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ETA: SOLD thank you :) New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is this magnificent 1970s Lord of the Rings Trilogy - The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King by JRR Tolkien.

1970s Unwin Books editions. Beautiful cover artwork. Hard to find matching set. Complete with maps, family trees, rune charts and many more in the appendices.

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Nothing says Christmas writing like Dickens! I love this edition, from about 1920, the gilt portrait of Dickens on the front is perfectly just so. The old Christmas decorations on the left are in part my mum's paper chains from the early 1950's - made of gorgeous fine tissue, it is astonishing they've survived both her childhood and mine. The baubles are from the 1950's too, beautifully delicate. .
Dickens is an author it took me a long time to appreciate - perhaps the Crow's appreciation of A Christmas Carol is what finally convinced me, but it really has taken ages to enjoy the tiny details and the hugely constructed characters. We also went to see Simon Callow discussing Dickens' life and work, and what it meant for Callow as an actor, and that too was a tremendous help. Someone else's enthusiasm goes a long way when it comes to enjoying anything at all! People always apologise for "going on" about their favourite things, but honestly, that's how joy spreads! .
We'll be listing some more beautiful books here over this week, some of which will be available as December boxes, or as gift bundles - if you'd like to stay ahead of our posts (books are first come, first serve - all purchased through the shop at do stick notifications on as if the #patcadvent has shown us anything, it's that posts appear in a very special order! .
If you've snow today, I hope it's a joy and not a hindrance! Here's to the week :) ~P .
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Following on from the other week's #socksunday - a little #patcadvent layout with the original Sockish One herself, Pippi Longstocking! .

Your reminder that we're open for January boxes at -available for yourself, or as a gift - buy someone one, three or six months of our boxes, or indeed, treat them to a full year of vintage books! .

It is just looking like it's about to start snowing here, so this post is a little short, because I may shortly need to run around in circles yelling about snow :) It would be remarkably good timing as there's no need to go out today - it's all December boxing all the way at #patchq today! Hoping you're as cosy as we hope to be! ~P .

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And now for something completely different this #patcadvent day! It wouldn't be Christmas with the Crow and I without a lengthy watching of this seasonal favourite of a TV show. This is the year Nigella put pomegranates in EVERYTHING, and if one was of a drinking game persuasion, you could certainly make the most of your mulled wine by drinking for pomegranate! .

I adore cookbooks. When everything else is a bit much, the well-written cookbook lets you dip into something else and imagine, at least, that you might make yourself something you've never thought of before. Nigella and Nigel Slater are best for this, for me - I remember one particularly long stint in Sweden where I was homesick not exactly for home, but for the taste of it, and I think I read about a hundred of Slater's columns and it helped immensely XD It works the other way now - we read Swedish cookery books when we miss our friends and the flavours of over there, and sometimes do what we can to make saffron buns, or cinnamon rolls, or kladdkaka. .

Do you have a favourite seasonal cookbook? Do you ever just read them, with little intention of actually cooking? 
We occasionally happen across vintage paperback cookery books and send them to subscribers who've expressed an interest in such things - even if they are sometimes more aspic-based than they might have bargained for, the writing can be wonderful! We don't just do fiction :D .

Wishing you fabulous foods this Saturday, ~P .

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I've been looking forward to this #patcadvent picture so much! I was so excited when the Crow not only bought me this beautiful new edition of Teddy Robinson's stories, but hand made for me my VERY OWN BEAR - he's so perfect! My own childhood copies of the books are right here and I've photographed them for #bookstagram before but they're so tattered and beloved, this was absolutely a case of being so glad for a new copy because they're stories I still want to read all the time! .
Whether in his best tutu for a tea party or having an unfortunate trip through the washing machine, Teddy Robinson is a faithful and thoughtful friend, although he does occasionally get a little bit ex- and shoff. His adventures enchant me as much now as they did then, and I'm always so happy when we come across vintage editions to send in a children's #patcbox - they're a perfect delight in fractious times.
If you'd like us to get searching for your old childhood favourites in their vintage editions, come and see us at and sign up for a vintage book box, then let us know a bit more about your reading habits in our questionnaire! Also available as a gift box sent either to yourself or straight to your recipient - we ship to UK, EU, NOR, SWI, ICE, USA, Canada and Japan :)
May your Friday be merry and bright - mine is beginning with freshly ground coffee for the first time ever after a very kind gift of grinder and beans from across the pond! I hope you'll have new joys amongst old favourites. ~P

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ETA: Sold, thank you so much! New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is this early copy of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent and Co, Ltd. 1910's. Hardback. Published to be 'on sale at Ye Old Paris Booke Shoppe, 11 rue de châteaudun'. Blue/green board with gilt detailing and an embossed gate design on the back cover.

