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As Robin Kinross states in Modern Typography, “design is understood not as a noun but as a verb: an activity and a process.” In VIS 215 / CWR 215, Graphic Design: Typography with professor Francesca Grassi this fall, discover design as a continuous process that is geared toward the development of an idea rather than a product. The semester will be divided in three parts, or prompts, each revolving around a particular text loosely related to design and typography, to jump start your looking, thinking, making -- first, you will research and decode images and understand the deeper significance of the two-dimensional surface; next, you will be doing a more mechanical exercise, using the typography studio with hot metal type and letterpress printing, to better understand the basic rules of setting type; finally, you will learn photo-typesetting using a standard xerox machine and learn about composition and the fundamentals of conveying an idea through the combination of image and type. This is a hands-on studio class, including field trips, film viewings, and a visiting critic, with all of the work expected to be done solely during class. Learn more at arts.princeton.edu/courses.
In ART AS RESEARCH this fall, professor Fia Backström challenges students to "Look at all the rules you've learned through your academic research at Princeton, and begin to question and break them." By using the University's vast archives and resources as materials for a work of art, and by interrogating, subverting, or recasting the “official" version of history, students will investigate the ways that art can convey knowledge. Last year, Eric Li '18 examined Princeton's visual identity to explore how a typeface, Monticello, can itself be a kind of archive. His exhibit "Type by Association" proposed a new font, Monti Sans, as its rebellious descendant.
Audition this afternoon to perform in GRACE ENGINE. Alexandra Damiani will stage choreographer Crystal Pite's work, a fusion of classical elements and structured improvisation, at this year's Princeton Dance Festival. All Princeton student dancers welcome to audition at 4:30 pm today in the Hearst Dance Theater, Lewis Arts complex. Rehearsals for this piece will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30 pm throughout the fall semester. Photo by Julieta Cervantes.
Program in Visual Arts professor Deana Lawson photographed Rihanna for GARAGE Magazine #15. Lawson, Garage writes, "is blowing up and eliding any divisions that would try to categorize her luminous portraiture."
Asher Muldoon, @princeton_university Class of ’21, has written a musical adaptation of Patrick McCabe’s novel The Butcher Boy. Last week at the Irish Repertory Theatre (@irish_rep), a cast of twelve actors presented a reading of the work, and (small world!) David Hancock Turner ’02 served as music director and pianist. The Princeton connection was purely coincidental: Asher recalls, “I looked David up and saw that he was an alum, and that we were both Triangle Club writers and performers. It’s really cool to see the work he’s doing now, music directing a delightful off-Broadway show called Desperate Measures.” Asher intends to keep revising and workshopping The Butcher Boy, and hopes to stage a full production within the next year. “After that, who knows? The experience of seeing my work in front of an audience, even on a small scale, was terrifying, but so helpful and so magical. Watching them watch the show, hearing what worked and what didn’t, gave me a lot of good guidance and a plan of where to go from here. At the moment, I intend to take a month off from the show, put it in a drawer and not look at it or listen to it. We’ll see if that actually happens.” Stay tuned, and catch Asher in a reading of Foreign Bodies and in Mad Dreams this fall at the Lewis Center! (photos courtesy of David Hancock Turner)
Thank you to the extraordinary young singers of the @papermillplayhouse Broadway Show Choir for enlivening our morning with song! #thrivearts18
A look back at some of our favorite roles played by Kyle Berlin ‘18, whose work in theater at Princeton, much like his valedictory address, explored ways to seek truth and forge connections through radical acts of empathy — often illuminating the possibilities of theater itself.
Congratulations and THANK YOU to the Class of 2018 for inspiring us with your creativity, courage, and compassion. Now go change the world! #princeton18
Reconnect with fellow creative tigers at this afternoon's Alumni in the Arts party, 3:30 pm in the Forum of the Lewis Arts complex.
Arts complex (descending a staircase)
THE BIG TIME SENIOR WRAP-UP KICK-OFF BLOWOUT EXPO ’18 opens in the Hurley Gallery with a reception at 6 pm this evening. This special, mixed media exhibition of work by seniors graduating in the Program in Visual Arts is free and open to the public, on view through June 6. #princetonvis