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Repost @trulyecofriendly If people can't see the problem. How will even fix the problem. Well here's a visual of what plastic pollution is doing. 😳👀
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Please go follow my friend @jimmychin  go to link in his bio if u want sign petition.  I’ve been tracking and supporting the fight to stop the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay for years, much like I’ve been following and supporting the fight to preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Boundary Waters from mining. These are important issues because the impact of mining in these prisitine places is devastating and irreversible. Beyond preserving these wild places for their intrinsic value and the important habitats they contain, if we can’t protect these pristine wilderness areas from the extraction industry, what can we protect? What legacy do we want to leave our children? We owe it to them, to the wildlife, the landscapes and ourselves to fight for these irreplaceable habitats. Hit the link in my bio to sign the petition against Pebble Mine.
Via my good friends @cristinamittermeier @paulnicklen and @sealegacy: We've reached zero hour for Pebble Mine. The window of time left to convince Congressional leaders that political intervention is necessary to stop Pebble Mine's permitting process is closing fast. In 2014, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment after an exhaustive, three-year process evaluating the risks posed by the Pebble Mine. They concluded that even under a best-case scenario, Pebble would pose an unacceptable risk to Bristol Bay’s watershed and wild fish. Five years later, Pebble is closer than ever before to being permitted. Under the current Administration, EPA leadership has reversed course on its 2014 determination, and has instead set out to fast-track the permitting process at unprecedented speed.
Peaceful french climate activists getting sprayed with tear gas  WTF. Who’s protecting who?  It’s 100 plus heat wave in Paris right now  So sad. Repost @gretathunberg
Kani Ka Pū!⁣⁣
Gather at Kalanimoku Bldg. ⁣⁣
Friday, 6/28/19 @ 8:30am⁣⁣
Bring signs, Hae Hawai’i and your leo! 🙌🏾🙏🏾🤙🏾⁣
Swim with sharks.  It was amazing.  My friends started a company @haleiwa_shark_tours We get to swim with my ohana DA MANO. Love sharks. Hanging with @kala_dacaptain @makuarothman @clownin808 @kaimi_kaneholani @_d3mb3r_ @jasonmags_  @i.am.aurelius is making gold cant wait to show u new YouTube episode. Aquaman swimming with Sharks. Just bother @i.am.aurelius cause he likes to take his sweet ass time. 😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣if you are in Haleiwa. Look up @haleiwa_shark_tours  Kala will take you out.  Tell him Aquaman sent you. Aloha j
WHERE THE WILD STOMPED IN. Go check out our lil film.  link in bio.  Mahalo @captainriff @i.am.aurelius @jasonericlaciste @realdealmada @paakai97 @love_cycles @benchetrit_small_music you are all my dream come true  you have been through many ups and downs.  Mahalo for always having my back.  Love you LOLA and WOLF.  Aloha j
Happy Father’s Day POPS. Love you. So thankful to be in HAWAI’I NEI  Love to all my OHANA.  #joedafishmomoa aloha j
When I was growing up these two men were massive influences in my life.  My Great Unko GIGI And Unko BUFFALO  I’m very thankful my work got me out in time and I could get home to see my Ohana I Came home to pay respects to my unko Gigi.  RIP.  He made everyone feel so special like you were the one. He was the only Hawaiian who flew to IOWA to make me feel like I was a kanaka maoli  It was an amazing moment in my life. I felt very blessed when the KAEO’S came to Norwalk IA for my graduation  God bless you Unko. All my aloha KAEO’S. love u Unko Buff and aunty Momi see u soon.  Aloha j. #FathersDay
HAPPY PAPA’S DAY everyone. Please go check out our new lil film subscribe to our YouTube channel LINK in BIO.  For me, it started off so simple. A boy on a motorcycle for the first time tearing through the backyard. It was only a moment in time,  but the ride changed something in me, it was the moment where the wild stomped in.

I saved an old rusty motor to build a bike one day, and it’s taken 3 decades to fulfill the dream. Over the years the dream evolved and now all I wanted was to build a bike with my children, to give them the same experience I had as a child, to give them the wind, and the freedom of the ride.

A broken motor inspired a dream, and taught me it’s better to share those moments with my babies, the moment where the wild stomped in. 
What started out as a visit to @harleydavidson to pay my respects turned into a new partnership. I wanted to honor their legacy, too ride is in my blood. So my friends and I went out and shot this video on our own.  To show them how important they are in my life. 
We built a Harley, our memories are woven into the metal, but it’s more than that, it has become a Momoa family heirloom. The legacy is Harley’s, but the memories are ours. Mahalo for the memories.  Trailer music. I AM ARIES @mikehayesband 
New album entitled "Best Always" available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotifty, etc etc etc.
Big Mahalo’s to my PRIDE of GYPSIES for making this film with me @captainriff @i.am.aurelius @paakai97 @jasonericlaciste @realdealmada @benchetrit_small_music For the amazing film score  @love_cycles shot on @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine @leicacamerausa LOVE u my lovees.  Forever ours LOLA and WOLF. Armenta ohana  my mom and my wife ALOHA j. #wherethewildstompedin #fathersday #cheeehuuuuu
Tomorrow is one of my favourite days of the year. But you don’t have to be a father to be a father figure. A lot of uncles and dads and friends have inspired me to be the man I am today.  Most importantly MY MOTHER  who  carried both roles and raised an only child by herself  So to all those superhero single parents out there.  All my aloha and respect  And to my amazing wife mahalo nui loa for making me a papa.  I love you. Aloha j #WHENTHEWILDSTOMPEDIN #fathersday