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Hunt or be hunted. The choice is yours. Join us in our new #Predator Community!
Best time to head to the jungle...
Built to kill. No spotter needed... ☠️
Happy birthday, @officialdannytrejo! Donuts and tacos on you?

Check out some BTS photos of Trejo from #Predators over at our Predator Official Fan Community at
Built to kill. #thepredator #fugitivepredator
Happy #EarthDay Predator. Take it easy on the trophy hunting today, huh? It’s just one day... #Predator
Same hunt. Different jungle. Come join the new Predator Official Fan Community to talk all things Predator, take polls, post photos of your epic trophies and meet other awesome members of the tribe. Create an account, take a look and then..."Stick around." PREDATORMOVIES.COM
#predator #predator2 #predators #thepredator
That #chestburster would make a great trophy @alienanthology...
We see a human. Predators see a warm trophy...
Poor Lynch. The first Loonie to bite the dust. Sorry about your arm being blown off, bro... #plasmacaster
“No, it had to be like government or some shit. Like a robot, or whatever..” 🤔 #ThePredator
Happy #InternationalWomensDay to this bad ass who helped take out the Queen. We salute you, Lex. #AVP