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Have you made your tax-deductible donation to your favorite charity for 2018? #qisoftware #taxdeductibledonation #taxdeduction
I love l lasagna, and Stouffer's Meat Lovers Lasagna is a favorite.
Google Mapping in my hometown. #hanovermd #qisoftware
Did you remember to Fall-Back?
Leftover Halloween candy. #halloween
So much work going on, the house is in disarray.
Work continues on the house.
Lots of work going on at the house this week. Staying out of the way. Photo taken from upstairs window.
Do you have a goodie jar?
Great inexpensive USB Mouse, Kensington "Mouse-in-a-Box" #qisoftware
Really like this Yunmai Bluetooth Smart Scale & Body Fat Monitor.
Last year I opened a new CD with another bank for a rate under 1%. This year I would like to open a new CD with a rate like this one.  I have looked around- this is pretty good.