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Satx! Place your order by Friday, we deliver Sunday evening, or you can pick up your meals Monday at @infusacafe locations. Menus change all the time!

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I find the real flavor amazing as well
Chix & asparagus. Free delivery!
Chix salad!
Meal prepping isn't just about that epic Instagram post showing off your endless stack of meals. It takes energy to put this together wisely.  Preparing your meals allows you to control the portions of your food so you can be precise in the amount of calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein you are consuming within each meal. You don't have to meal prep on Sundays, but for many of us working a typical Monday through Friday job, Sunday is usually the best day for preparing your weekly meals. Setting aside an hour or two each week to get your meals prepared will put you on track towards improving yourself physically, socially, and mentally. But when you don’t have time, or you prefer to manage your weekend time for family and rest (important priorities) I am here for you. Not only the menu listed on the website, but if you want me to execute a menu of your own, consultations are free. Custom orders are only 7$ a meal. Your health and your time is actually priceless. Place your orders by Friday’s and we deliver Sunday evenings or even Monday mornings. Otherwise you may pick up your meals at any of our @infusacafe locations. #sanantoniomealprep #mealprepping
Check out our website and place your orders today for your next week!
We also have a cupcake menu on our website! Because everything is about balance!
Paella 🥘 & Vegan cocktail
Beef teppanyaki : grilled beef with a diced medley of zucchini, green bell pepper, onions & carrots.
Chipotle chicken w/ achiote rice 🍚