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Prudence and the Crow - a bespoke monthly vintage book subscription box service in London, UK. Ships: UK, EU, SWI, Norway, USA, Canada, S Korea, Japan

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ETA: SOLD thank you :) New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is this copy of Myth, Magic and Meaning in Tolkien's World by Randel Helms.

Panther 1974 first edition paperback.

Professor Randel Helms discusses how Tolkien combined scholarly knowledge, traditional mythological literature and imaginative genius to create his fantasy epics in a series of insightful essays.

Only £5 including postage. Perfect for any Tolkien fan. Link in bio.

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New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is this first edition of Tolkien's The Simarillion.

George Allen and Unwin 1977 edition. Hardback. Original dust cover. Blue board with gilt detailing beneath. Printed by William Clowes and Sons. Complete with original map and introduction by Christopher Tolkien (JRR Tolkien's son). £25 including postage. Link in bio.

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A little light and excellent evening be honest, I'm really enjoying this too much for a bedtime read! ~P .

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#socksunday with gorgeous cotton tabi socks, Jigglypuff peach soda, and cold pink mochi - yep, Crow and I visited #HyperJapan yesterday and picked up some wonderful things! .

I must have posted about Kobo Abe's The Box Man before, but if you haven't read it, it comes with my highest recommendation. Alas, it isn't eligible for a #patcbox (in English, at least), for whilst the novel itself was published in 1974, the first translation didn't hit our shores until 2001! The story of a man who lives with his head literally inside a box, written in a variety of formats and contexts, it is an experience of a read, peculiar, thought-provoking, and absolutely the type of book that reminds you just how wonderful fiction can be. .

I do not fare well on these hot days, which is perhaps why we've been quieter than usual - we haven't had any rain in our little quarter of London since May, and everything is dusty and ridiculous. Nonetheless, it is despatch week, and it is as ever a joy to be winging vintage paperbacks on their way around the world - do visit us at if you'd like us to choose you a read for August! .

All the best to you, dear followers, we hope you are cool and shady if you're in a hot, dry place, and if you aren't, that you have a good blanket and a nice cup of tea! 💓📚🌿~P .

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New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is Asimov's original award-winning Foundation Series - Foundation, Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation.

1970s Panther/Panther Granada editions. Magnificent cover artwork joins together to form one large image. Hard to find matching set. £16 including postage. Link in bio.

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New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is this copy of Miss Mitford's Our Village.

Mackmillan 1938. Hardback. Brown canvas board with gold gilt details. Introduction by Anne Thackaray Rtichie. Illustrated throughout by Hugh Thomson.

According to its bookplate, this little book was given as a third prize to Annette Kresine the fifth (or, perhaps more likely, of the fifth form) for the years 1948-9, generally. How intriguing. Lovely letter-pressed text and absolutely full of charming illustrations. £8 including postage. Link in bio.

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An outside #socksunday - Crow and I cooling off after a delightful, if boiling, excursion to the Hampton Court Flower Show. We'd never been before, but do our best to take care of our plants, and greatly enjoyed having the time to stop and, quite literally, smell the roses. This evening we've been pondering some of our gorgeous old gardening books - The ABC of Gardening and Alpine Flowers - and the writing is absolutely delightful, regardless. .

If you fancy a vintage gardening paperback or two, we can absolutely accommodate that as a #patcbox - we don't have a specific gardening subscription but would be more than happy to to tailor one for you or your gift recipient - sign up at with a random genre, and let us know a little more in your subscriber questionnaire! There are some incredible gardening books out there, packed with wit and wisdom that often holds as good as ever, and we'd love to find people interested! .

Also pictured - lavender and lime gin and tonic. Very good summer idea. As is the first bowl of blackberries from our blackberry bush! That wonderful roulette of face-screwed-up sour, and unbelievably warm and sweet. Proper summer. I am such a winter person, and am incredibly bad at hot weather,  but if we must have all this sunshine, nobody can say I'm not trying to make the most of it! :D ~P .

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New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is this copy of Paul Berna's The Street Musician.

Bodley Head 1960 First Edition . Hardback. Translated from the original French by John Buchanan-Brown. Illustrated throughout by Richard Kennedy.

Why should anyone want to dye a large and amiable mongrel dog black? And why should a mysterious blind stranger play one particular song on his accordion through every street in Louvigny? To Gaby and his Gang, finding the answers to these questions was a heaven-sent diversion from a summer of boredom, providing them with six weeks of intensive sleuthing.

Set in the suburbs of Paris and full of wonderful and evocative illustrations, this might be the perfect summer read. £6 including postage. Link in bio.

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July sign-ups may be over BUT that means it's time for the August box sign-ups! Yay! 🎉🎉🎉 Head on over to and grab yourself some bespoke vintage reading material today and give your future self something literary to look forward to.

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The saddest, softest #socksunday to say goodbye to Peter Firmin, who, along with Oliver Postgate, gave us so many of our most beloved childhood - and beyond - characters, in Bagpuss, the Clangers, Noggin the Nog, Ivor the Engine, and so many more. Swipe to see some photos from our trip to @canterburymuseums just a couple of weeks' ago, where we visited dear Bagpuss, the Clangers, and more (do visit: it's a fine library with quite the collection). .

This book is a real treasure of the Smallfilms creativity - I'll put some snaps in the instastory - and it is a welcome reminder of everything Firmin gave us. Yes, even Basil Brush, of whom we were both rightly terrified. .

Rest well, Peter Firmin: thank you for our friends. ~P&C

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New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is this copy of Kelman Frost's Son of the Sahara.

Hutchinson and Co 1962 First Edition . Hardback. Blue beneath with illustrated boards. Illustrated throughout by Victor G Ambrus.

Whilst many have heard of the work of D H Lawrence, few have heard of the frequently anonymous Kelman Frost who wrote for D. C. Thomson's boys' story papers and had over 70 million words of fiction to his name.

He comes out of the shadows in this first edition which once very obviously belonged to Eastbourne Boys School and sports many labels, stamps and library cards to prove it.

The back cover advertises a different book altogether (a curious choice). This is the story of a young sweet seller in the market place of Yelten who dreams of owning his own horse and how he comes to realise that dream. £8 including postage. Link in bio.

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Sometimes you come across a gem that's so precisely relevant to your interests - as we did my favourite book the other day, here's a nod to Crow's, the Gormenghast books, because this odd little Avon sf anthology from 1969 has not one but two Mervyn Peake stories within! Strange and excellent cover art by Josh Kirby, who you may know best for his work illustrating Terry Pratchett's Discworld covers! .

If you'd like us to choose some weird and wonderful sci-fi for you to add another dimension to your summer, hop over to now to buy yourself or a human of your choice a July #patcbox 📚💕🎉 .

It's been the longest week already, but it's Friday tomorrow, and halftime in the England game is almost up (Prudence here, in her England '96 shirt) so, onwards it is, and at least there's something to read afterwards! Here we go! ~P

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