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Your @whitsundaysqld visit is not complete until you窶况e taken in the awe-inspiring views from Hill Inlet lookout in Whitsunday Islands National Park!

A 40 minute uphill stroll takes you to twin lookouts with vistas over Hill Inlet窶冱 turquoise waters and sweeping white sands, interspersed with lush green islands. 沒キ@bennysvisuals shows us just how captivating it is! 
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#QLDParks are the perfect places to get out and active. 
Looking for rainforest-clad hills, secluded beaches and panoramic outlooks over the scenic Whitsunday Passage? You窶决e looking for #ConwayNationalPark. 
#ConwayNationalPark (between Mackay and Townsville) has some really beautiful Grade 2 walks to get a start on窶馬o bushwalking experience needed for those! 
We窶况e got a list of easy short walks to get a start on (you can even filter the results to see which ones are closest to you) at https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/parks/list . So why not check it out, grab a friend and #JoinTheMovement?
When you wake up and wonder if you窶决e still in a dream. 
Take your pick from several walk-in or boat access only sites in the Molle Islands National Park, @whitsundaysqld for the perfect wake-up call. 
@bennysvisuals took this stunner at South Molle Island, and it窶冱 definitely got us daydreaming!

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A visit to @whitsundaysqld is not complete without exploring the magical beauty of the #GreatBarrierReef.

Go on, dive in like 沒キ@flyingshiela_travelling did. 
Explore the beautiful blue water at #WhitsundayIslandsNationalPark, and meet some of the friendly underwater residents that seriously know how to chill. It窶冱 a #TurtleyAwesome experience! 沽 汾「 汾

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Perfection is @whitsundaysqld!

This week we窶决e giving you a mesmerising visual feast窶罵ush green rainforest, silky white sand and vivid blue waters窶蚤s we explore the parks of @whitsundaysqld.

What better way to start then with #WhitehavenBeach in #WhitsundayIslandsNationalPark - voted the best beach in Australia, and second best in the WORLD!

Did you know, you can camp there for just $6.35 per person, per night?

Go on, tag your travel buddies! 
And book your campsite now at www.qld.gov.au/camping. 沒キ @saltywings

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Do you know what this cute little critter is?

It窶冱 not a mouse窶ヲ 
It窶冱 not a rat窶ヲ 
No peeking until you窶况e had a guess! .
. . .
It窶冱 an antechinus! 
These tiny marsupials generally live in swamps, tropical rainforests, temperate rainforests and woodlands, with this one snapped at #MountNgungun, #GlasshouseMountainsNationalPark by @duende_images. Have you seen one?
Nesting Green Turtles returning to the sea at sunrise, captured by @christian_miller_photo. 
Although not accessible to the public, Raine Island, in the far northern Great Barrier Reef is the world窶冱 largest known rookery for the vulnerable green turtle. 
While nesting season is coming to a close, this means that it窶冱 almost time for the turtle hatchlings to start emerging! If you want to experience the magic of seeing turtle hatchlings take their first steps toward the sea, you can book in for your own Mon Repos Turtle Encounter @visitbundaberg at bit.ly/2E4M4BL. Don窶冲 miss out! 
Happy Valentine窶冱 Day Park Lovers!! If you窶决e looking for the perfect spot to take your sweetheart窶ヲ (or even pop that little question窶ヲ or hey窶ヲ even get married!) then you need look no further than the dreamy #WhitsundayIslandsNationalPark! 
With #WhitehavenBeach voted the second best beach in the WORLD , there窶冱 just no better place to fall in love!
Conquer love and conquer mountains this Valentine窶冱 Day! 汳

If you haven窶冲 got anything planned yet, forget about the clichテゥd roses and booked-out fancy restaurants! Make it an experience to really remember by hitting up some of our natural wonders in #QldParks.

Let this image from @kristyleebrenan inspire you and your partner to get out and active - conquering class 4 hikes like #ThePyramid at #GirraweenNationalPark in #sqcountry to discover open forests, rocky landscapes, and incredible views like this.
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Tag a mate who needs to hydrate! 汳ヲ
While we all love our sunburnt country, make sure you窶决e taking adequate water supplies when hitting our national parks in this warm weather. 
Rangers at #MagneticIslandNationalPark helped this little guy out when he was found not doing too well in the heat. After a quick drink he was on his merry way. 
Remember, if you do come across an injured or sick animal, report it to the RSPCA or call 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).
Thanks to Ranger Rikki for the footage!
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Roll into your weekend like this crazy crayfish captured by @casey_eveleigh in Lamington National Park @destinationgoldcoast. 沽
These vibrant Blue Spiny Crayfish have been making some appearances lately at #LamingtonNationalPark.
Casey says 窶彜eeing moments like this is a huge reason why I love spending time in our national parks.窶 沽 
Plus, where else will you find a crayfish hanging onto his mate during a kamikaze roll back into the water? 汳ヲ 
Get out of your shell and experience our national parks this weekend. 沍ソ
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Still looking for your next perfect #escape? 
Look no further than Heron Island. It is part of the #CapricorniaCaysNationalPark @gladstoneregion.
Paradise is only a boat-ride away! Get onboard and go snorkel, dive or fish on world-renowned coral reefs, explore rich pisonia forests alive with birds on low-lying coral cays, and enjoy stunning sunsets on white beaches lapped by waters of the Coral Sea. 沍エ笘
Did we even need to convince you?
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