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welcome to 2018. (Jer. 20:11).
This is the year of Dominion and Power, God never intended for His people to live in defeat. He destined you to rule.
We are entering what the Bible calls the fullness of time, and much is at stake. God is positioning us to advance His kingdom into every realm held captive by the enemy. To be successful, we must understand our authority in Christ窶背hat some call "kingdom authority" or "dominion rule."
You see, God has called us to be His kingdom representatives on earth, to establish a righteous paradigm. We need more than authority to do that. When we identify the areas over which He has given us influence and commit to being agents of change in them, everything we need to transform the culture and cause the lost to be drawn to Him is made available to us窶杷avor, creativity, power, wisdom and so on.
so, this year 2018 is a year to excise our DOMINION & POWER over every areas of our lives. 
Enjoy this dominion, Welcome to 2018.
#spritual #2018 #declaration #of #God
welcome to 2018. (Jer. 20:11).
God Have given us DOMINION over all principalities and POWER and over satan.
it's the will of God for us to walk in Dominion over all our Challenges. God is positioning us to advance His kingdom into every realm held captive by the enemy.
this year 2018 is a year to exercise our DOMINION & POWER over every areas of our lives. 
Enjoy this dominion, Welcome to 2018.
#powerful #LIONOFJUDAH
Brace your self for the unusual as you experience the miraculous at the CROSS OVER SERVICE 2017 #LIONOFJUDAHNIGHT. God is set do a new thing in your life.
#crossover #2018
Today i speak and decree as a Prophet of most high God, what nobody in your family has ever achieved, you shall be the 1st 2 achieve it! #Believe 
#HealingAndDeliverance #maga #magazin
'Father, help me never to be rebellious and never to be a victim of Your anger. Help me to please and serve You Lord, in Jesus窶 Name'
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The Bible says I am the Lord that crown the end of the year with me BLESSINGS, 
30 Days more to a new year,
335 days gone in your present past,
May every Blessing that come with the end of the year reach you. 
Your ears shall not hear evil news. 
No evil shall befall you and your house hold 
May you reap every thing new this month
May you accomplish more this month and 
May every pending blessings reach you FAST.

God Must Intervene in Libya

I have heard of the suffering of my people, I have seen the suffering of my people, l have met those who have suffered excruciating pains of modern slavery. Africa and the world has passed this level our brothers and sisters are not meat to be slaughtered, no one has the power to take another person's life!
 I stand as a Prophet in between the line on my kneel l declare this wickedness stopped, l pray in the name of Jesus! Every form of slavery to die in African and the World. Let the peace of God be settled among the people of God in the name of Jesus.
 Lord! Let my people be free from this bondage of slavery. I declare freedom for my people in Jesus mighty name!
#libya #libyaslavetrade 
#prayer #me
I speak into your life as a Prophet, God will do a new thing in your Life.
Any man or Woman assigned to pull you down, catch fire in Jesus name.
Every evil Power causing Delay, Barrenness, Poverty, Frustration come out bye Fire in Jesus name.
You are free !
Whilst the man of God was ministering, a dying baby was brought to him. He prayed to God and administered the WATER OF LIFE on the child, Immediately he bounced back to life to the Glory of God. The man of God in his usual benevolent nature, blessed the child with 100,000 naira and a holy Bible.
Indeed nothing dies when the Power of God is present
#lagos #power #God #crusade #prophet #Jeremiah
Every Generation, God sends his prophet to deliver his people from Oppression, from the hands of the enemies.
God have sent me to Lagos today to deliver you from every Oppression of the enemies. I am here to deliver your from Poverty, Delay, Sickness, untimely death in Jesus name.
I speak with the authority of a Prophet, you are delivered, you are free, Testimonies abide in you, in Jesus mighty name I pray.
The atmosphere is charged right now with the presence of the Holy Spirit as Frank Edwards lead the Congregation to the throne of Grace in Worship.
When Praises go up, Blessings come down.
Connect by faith as Distance is not a barrier.
#lagos #lagosnigeria #morning
This Generation awaits  eagerly for the Manifestation of the sons of God.
The man of God Prophet Jeremiah O. Fufeyin just stepped into the arena of the Lagos Crusade where he was welcome by thousands at the arena. Get ready to experience the undiluted power of God working in the life of God's end time General, Prophet Jeremiah O. Fufeyin. Connect by faith as distance is not a barrier.