A curious book indeed, it includes a preface, additional chapters, adverts for other publications and a note on book piracy and how to ensure your copy of The Picture of Dorain Gray is authentic.

Only £10 including postage. Link in bio.

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What Katy Did Next, a book that was one of my first real sequels, in the sense of a character moving forwards through new arcs that were part of a life, rather than just one story. Although my favourite of the What Katy Did books is ...At School, this is simply the most beautiful I have - it's not my childhood one, just a copy I found very reasonably priced that I absolutely needed to have on my shelf. .

I didn't realise for years, and years that Katy was American and lived in America, even though it's literally in the book. One of the odd things about being an awful precocious only child reader like I was is that your literate brain usually far exceeds your conceptual and knowledgeable brain, so there are all kinds of bits and pieces in my childhood favourites that I loved when very young which turn out to, on adult rereading, be quite different! Regardless: December is a time when I throw all my reading expectations out of the window and drift towards favourites and best-beloveds - there are plenty more to come in the #patcadvent ! .

I also need more festive jumpers - this is one of my best but only ones! Perhaps I'll wear it to work today. Wishing you your best this Thursday! ~P .

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ETA: Sold, thank you so much! New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is this copy of Tove Jansson's Comet in Moominland.

1987 Puffin edition. Illustrated by author throughout.

Available alone, with a P&C library card, or as a PatC box. £8 including postage. Link in bio.

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Day 6, #patcadvent is moving rapidly onwards! Today's winter-y, seasonal-ish read is one the Crow picked out again; Soonchild, by Russell Hoban, beautifully illustrated by Alexis Deacon. It's the illustrations that really make this the experience the book is. Curiously, we both read this soon after The Snow Child, and there's certainly a line between the two, as much of this book addresses an unborn child. It's a very peculiar, different piece of storytelling, audience unclear, which leaves you with a fair bit to reflect on. Crow says it's like a twisted version of "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" .

In writing this post we have just discovered that the cover beneath the dust jacket is AMAZING - so if you've had this book for several years and never looked beneath, do go and examine that now! .

We have breakfast to eat, I have weights to lift, and then it's full steam ahead with the December boxing and getting the Yuletide bundles ready for you! We've had more bundles this year than ever before and are super excited to distribute them :D Merry Wednesday! ~P .

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Last day to get your hands on one of our Yuletide bundles! Only £6 including postage - they include a book, library card, a card and an extra treat wrapped up nicely. They make the perfect gift for another or yourself. Gifting sorted! The deadline is midnight tonight so don't delay! 😃

Link in bio.

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#patcadvent Day 5: today's your last day to purchase a #YuletideBundle - a surprise vintage book in the genre of your choice, beautifully wrapped, sent to yourself or a friend! £6 inc UK P&P! )

The Snow Child is a winter book I bought knowing nothing about, years ago, on the recommendation of one of the many wonderful booksellers at @toppingsbath and I always remember recommended books (there've been many!) because they're ones that I likely wouldn't have chosen myself, and they've always been just the book I needed to read. .  This is a thoroughly human fairytale, exquisitely shaped, sparingly told, heartbreaking and evocative even in the depths of summer, but all the more so in the dark and the cold of winter. Crow loved it too, and was, like me, surprised to have done so. .

May your fairytales be as powerful as your coffee, may your blankets be warm, and your breakfast delicious! Merry Tuesday! 💓~P .

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ETA: Sold, thank you! 😄 New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is this delightful copy of The Children's Tennyson. Stories in Prose and Verse from Alfred Lord Tennyson selected by May Byron and illustrated by N M Price.

Henry Frowde, Hodder And Stoughton, London 1910. First edition. Hardback.

Absolutely enchanting book illustrated throughout in black and white and full, rich colour. Blue cloth with gilt detailing and paste picture to front. Grey, illustrated endpapers. Stories include tales of King Arthur and Robin Hood. Really very beautiful. £12 including postage. Link in bio.

On a side note the sign-up period for this year's Yuletide bundles ends tomorrow at midnight. Don't miss your chance! A book, a library card and a treat all for £6 delivered. Link in bio.

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