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Sometimes things really are a #bookstack and vase of flowers good :D Of course, it wouldn't be a collection of orange Penguins without the infuriating thing about many pre-1955 ones having the spines go the other way, but one of the reasons I take these pictures is to try and train myself to take joy in these little nuisances! .

The War of the Worlds on the top here really does deserve its own post at some point - it's such a wonderfully striking cover - but I promised myself today we would have an endearingly 'lifestyle' pic for a change! .

In PatC HQ news, we are today celebrating the GB - Sweden semi-final of the women's curling by brunching with one of Sweden's finest - I shall try not to start shoving plates strategically around the table! One of the things I most look forward to about catching up with a dear best friend is the bit where we discuss books, and their general importance, and what we're reading at the moment. In this instance they get their own space on the agenda - as does our biannual conversation on how The Hunger Games is ageing as a trilogy, which is a fascinating, evolving conversation we've been having since 2012, and you just never can tell where the next installment will take you... .

Tch, start out with lifestyle, wind up with dystopian contemplation...I suppose that's how 2018 goes, but as long as we make room for the flowers and getaway reads, I reckon we can do it all 沍ア汳呆沍ケ ~P .

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When you're invited to an event in a skyscraper, you've really got to take a book about the future with you, haven't you?! No better than this curious collection of forecasting (not always accurate, but absolutely enthralling nonetheless) and fiction from the ever-excellent Asimov... .

We had such an interesting time at the @jellyfishcnct event - it was such a pleasure to be in the room with so many wonderful businesses. The panel with @birchbox @buckt_uk @craftginclub and @toucanbox was delightful and insightful, and it was an absolute joy to have an opportunity to discuss the peculiarities of running a subscription box with people who understand (hey Siobhan and Christelle from @treasuretress 汳)! Also, shout-out to @antheaturner of the gorgeous @theathomebox (and yes, of teatime TV of our childhoods 沽) who said lovely things to us on the way out! 
Running a subscription box can be an isolating business by its very nature, and we've been at this for a good long time by industry standards, so coming together to share our passion for this oddly small and wonderfully thriving little model was a very pleasant way to spend a Thursday. Also, excellent food, and also also, I'm not always the best with heights, so Floor 22 was high enough for me! .

Back down to earth and work it is for us - of course, if you'd like to join us for a March #patcbox, hop on over to and choose your genre: we'll find you a beautiful/thrilling/peculiar vintage paperback, cosy it up nicely in a handmade book bag, pop in a couple of other little things, and send it right to you, ready to accompany you on adventures big or small, way up high, or curled up in bed. Merry Thursday! 汳呆沒夸沍 ~P

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It's been a while since we did a shelfie, so here's one of the weirder collections at #patchq - no real category, maybe it's accidentally a few #tealbooks and it's certainly a collection of books of which I'm generally rather fond, but it's also quite a pleasantly eclectic show of my interests (I think these are mostly mine). A few children's/YA books in Swedish, some Famous Five from my childhood (a Dorset charity shop, if I remember rightly), Sami Hyypiテ、 biography, some beautiful Jules Verne, my dad's favourite book (Seven Men of Gascony), and of course, Love Over Gold, which, if you scroll waaaay back in our Instagram, you can see is a promotional fanficish book about the Nescafテゥ Gold coffee couple, one half of whom was famously Giles-from-Buffy. Phew! Anyway, it's a fun one to contemplate :D .

We're gathering ourselves for March boxing, and whether you'd like something completely random, or to receive a vintage (20+ years old) book in the post you might never have thought to buy yourself, chosen just for you by us, do sign up for a #patcbox at - we'd be delighted to have you! .

Busy times (including the Winter Olympics on all the time, and a joyous trip to see a-ha last week, long-time friends will know this is a Very Good Thing for us) have diverted us slightly from narrative fiction, but Crow has finally started listening to A Darker Shade of Magic, and I'm still making my merry way through a revisit of Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End (really, just as good as I'd remembered, which is pleasant). Here's hoping you're all ensconced in something that serves you well! Merry Wednesday :D ~P .

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ETA: Sold, thank you! 汳 New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is this beautiful first edition of Georgette Heyer's Venetia.

William Heinemann Ltd, 1958 FIRST EDITION. Hardback. Full colour dust jacket. Red boards with gilt lettering and embossed detailing.

What a pleasure it is to offer for sale this beautiful first edition of Georgette Heyer's Veneta complete with incredibly rare dust jacket illustrated by A E Barbosa. William Heinemann Ltd were Georgette Heyer's publishers from 1937 until 1962. During that time her first editions were exclusively theirs making this a very exciting book indeed. ツ」22 including postage. Link in bio.

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Merry #socksunday once more! The first one in a while where it's not freezing cold, which is welcome. A most beautiful 1950 edition of Margery Allingham's The Fashion in Shrouds is here this morning - one of her many Albert Campion novels. Somehow, in the pantheon of British crime writers, I feel Margery has been a little left out, although as the inside of this edition shows from the fact that ten of her novels were simultaneously published as green Penguins, this was not always the case. Heartily recommended to all, and worth bearing in mind that her collected works have perhaps more stylistic and character variation than most - whilst some are more mystery-solving, others are more psychological thriller, so if one hasn't taken your fancy, do try her again. .

Here at PatC HQ, February boxes are all on their merry way, and those of you who've shared and sent us such lovely messages, thank you so very, very much - we put our hearts into this work, so it makes everything worthwhile, and it's also the only way we promote our little business, so it keeps us able to do what we do! We loved putting together the little extra this month (no spoilers still, for there are boxes still en route!) and do appreciate all your kind words! And if you'd like to join us for March, do have a browse of the #patcbox posts, unboxings and reviews from our wonderful subscribers and then, if we seem like a service you'd enjoy, pop by and sign up! It's a short month this month of course, so don't delay! .

