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Satx! Place your order by Friday, we deliver Sunday evening, or you can pick up your meals Monday at @infusacafe locations. Menus change all the time!

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Buffalo grilled chicken with green beans #ketosatx buffalo sauce made with red peppers, vinegar, garlic, water and a pinch of sea salt!
This is the Lemon pepper shrimp and on the notes they said- make it very spicy hot
Lemon pepper shrimp a little spicy
Beef Stir fry! Coco aminos. All low carb.
No regret cheeseburger fix. 90/10 ground beef; cheddar blend, organic tomatoes, onions and jalapeño mustard. Yum.
Comfort Asian- with jasmin rice aromatic, very filling. Has siracha and coco aminos, green onions and grilled chicken breast.
Comfort Asian, the no carb version. Grilled chix on cauliflower rice, coco aminos and siracha just in the side.
Turkey meatball in Tom sauce. Baked and grilled. Natural flavors.
Our dear kiwi berries are back in season and we are happy!!
For infusa café. M-F and one rotating Sunday a month. Dm @infusacafe