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I decided to cancel my #sephoraplay subscription. my February box has a really nice selection of products, but I own or have tried too many products for the subscription to be worth it for me.
I recently bought the #farmacygreenclean balm (though the mini is nice to have); I've used up multiple mini #freshsugarrose balms (I like them enough to use but not enough to purchase); I own a Laura Mercier caviar stick already and love it, but I'm not drawn to this shade; I have zero need for another red lipstick; I rarely use perfume samples. I am excited to try out the #belifeyebomb - I generally don't use a separate eye cream but I like to try them and wonder if someday one will change my mind!
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I bought two Sonia G brushes (designed by brush queen @sweetmakeuptemptations) and they are so beautiful - the handles are gorgeous and the construction quality is 汨交沛シ. The left one is Crease One, it's sort of like a longer pencil brush with an airy tip. It's a bit denser than I expected and made of ultra soft blue squirrel. The other is Sculpt Three and is a great size and shape; it's also the softest goat hair brush I own. I have a lot of brushes from a lot of brands and price points, and these are special - unique shapes and again, just so luxurious and beautiful.
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Influenster sent me Murad's new Nutrient Charged Water Gel to try (free) and review. I've been using it most days for the past three weeks.
It's a lightly fragranced, light-textured gel cream (oil free, contains silicone). I have dry skin and it窶冱 super cold and dry here so I窶况e been using it layered with other skincare. It dries down to a soft, slightly velvety finish so I like it as a final skincare layer in the morning or after serums / before heavier creams in the evening.  It窶冱 soothing and lightly hydrating without being heavy; I think that oilier skin types might appreciate it more than I do.
I窶冤l finish the jar and would happily use up samples if I were given them, but wouldn窶冲 repurchase at $60 for 1.7oz. I also dislike the jar packaging - I窶冦 not worried about contamination (I use clean hands, though it did come with a mini spatula which I immediatley lost), but I know that some ingredients deteriorate faster when exposed to light and air.
Swipe for ingredients - it has ceramides, peptides, niacinamide, and some interesting ferments.
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And another #1empty1newbie - there are a couple uses left in the "empty," but close enough. The empty is a Matsuyama cleansing balm that feels like Vaseline going on but emulsifies and rinses off easily - I posted about it on Instagram a couple months ago.  I would repurchase. The newbie is, of course, Farmacy's cleansing balm - I've used it twice and am enjoying it so far.
Thanks to @vanity.rex for blogging about the Matsuyama cleanser and @makeupismycatnip for convincing me to try out the Farmacy!
#oneemptyonenewbie #matsuyama #matsuyamacleanser #farmacygreenclean #cleansingbalm #skincarecommunity
And another #1empty1newbie - @stratiaskin Rewind and @holysnails Shark Sauce. It's hard to tell from the photo, but Rewind is empty and the Shark Sauce is full. Each serum features 5% niacinamide plus N-AG, panthenol, antioxidants, and additional hydrating ingredients. 箝撰ク
I enjoy both products. I like Rewind because it contains DMAE for anti-aging and is cheaper ($16 for 30ml), but I prefer the texture Shark Sauce (which is significantly more expensive at $29 for 30ml). Shark Sauce comes in a few additional varieties - the one picture here has alpha arbutin for brightening. I've finished two bottles of Rewind and this is my second full size Shark Sauce (I've also finished a couple minis). I will probably repurchase both in the future, though they're similar enough that I wouldn't use both in the same routine. 箝撰ク
I used referral credit for part of the purchase price of this Shark Sauce.
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#2empties2newbies The Ordinary NMF + HA and Aquaphor Lip Repair are both great products to keep in your bag / desk / etc - good quality, lightweight packaging that can stand up to some abuse, and inexpensive enough that it's nbd if they disappear.  I use the Aquaphor on my lips (of course) also also on my nose if it gets chapped; I use the The Ordinary on my face and hands as needed.  And clearly I liked both enough to repurchase! What products do you carry around or keep in your desk?
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Lipstick minis are 沽
I generally like YSL formulas aside from the too-strong fragrance. I love minis and deluxe samples both to try out formulas and because I actually have a realistic chance of finishing them.
Top row: Vinyl Cream Lip Stain in Rouge Vinyle; Rouge Tatouage in 1 Rouge Tatouage; Glossy Stain in Rouge Laque
Bottom row: Rouge Voluptテゥ Shine in No 49 Rose Saint Germain; Rouge Pur Couture in Le Nu
The top three leave a stain and the bottom two do not. 
The Rouge Tatouage is from a Sephora promo code and the other four are from a Sephora 500 point perks. 
#sephorapromocode #sephorapointperk #sephorarewardsbazaar #ysllipstick #rougetatouage #rougevinyle #rougepurcouturelenu #rougevolupteshine49 #glossystainrougelaque
My January Sephora Play box gets a 汨昨沛シ, especially the Fresh Rose Toner and Clinique pep-start eye cream. I窶冦 intrigued by the Smashbox Primerizer but don窶冲 really understand how it would work w suncreen (over or under?). I already have the ABH gloss (in Kristen) but I do really like both the color and formula!  Happy to have a deep conditioner packet instead of a perfume! The only total miss is the GlamGlow since my skin is dry and not acne prone.
The information booklet included had some terrible info about expiration dates - see my story for more (I窶冤l add it as a featured one since Insta窶冱 algorithm means you may see this next week 泗)
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Current wishlist. I'll definitely buy some things from it, almost certainly not all of them. What's on your wishlist?
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One of these brushes is the Suqqu cheek and the other is a $30 brush from AliExpress. Can you tell the difference?
Second photo, left to right: Chikuhodo Z4, Suqqu Cheek, AliExpress brush, Wayne Goss 02, Wayne Goss Air Brush
Third photo: opposite order (sorry) photographed wet
Fourth photo: the three AliExpress brushes I ordered. @makeupwithdrawal recommended the short handled one and I was intrigued by the others so decided to get them too.
In the first photo, the Suqqu is on the left. They're not identical - the Suqqu is airier. I'd say the AliExpress is somewhere between the Suqqu and the WG 02 but closer to the Suqqu. The AliExpress hair seems to be on par with my other squirrel brushes and and construction seems solid, but the brush does have a chemical smell. I just got it yesterday so I'll have to see how it performs - let me know if you're interested in an update once I use it for a while!
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I don't usually use primer, but I like the idea of an extra layer of a physical/mineral SPF so I decided to give this ELF Beauty Shield primer a shot. The [not at all] "universal" tint is fine for me - my face is darker than my inner arm - but the texture just doesn't work for me.
The first few ingredients are silicones and you can definitely feel it. That's not a deal breaker for me, but sometimes it pills (depending on what I layer under it) and that certainly is.
It has 25% zinc oxide (nano particles) and is available for $12 for an ounce on the ELF website, Target.com, and (at least some) Target stores. I think the tint will work for most light to medium skintones, but it's too dark and yellow for fair skin and may look ashy on dark to deep skin.  They really need 3-4 shades!
#elfcosmetics #elfbeautyshield #elfbeautyshieldprimer #beautyshield #beautyshieldprimer #spf #spfprimer #zincoxide #sunscreen #skincarecommunity
#1empty1newbie - Shiseido Senka Mineral UV Essence . This has high protection (SPF 50
PA++++) and a beautiful texture. It's not water resistant so it wouldn't be my first choice during the summer, but it's perfect for winter. I ran out a bit ago and really missed it until the new one arrived!
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