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34a King William Street, Adelaide

Without Prejudice:

Freight company 
last Thursday April 12 illicitly seized our property (i.e PFC's 600kg shipment of stock fully paid for by us and sent from Diamond Comic Distributors) from the Adelaide terminus point of an express freight-forwarding service.

A service that GWA had accepted full payment in advance from us, and DID NOT PROVIDE.

GWA continue to hold our property under illegitimate pretences, and this is in an attempt to ruin everyone's comic store, Pulp Fiction Comics. 
With obvious intent, it is clear that GWA are trying to cripple our turnover with their actions. 
We assure you, PULP are making the necessary arrangements to negate their behaviour and usher into Adelaide a new era of weekly comic releases.

GWA have repeatedly ignored requests to release our property- and so we call upon you with the rallying cry of FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

We welcome any and all that wish to join us: to take 50% OFF STOREWIDE on all items, until GWA release our property.

And they will.

General Ross Cobretti,
of Pulp Fiction Comics

#fightthegoodfight #comics
Good Morning Everyone!
Our shipment has been mis-labelled this week- which is quite unfortunate as it means we have had a delay for this week's new releases- but the shipment has been found and is secure!
We will update on it's scheduled arrival tomorrow.

In the meantime, we switch to 20% OFF STOREWIDE until the shipment arrives, and we have also constructed a "try something new" section!

The TSN section has issue ones or part ones of recent stories- familiar characters and strange new titles are featured AT THE SPECIAL PRICE OF 3 for 10 BUCKS!
New complete stories arcs have also been collected and all of these are 10 BUCKS as well.

So head into PULP FICTION and grab a fistful of gear RIGHT NOW.
It’s Competition Time thanks to Studiocanal Australia! Pulp have 3 x Double passes to see Winchester Preview Screening at Event Cinemas Marion, Wednesday 21st February at 7PM!


All you have to do is tag a friend and you’re in with a chance to win!
Winners will be contacted 16th Feb!

WINCHESTER - in cinemas February 22

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Need to decorate a room? Maybe want to show some Love for your favourite Marvel hero by getting them framed? If so come to pulp fiction today and check out our wide range of marvel posters 
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Come in to pulp fiction pick and pick up some great gifts and even maybe something for yourself 
Open till 6 tonight 
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Read through doomsday clock already and keen for more? Come in today and pick up packs of the 2012 before Watchmen series while they last, also if you haven't read doomsday clock yet come pick up issue 1 today 
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Before reading doomsday clock come in and grab the button, especially with 20% off until tomorrow 
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Must read, especially before it all ends
Invincible available today at pulp fiction comics 
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Black science - the Dimensionauts limited edition statue 
Great Christmas gift idea
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