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Prudence and the Crow - a bespoke monthly vintage book subscription box service in London, UK. We ship to UK, EU, SWI, Norway, USA, Canada, Japan.

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ETA: SOLD, thank you! 💛📚 New today in the Prudence and the Crow shop is The Tolkien Companion by J E A Tyler. 1977 Picador edition.

An encyclopaedic compilation of every word, place, fact and date to appear in Tolkien's Middle Earth. Includes a detailed guide to Elivish writing, explanatory maps, charts and genealogical tables. A complete treasure.

Only £8 including postage. Link in bio.

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#thingswefindinbooks Monday edition. This is such an incredibly beautiful 1962 Bantam copy of some of Ibsen's best-known plays...and this unconnected, rather sad little letter was hanging out inside it. You do wonder...
I never did study A Doll's House, but I have a feeling we went to see it at some point during school. I haven't been to the theatre in such a long time - something it would be nice to rectify! .
This drizzly grey Monday is the first one where it's felt like autumn might finally be around the corner. I don't trust the weather at all, so we'll probably have all sun all September, though. Happy eclipse day to our North American subscribers - stay safe! Every John Wyndham fan would tell you no good comes of looking at sky-based spectaculars without your glasses... ~P
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#socksunday with my favourite Harry Potter book. I liked the Philosopher's Stone, really didn't get on with Chamber of Secrets much, but absolutely, completely fell in love with Prisoner of Azkaban. The final chapters had me yelling with delight, and I read it right through again immediately. Certainly, it's the book that got me into Harry Potter, and I'm so glad I gave it a chance. Although I enjoy all the books, now, in their own way, and think Deathly Hallows is a masterpiece, PoA remains my favourite. Which is yours?
Socks were part of a magnificent #iggppc camp care package; cards, blanket and Every-Flavour Beans from the WB Studios we visited again earlier in the year :)
I can't believe Philosopher's Stone is old enough to go in a #patcbox (our subscription box is only for paperbacks over twenty years old) - and next year, Chamber of Secrets will be, too! Time flies, indeed. It's quite wonderful to see a whole new generation coming to a Harry Potter that is complete, both in book and cinema form, no having to wait to see how it ends. I wouldn't swap that waiting experience, but at the same time, it must be quite something not to have to!
Wishing you a warm and cosy Sunday, on which I hope we can all, where possible, take a minute to embrace our best fandoms, characters and fictional delights. 💓 ~P
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A substantial breakfast to set me up for the end of the August #patcbox despatch week! Those of you who've already received yours and shared pictures and reviews and thoughts and links - thank you SO MUCH! Truly, without your support and word of mouth, we wouldn't be able to do what we do, and we're so grateful. Those of you still to receive yours - no spoilers, and we hope you'll enjoy yours too! To join us for a September box, see 📚🎉
I'm a lifelong Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fan, and as my childhood copy had this sequel in it, I didn't realise for ages that it wasn't actually part of the original, and indeed that it was adapted from the radio series, rather than the other way around! I love this luminous 1980 edition (would fit right on any current bookshop shelf, I reckon) and any page I dip into so instantly delights me, it seems very practical to keep it on hand, along with a towel. .
I hope you've had/have/will have fine breakfast, and beloved reads, and it is, at last, Friday 💖 Take care ~P
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Presented without comment... .
August #patcbox despatch is go! We really hope you enjoy our work this month :D If you're expecting an August box, or have purchased one as a gift, you should have had an email from the Crow on Sunday evening - if you didn't have the email, a) check your spam, b) check that you signed up with us on or before the 1st of August, c) if still nothing and you did, drop us a line through our Contact Us page and the Crow will get back to you shortly!
If you'd like to join us for the joy that is the September box (always a favourite), you'll find us at and if you (or your gift recipient) enjoy a Penguin classic, cosy crime, Victorian literature, gothic romance, dystopian sci-fi or anything else incredibly specific, just let us know in the post-signup questionnaire and we'll do our bespoke best!
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A #socksunday involving both shoes and horses! As evidenced by Flambards, here, and most other things on my childhood bookshelf, and a great many other posts I've made here, I was a horsey child, but of all the horse sports and events, I've never been to the polo before! Today, we change this. And struggle to remember to refer to them only as ponies, regardless of height!
We begin the August #patcbox despatch tomorrow - everyone expecting an August box ought to have an email from the Crow by tomorrow evening (I'll let you know when it's out, so don't panic if it's not with you first thing!). If you'd like to join us for a September box (perhaps you'd like to revisit some horsey childhood classics yourself, or, indeed, to introduce a child to them, the joy!) simply drop by and sign right up! .
It's the perfect weather for wonderful company and a great new experience - we wish you such things today ☀️ ~P
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One of the more ramshackle collections in the #patclibrary - one day I'll upgrade to a full set of one edition or another (the hardbacks are gorgeous, but I so rarely come across them) but then again, I love to have the little old paperback ones for carrying around. I think perhaps O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin novels are some of the few books I'll allow myself to have multiple copies of... I do love the film tie-in one here, too - I can often give or take a tie-in cover, but Master and Commander has such a special place in my heart. I live in hope of a sequel one day... .
