bar. But the detailed story about this evening will be soon, when our professional photos appear. A that time I would not only tell you how everything was, but also show it.
In the meantime, let's talk about the system of organization of studies in our school. Every day from Monday to Friday we have 2 lectures of Czech, separated by  15 minutes coffebreak. So we are in school from 9.30 am to 12.45 pm. In addition, every Thursday we have a Czech speaking club, where we discuss various topics with our teacher for 1.5  hours. Once we discussed the famous Prague legends, made up the schedule of our ideal day, studied the Czech public holidays (don’t forget to celebrate 28th of October!). This topics are useful in life and are associated with the vocabulary, that we studied previously in the basic lectures.
Also, the school regularly provides Movie nights or Game evenings. Gradually, we start films not only in English, but also in Czech, which is a necessary attribute of successful learning.
Almost all of our students attend additional classes in math, physics, chemistry, foreign languages, biology or physics. Groups are created according to the level of knowledge and are selected depending on the university, in which students will go newt year.
Tomorrow our group, which began studying in September, will take the test A2. Wish you all good luck! 
And next time I will tell you about the testing and evaluation system at PLI.
Hello everyone! My name is Svetlana and I'm studying in PLI. I'm starting my own blog #PLIstudent to tell you more about student's life in our school.
Today I would like to show you some useful Czech words if you are studying in the school/ university in Czech Republic.
Budova 🏢. -  Building
Cvičení 📖. - Exercises
Domácí úkol📑 - Homework 
Hodina🕛. -Class (lesson)
Přednáška😎. -Lecture
Skupina👬. -Group
Učebna 🏦. -Classroom
Rozvrh📜. -Schedule
Učitel 👩‍🏫. -Teacher
Výuka🏷️. -Tuition
Zkouška📝. -Exam
Zápočet🎓. -Offset
Slovník📗. -Dictionary

Проведи осенние каникулы в Праге! Яркая программа с изучением английского языка, экскурсиями и путешествиями в международной школе в самом центре Европы. Успевай записаться, начало в конце Октября! #pli #holidaysinprague #languagecamp #prague #englishcourse
Meet our partner in Belarus - "Respector-Travel", the travel company which organizes educational and tourist trips to the Czech Republic. Managers of "Respector-Travel" have full information about education in the Czech Republic and Czech and English courses in Prague. All our students from Belarus are welcome to communicate directly with @respector_travel to find out some special discounts and offers.
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September 25 Prague Language Institute took part in "Czech Day" held by the Embassy if the Czech Republic in Belarus. The head of our school paní Kristýna Juřenová together with our manager Yekaterina made the presentation on education in the Czech Republic and the opportunities for students in Prague. Parents and future students had the possibility to ask questions and get the up-to-date information firsthand.
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How to advertise your school? Ask these guys 👍🏻😁😁
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