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With equipment for both the face and body, we offer technologies that are bespoke and prescriptive providing a new approach to aesthetics


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Are your clients demanding the latest in results driven laser hair removal treatments? 👉🏼Learn more about how Pure:Skin EpiLase can benefit you and your clients... ✔️Benefits of Treatment: ▫️Super fast treatment ▫️Precision application ▫️Safe and virtually painless
▫️Suitable for all skin types including tanned ▫️Affordable ▫️Unprecedented Results
▫️Contact Cooling ▫️Low treatment costs ▫️Virtually Painless
▫️Easy to operate 👉🏽Want to learn more? Call our friendly team today 01527 962041 
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Want a Lift?
Pure:Skin's Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning is an advanced non-invasive facial, with over 10 years medical research behind it. 
We can lift and tone the facial muscles and the neck area, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This gives a more youthful, fresh appearance and glow.

Discover all the advantages of:

Radio frequency
Soft laser and LED

A synergistic action for a result 3 times more effective.  #pureskininternational #pureskinuk #beautytreatment #skincare #antiageing #wrinkles
Busy busy busy in the warehouse this week lots of sparkling new machines going out to their new homes...
Contact info@pureskin-international.com to book your free demo
Rent to Buy, Lease, interest free finance
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Pure Skin International are fast becoming one of the leading companies in the aesthetic industry, as well as worldwide distributors in Spain, Australia, Ireland, England, Italy and Dubai. The brand that will continue to hit the headlines for all the right reasons...
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Salons and spas all over the U.K. are benefiting each day from PURE SKIN TECHNOLOGY! Each machine offers multiple treatments giving your customer the very best in aesthetics! 👏🏼 PS. We also offer a rent to buy scheme with guaranteed acceptance! 
Talk to our team today:
◽️CALL: +44 01527 962041
Are your clients fed up of seeing cellulite? Are they forever complaining about a ‘bikini body image’? You need Pure Skin Technologies in your salon/spa. 
CRYO 21 uses a cold probe to fight cellulite with no downtime needed, no surgical incisions and pain-free!

Clients feel happier, more confident and can not wait to come back to your salon for more non-invasive treatments the CRYO 21 can perform.
And dont forget we also do a ‘rent to buy’ system with guaranteed acceptance.👏🏼
We just can’t get enough of @lizziecundy and her new derrière all thanks to our amazing PURE SKIN FITNESS TECHNOLOGY! ⚪️LIFT
Use our technology to give your clients INSTANT results all our celebrity friends love! 
Take a closer look at what the @dailymail & @closeronline have to say! ➡️ pureskin-international.com for a more in-depth look at our equipment!
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MAY... A time to show your clients what possible using our innovative PURE-SKIN technologies to help prep for summer! ➡️ Link in bio for more info.
Showing some client appreciation today & not forgetting a chance for YOU to see the amazing results from our PURE SKIN technologies, get following...
Lift and firm to anti-age the non-surgical way. Pain free & enabling clients to pop in on a lunch break as treatments can be done within 30-40minutes, PURE SKIN TECHNOLOGY is the machine for you and your salon!
➡️Tighten the jawline
➡️Remove a double chin
➡️Smooth out fine lines
➡️Reduce bags and shadows
➡️Lift the eye area
Click the link in the bio to order today’s!
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Non invasive neck & jaw line lift!
📞07813 670618
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EEKKK!! We are so excited that our @pureskininternational event is tomorrow night 4-8pm. Pop along to see us demonstrate some of our 250 different treatments using cryo, sea life and touchskin. #pureskin #nosurgical #noninvasive #skinfriendly #collagenboost #tummytuck #eyelidlift #facial #scarremoval #pigmentation #stretchmarks #skintags #sunspots #problematicskin #skinconcerns #totallooksbeauty #harpenden #salon