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Fresh milled, organic, handmade baked goods from quality local ingredients via subscription.

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The sourdough this week has rye berries which are sprouted the smoked mixed in, providing texture and smokey rye flavor. The flours are a blend of wheats with a splash of rye for more rye flavor. 
The pie is black plumbs with an oatmeal crumble topping. Plumble is fun to say, right?

The cookie pairs dark chocolate and salt with the earthy flavors of buckwheat. They are incidentally gluten free because buckwheat is gluten free.
A little late with this one...! Last week's menu was pretty fun. I particular enjoyed the bread which was inspired by soba noodles.
6/30/2017 menu, which is for the fourth of July holiday weekend. To celebrate, I am making a plain basic country sourdough with a blend of sifted wheats, good ole American apple pie, smores cookies that are like chocolate chip cookies but have chocolate chips, marshmallows, and homemade cinnamon toast crunch in them, and a strawberry roll, which is like a cinnamon roll but strawberries, strawberry jam, and vanilla strawberry frosting instead.
6/23/2017 menu. The sourdough had some great umami flavor this week...!
Catching up on social media! This is the 6/16/2017 menu.
Second menu ever! This menu preceded a week off to celebrate my fifth wedding anniversary.
First menu ever. Great success with lots to improve on!