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12 Great location in 3 Years and growing! 
Inquiry learning in full effect! 
Archeologist hard at work! 
What learning stands/skills/opportunities do you see? 
The list is endless! 
Please refer to the ELECT document (Early Learning for Every Child Today) and How does learning happen? These two documents will help you understand how we connect our curriculum programming to these two documents. 
Ms. Kelsie's preschoolers have been learning so much about dinosaurs. The learning that is happening is AMAZING...better then any pre-cut product art work, photocopied worksheet or youtube video!

If only you knew the journey which this cardboard box has been on. 
This box was originally made to hold the brown couch in our toddler room. Soon afterwards, Ms. Kelsie and our preschoolers transformed this box into a grand ship.  The ship then sailed into our toddler room and then transformed into a cottage like home. 
Our toddler's absolutely love this cottage. 
This box truly represents our pedagogy/philosophy. We believe that materials can be used in many ways. Loose parts and open-ended materials are universal and can be used by any learner.  Ideas should be explored, transformed and later revisited. This box was once "just a box". Now it is not "just a box". Children are not just children.  Children are capable learners with great abilities and too can transform as our box transformed. 
This is what emergent curriculum is. We use the children in our care as our starting point. We observe them, document and plan.
We then provide opportunities which strengthen where they are developmentally and  use their wonders to plan inquiry learning activities.  Emergent curriculum helps transform a child, by allowing them to feel safe to explore their ideas within their learning space.  All children are capable learners and should always be seen as capable!
Learning through play/inquiry is honestly AMAZING!

Our toddler room has been moved around.  It is important at times to move materials and furniture around. It makes children curious again and ignites their sense of wonder.  Children often re-discover materials, because they now have been moved. Some children may not fully appreciate the change and maybe even feel frustrated. We educators are here to support all children and help them thrive. Children who do not do well with change, may just need extra guidance or maybe some visual cues which help with figuring out where materials go. 
I think our toddler room looks great. What do you think? 
Great job Ms. Kelly 😁. #preschoolcanada
Brampton West Campus 
17 Dean Street Brampton Ont.
Inquiry learning

Look closely, what learning do you think we will potentially see?

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Learning about dinosaurs and fossils! 
How do you program? 
We web it! 
We observe, record, connect to curriculum and then web it according to the domains/learning strands/4 frames of learning.

When focusing on letters, we think that starting with letters in children's names, can be more meaningful. Children tend to gravitate to things that intrigue them. "Their letters", may be that necessary "push" to learn letters and their sounds.