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Providence Fire Fighters IAFF Local 799 - the labor union that represents Fire Fighters in Providence, RI

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Here’s to the women of the Providence Fire Department and their service to the community! #Providence #firefighters #IAFF
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A big shout out to The Providence Fire Department for helping us with Good Night Lights last night!  Providence Fire Fighters made sure the kids Hasbro Children's Hospital knew we were thinking about them in case we didn’t get our power back in time, as it would of been the first time in 2 years we wouldn’t of been able to flash our house lights.  We got our power back at the last minute and wanted to share this memorable night! We’re open and have power if you need a place to come charge your phone and hang out! #goodnightlights #pvd #ri #providencefiredepartment #providence #noreaster #hotclub #hotclubprovidence #cityofprovidence #localheroes
Our firefighters are responding to numerous emergencies during this storm. 
This one is on Butler at Elton Streets involving a tree and electrical wires down.

#Providence #firefighters #IAFF
The Providence Fire Department became the second professional paid fire department in the country on March 1, 1854. ——————————————
However, much of the organizational structure, heritage, tradition and pride of the Providence Fire Department can be traced to the creation of a volunteer fire service established a hundred years earlier, in 1754.
Happy 164th to the paid professional firefighters of Providence, Rhode Island!
#Providence #firefighters #IAFF
The International Association of Fire Fighters was organized 100 years ago today, on February 28, 1918 as 36 delegates representing 24 local fire fighter unions convened in Washington, DC. 
They debated on a name for the new organization, deciding between the International Brotherhood of Fire Fighters and the International Association of Fire Fighters. “If you do not organize, and expect to get the cooperation of the citizens in general, you may wake up some fine morning and find that the citizens in general do not respond to your request. You know that the moneyed class will never hand you anything without a hard fight for it; therefore, if the class to which you belong should not cooperate with you in an unorganized body, you should not blame anyone but yourself.” -William Smith, IAFF Secretary-Treasurer (1918-1920)

#Providence #Firefighters #IAFF
Gaspee Engine Company 9 was incorporated in 1838 stationed at Carpenter Street and acquired a new Engine in 1849 built by William Jeffers of Pawtucket. 
In 1856, Engine Company 9 was moved to its location at 4 Pallas Street pictured here and taken today(2/27/2018). On October 11t, 1858 Several Engine Companies, fed by free liquor from local shop owners, and an angered view of Catholics and Irish newcomers, began to fight during a fire in the Arnold block on North Main Street resulting in the death of an Irish Catholic non-member, paid teamster for Gaspee No. 9. 
And in 1886 the Pallas Street Station was closed and Hose Company No. 9 was relocated from Pallas Street to a new station in Federal Hill on America Street and Atwells Avenue. 
#Providence #firefighters #IAFF
#Providence #firefighters Ladder Tower 1 on this beautiful morning. #IAFF
#Providence #firefighters faced this house fire on Parade Street last night. #IAFF 
Photo by @nrifirephoto
#Providence #firefighters faced this early morning house fire. #IAFF 
Photo from NBC 10 WJAR
#Providence #firefighters faced this two alarm house fire earlier today on Enfield Ave. #IAFF
#Providence #firefighters faced an early morning 2 alarm building fire in a two and half story wood frame dwelling on Sacket Street. 
Photo from WPRI
It’s not often that we give ourselves a pat on the back but the efforts of the men and women of the #Providence Fire Department earlier today deserve at least that. 
Operating in temperatures of -18 degrees with windchill, Providence Fire #Fighters worked tirelessly to extinguish a four alarm fire involving multiple buildings with numerous occupants in the early morning hours. Saving not only countless people but one of our own who became trapped when the roof and third floor of a building collapsed on top of him while operating on the second floor. 
This is why we’re here, this is why we train, this is why we fight so hard for our staffing, our resources, our members. 
Job well done.

Photo by Joseph Phillips