Off for a little sunshine, a lot of weightlifting, and then a lovely dose of book-wrangling - one of my favourite parts of the business :) Wishing you all the finest of Sundays! 汳補呆沒嘸P .

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The ever-divisive Wuthering Heights, in a magnificently creepy 1959 edition! Oh, what an appropriately sinister cover... If you haven't heard before - it's the most-mentioned favourite book and most-mentioned least-favourite book we come across in our subscriber questionnaires! I think that's quite the feat of just one novel... I do love finding these weird and wonderful editions. We have a good few subscribers who enjoy collecting different editions of their favourite books, and we're always happy to help with this if we can! As ever, just let us know when you sign up at or in the questionnaire at the end of the process, or, if you've been with us a while and would like to fill it out again, simply drop the Crow a line through our Contact Us page and she'll send you a fresh one! .

I might do a Twitter poll about Wuthering Heights actually - do come and find us @ prudencecrow there and tell us yay or nay! Onwards, onwards! ~P .

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Remember back in October I started my way reading the Crow chapters of Jeeves and Wooster every night? We haven't missed a night since, even if it's just for a paragraph or two sometimes. I think this is the third or fourth book we're on (I'm missing a couple!) and enjoying it every bit as much (although relieved this book has fewer American characters thus far, as I do insist on attempting the accents, and my friends, they are NOT GOOD). .

This is from the 2008 box set (so no idea why I'm missing a couple - my mum bought the set for my dad and I that Christmas, so I need to have a look...) and whilst we do often have beautiful editions around the place, and especially love to be able to send them out to subscribers, reading aloud time is one of the only times I like to have a slightly less aesthetic book around, as I end up mauling them a bit in my concentration! .

It's also really nice, amongst the thousands of books I'm picking up and putting down all the time, to have a constant thread of story to come back to at bedtime. It's as if the moment Bertram starts narrating, I can give over anything occupying my mind and think at least I don't have to wonder about what to do about Honoria or Aunt Angela or whoever. Incidentally, if you enjoy the concept of fanfiction and the writings of Jeeves and Wooster but have had enough for Bertie and his ilk, there's a fine amount of Honoria Glossop and/or Madeleine Bassett-centric fic out there, which can provide a rather cleansing balance, if that sort of thing is up your street! Anyway, to the story I must go - sleep tight, as and when it's your turn to get to that! 沒夸汳呆沒嘸P .

P.S. - fancy a March #patcbox ? Hurry on over to and we'll find you a fine vintage read to take you into the spring (or relevant next season where you are)! 汳 .

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Eyeing up this American literature shelf keenly this evening - especially this huge red Ray Bradbury book. We must have a dozen different compilations of his short stories, but every time I see one we don't have I am utterly compelled to open it up and see which are in it! Perhaps I'll post the contents page in our stories :) .

I love Bradbury so much, although strangely not Fahrenheit 45, which I find desperately long and uncomfortable, so almost all his short stories delight me, better still if you can get someone to read them to you! .

On another note! If you're expecting a February box, you should have received an email from the Crow today with details of when to expect it! Do check your spam folder if you haven't received one. Crow and I are taking a very very tiny break until the 16th, so if you have sent us a message using our Contact Us page, that's when we'll get back to you! In the meantime, we're very much open for March boxes at and do take a look in our little bookshop there too! .

Hope all's as cosy as possible if your weather is anything like this incessantly soggy and chillsome London evening - we wish you fine drinks and soft blankets! ~P .

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New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is this copy of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

1963 Airmont Publishing edition. Beautiful cover illustration (notice the phantom image of Frankenstein's monster emerging from the shadows top right) . Introduction by Mary M Threapleton. This early American paperback is very rarely found let alone this side of the Atlantic ocean.

Book only ツ」12 including postage. Also available today only as a February Prudence and the Crow box. Link in bio.

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It's two @redbreastedbird #socksunday posts in a row, because there's no way this week wasn't going to be all about Hazel and Daisy! I am loving this book as much as I have loved all the others, and of course, that is no small amount! I hope they would approve of my bun breakfast choices :) This book is set in Hazel's Hong Kong home, and it's full of the sorts of details that have me shrugging my extra blankets off with the immersive warmth of it all. It also includes the magnificent sentence, "The kitchens are attached to the back of the Big House by a thin, quiet passageway on the ground floor, like the pinch of an egg timer." which goes into my personal collection of favourite descriptions :D .

This (and a protein yoghurt) is all to set me up for a busy day at PatC HQ - February boxes are coming together all around us, and if you're expecting one, you'll receive an email from the Crow on Tuesday with details of when to expect it! Of course, we're open for March boxes now, so if you'd like to join us for a vintage book box, containing a book chosen just for you by us, you can sign up now at <3 .

I've also got to get a good weightlifting session in - I promise, it's the most useful sport if you want a career in books! But before all of that, it's time for a pint of coffee, and to find out whodunnit! I have my suspicions... 汳呆汳夸沒嘸P .

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Following on from yesterday's unexpectedly beautiful cover, here's another! What a Pelican this is 沽 ~P .

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Sometimes, even though the book is as dull as I can possibly imagine (and I can conjure up interest for most things!) I'm still captivated by the book cover! This is perhaps the most 1973 book possible - gorgeous graphics containing excessively detailed analysis of possible management structures 沽 
We're in the midst of boxing week for the February box, and greatly looking forward to sending this month's books out to their latest owners - we do hope you'll enjoy our choices for each of you all! Crow has done some rather delightful design work for us that I'm dearly excited for you to see. Meanwhile, the Winter Olympics are providing the magnificent soundtrack - just about caught up on the figure skating so far! 沒夸汳敷P .

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