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Ancient crone. Keeper of bloodlines. The North is hers. Gavyn Kyle Files: The Old Witch. No Quarter #73. Subscribe:
Stryker and Magnus return in Acts of War II: AFTERSHOCK, Aeryn Rudel’s sequel to FLASHPOINT. Check out his blog,, for the evolution of the tale as well as excerpts and insider scoop, then preorder your copy (and get FLASHPOINT, if you need to catch up) now! AFTERSHOCK comes out Wednesday, July 12!
Learn more about Tristan Durant and Hierarch Severius in GODLESS at See their models at
Friday - Time to paint! Formula P3 Presents: Painting Skin & Moans - Part 3

Catch the full video on our Official YouTube channel:
Let freedom scream: spend your long holiday weekend with WICKED WAYS!
For #TBT we revisit some of the recent Skull Island Adventures featured characters that have gotten their own models in WARMACHINE! Learn more about the stories behind each of them at
Equipped to wade into battle to return impaired myrmidons to the fight, House Shyeel Arcanists are in stores now!
The Ryssovass Defenders are available now! They do not hesitate to join the Retribution of Scyrah in battle!
Designed for Issyria and fitted with experimental technology, Hemera is on store shelves and online now!
The Fane Knight Guardian is in stores! These knights have joined to see the goddess and the Iosan people restored.
Bastard, Cursed, Lord of Ruin, now: Forgiven! Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven is on shelves now:
WICKED WAYS - An Iron Kingdoms Chronicles Anthology is out now!  There is one group willing to seek out and study what others fear...