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London based Cinematographer
Feature Film 'Trendy' premiered at Raindance 2017

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New promo I shot for @veyyns just dropped over at @feltzine 
Link in bio. #lofi 
Directors: @nedwolfgangkelly and @adamnewby1
Animation / graphics: @veyyns
Director of photography: @preisnerdop
Model: @imjaewoods
Hair / Makeup: @di_hmua
Production assistant: @eveeloisekelly
Yet another obligatory grading suite pose w/ the #Settlers crew. @mattdavidchambers #grade #shortfilm #colourist
Dragging my housemate into test shoots #aussie #test #reluctantmodel
#Repost @nimmonimmo  Music video I shot last year is now out. Link in bio. Also shoutout to @ozzyspoon and Ben Skyrme for their graft on this. ・・・
HEAD OVER TO @noisey TO WATCH THE VIDEO FOR OUR NEW SINGLE ‘TOO LATE’. MASSIVE ❤️ to  @emily_mcdon all at @hilowfilms, @preisnerdop & @hollytblakey @x_hrh_x @sagg_napoli and the Crew. Oh and #happyinternationalwomensday 😏😉 (link in bio)
In honour of #internationalwomensday here is my favourite photo of two of the best women in my life from when we were kids. Always full of intelligence, wisdom and care I owe a lot to both of them! Much love today @hevsy_h @hamilton5228 #sisters #women #throwbackthursday #tbt
Thanks for the shoutout @cookeoptics - #settlers is coming soon... @klimboou @mattdavidchambers @c.ndrsn. ... A lovely collection of #behindthescenes stills from a recent Cooke Factory touree & #cinematographer Richard William Preisner @preisnerdop. BTS pictures by John Wilson @wilson_photo. Camera package @ARRI_rental UK. Lighting kit Pinewood MBS Lighting @pinewoodmbslighting. Directed By Matt Chambers @mattdavidchambers.

2018: Currently in Production.
Settlers is a short film that follows the story of a young couple and their attempts to rekindle a dying relationship. A retreat by the sea offers a glimmer of hope but their future together balances on a knife edge.

Shot on #CookeS4 on the #ARRIAmira at 3.2k on location by the sea near #Weymouth. Richard says "The S4's were the perfect choice for us as we were shooting a lot of wide angle close ups in scenes where the characters had little to say but told the story through their emotions. The 25mm was very forgiving on the edges and served to draw attention to the central, sometimes symmetrical, framing that Matt and I employed. The proximity of the camera mixed with the 'Cooke look' allows us to feel incredibly close to the characters as we understand their struggle. The film is mostly night interiors, shot both day for night and night for night. Practical lighting was employed to bring a reality to the light in the characters worlds as well as LED #skypanels being employed to allow us to shoot quickly. This was thanks to the expertise of #gaffer Ben Skyrme. The tight interior locations meant that rigging the camera to achieve the shots that myself and the director planned required some creativity from the wonderful camera crew. There was some relief as we shot some 'dreamy' day exteriors on remote beaches by the south coast. The location was incredibly beautiful and we were fortunate to have warm weather despite it being November. "

The film is currently in #postproduction with a completion date set for the end of April 2018. Following this the film will be entered into festivals. 
We wish them well & will watch this space.
My old man’s old man... #polska #RAF #grandad
This guy made my day #beaver #prague #tame #praha
After a 5 hour wait at the airport finally made it to Tracy Island. #prague #freezing #thunderbirds
Found a random 5D on set and took a shot of @mariyaevtimova looking young and innocent. @macdonald_alicia @ndots #bbc #artdept #butterwouldntmelt
Woken up #fox #snow #tiredeyes
Waiting waiting #winter sun #milanmalpensa