If you don't think you're into tales of the high seas and lengthy descriptions of boats, do know that these may yet be the books for you. The characters are so strong, their dialogue is wonderful, the history is accurate and fascinating, the humour, rich and ever-present. Highly recommended for pretty much anyone. My favourite thing about this series is probably just how much there is of it 💖
London is looking beautiful this morning, and we've another fine day of boxing ahead! It's also the start of the new football season, and this makes me very happy (never let anyone tell you books and sports can't mix, kids!). However your Friday, I hope you have some characters as great as Jack and Stephen in it to brighten things up ~P
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Following on from yesterday's rainy day post, today seemed an appropriate day for Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun! This fine and sizeable hardback contains all four volumes of the fantasy epic (The Shadow of the Torturer, The Claw of the Conciliator, The Sword of the Lictor and The Citadel of the Autarch). Wolfe is one of the most highly regarded writers amongst others in the genre, beloved for his strong and complex style, intricate plots, keenly observed characters, and fully realised world. .
I haven't read this in years, but just looking at it today, I felt it edging my hand towards the to-read pile, rather than back to the #patclibrary shelf! .
Today, we might leave the house for a little while in the name of Vitamin D, and enjoy some of this new sun. We are well on the way with the August boxes, and delighted by so many of your questionnaires and comments - also, a warm welcome to all our new September subscribers! If you'd like to join them, just pop by and we are here for you, ready to find you your next great vintage book :) Here's to Thursday! ~P
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What better read on this wettest of days than Arthur C. Clarke's The Sands of Mars? Clarke's first full science fiction novel is a quiet, curious exploration of the possibilities of life on Mars, the humanity of colonising a new world, the details and logistics of starting from scratch and the intensity and specificity of the life of the scientist and astronaut. This is a fine insight into Clarke's eye for detail, both technical and human, and a very different kind of science fiction from the alien/war/dystopian tale-telling in much of the rest of the genre. For a thoughtful, always so possible piece of fiction, you can't do much better - Clarke's writing captures the vastness and profundity of space like few others.
Today it seems it'll rain for all of the day, so we have plenty of time to get on with the August #patcbox creation! We've had such a great time putting this month's together - we do hope you'll enjoy our choices! To join us for September, hop to This month's boxing is accompanied by Supernatural, for we finally caught up with the Season 12 finale this week. Crow and I have been fans of it since the beginning, and we figured it's a pretty good time to start again. There's nothing else quite like Sam and Dean saving people and hunting things...
However you spend this fine summer day, we hope you have all you need around you! Merry Wednesday! (and I might do an historic books post later if I remember :) ~P
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#socksunday with the excellent, eye-opening tour-de-force that is this collection of Martha Gellhorn's travel writing. A fine insight into the life, experience and opinions of one of the most remarkable war journalists of the twentieth century, and a timely, heavy dose of perspective both on the scale and history of even comparatively recent times. Recommended. Also, this kind of read is one of the few where I find myself wanting to take notes - places, dates, people that I want to look up later, to give me still more insight and context. I've always enjoyed the "further reading" aspect of just about everything. .
A long day of work ahead, thoroughly welcome, and, as long as the printer doesn't keep fighting the Crow quite has hard as it has been thus far this morning, hopefully fun! There'll at least be the joy of football to accompany our work this afternoon - as every year, I'm excited for the new season (because being bookish and enjoying sports is not mutually exclusive, kids!) and as every recent year, I resolve I will be better at paying attention XD Perhaps I'll dig out some football socks for next week's #booksandsocks! Wishing you all your very best kind of Sunday! ~P
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My favourite thing about old books is that we can see a thing exactly as it existed 90 years ago, have the precise experience with it that the original buyer had - reading the very same words from the very same page. When looking at collections of scientific essays, say, or political thought, that can be especially valuable, for they remain unadorned by the then-future, now-history, that makes them every bit as relevant to now, as then. .
Spend, then, some time looking up J.B.S. Haldane, and his father, J.S. Haldane (best known for his self-experimentation, and for his work on poison gas in WWI), and his sister, Naomi Mitchison who wrote widely on sex and sexuality, birth control, history, politics, and science. It is my new mission to find a copy of her first sf novel, Memoirs of a Spacewoman.
Haldane (JBS) writes with a timely accessibility and confidence, with a long-view of human existence he's keen to reconcile with the predominant world views of the time. His variety of topics and quotable points is extraordinary, and his interest in social justice and contemplation of the value of eating raw milk, of the importance of sufficient proteins, fats and carbohydrates, or of vaccinating one's children, makes 1927 seem, as history so often can, not very long ago.
It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to happen upon these glimpses into our past, and, I think, continually important that we can do so wherever possible. It's the thing I think we'll miss most when we no longer have dusty old libraries, and, although there are so many wonderful digital projects out there, nothing is so easy to grab hold of and *know* as a book. Again, it's one of the reasons we do what we do. And do let us know if you like older science, or history, or political essays in your #patcbox - sometimes the most valuable stories are told in these other Possible Worlds. ~P
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