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We’re already excited for fall ball to start here at The Source. But in the meantime, here’s some throwback video from this past summer’s Pro Source 18U Bottger team. #workhard #playhard #selectbaseball #summerball #tbt
What an INCREDIBLE summer of training at the Source.  Twenty five athletes spent six weeks with Head Performance Coach, Ryan Bottger, working on improving their strength, speed, and agility. They also walked away with some pretty sweet shirts. #PSPerformance #summertraining
It’s really simple to figure out which one you are...#rucommitted?
Integrity, honor, commitment...those things still matter more than most people realize. They’re not just words, it’s a way of life. #subscribe2value
Congratulations to the @prosourceathletics 18u Bottger/Wilson team on going 5-0 and winning the NTX tournament this weekend.#Subscribe2value #followtheprocess#collegebound
2020 C @jacob.minick dropping tanks today in D/FW. 3-run 💣to help seal the deal for Pro Source 17u Weatherly/Frappier #High academic #uncommitted #subscribe2value
Parents, if you take a coaches ability away to hold your child accountable in a healthy manner, you take your child’s ability away to go to the next level in their sport of choice and life. #accountabilitymatters
Nice footwork and carry to the throw by @owennichelson in between innings...details matter. #prosource#subscribe2value #successbreedssuccess #15uHamblin
Great job @prosourcejeff 15u winning the GAPT tourney this weekend near Ft. Worth! #prosource#subscribe2value #getonboard
A couple of quick shots from Pro Source 18U Bottger’s team over the weekend. #summerball #selectbaseball
Do not tell us you want to start, play a different position, lead or play in college or the pros if the extent of your practice is twice a week team events. Practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent...lack of practice also makes where you’re at permanent. #climbtheladder#grind#subscribe2value
We’ve battled the mindset in this picture for years. It’s a poor mindset but also one of the main reasons we started this program. 96% of the players that graduate with us go on to play in college on scholarship. 10 did not play HS baseball past 9th grade and MOST started out as AA players when they came to our program. Probably not one remembers a 10u AA loss but all remember seeing that ink on their National Letter of Intent to play in college! #prosourceprocess#scholarshipsoverplastictrophies#subscribe2value #bringtheink