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Repost @savethebeesaustralia Australian Beekeepers are furious with the conduct of @woolworths_au and have suggested a national wide #boycott of the supermarket chain. #Woolworths have announced they will continued to sell Chinese honey concoctions without displaying the honey is from China.  After @colessupermarkets announced it would no longer sell Chinese honey Beekeepers in Australia rejoiced thinking Woolworths and Aldi would follow. 
Last week at the national beekeeping Congress,  Norberto Garcia scientist and star of the Netflix series Rotten used statistics to eloquently prove that there has been an elaborate scam perpetuated by China to dominate the worlds honey market,  through fake honey. Norberto communicated  several scams being used by China such as blending rice syrup to honey and harvesting unrippened honey.  He made it clear Australia has fallen victim to fake Chinese honey. 
Australia has lost at least 15 percent of commercial beekeepers over the last two decades and will lose more if the price of honey continued to drop because of Chinese imports. This in turn risks Australia’s food security that is reliant of honeybees for pollination. Low prices for Australian farmers can lead to depression and suicide. 
#Capilanohoney who supplies Woolworths with the Chinese honey also re export Chinese honey from Australia. 
Capilano LTD land the Chinese honey at approximately $2kg they than blend is with a small amount of Australian and sell it in under subsidiary brands like Woolworths homebrand and Allowrie honey.

Imported honey can be infectious it can carry different strains of diseases that can effect not only Australian honeybees but over 1500 indigenous bee species. 
If the government is too corrupt to act we will invoke change by boycotting greedy corporations. 
If you want to support Australian beekeepers boycott #Woolworths . #savethebees #beethecure #honeylaundering
Repost @compassion Praise God! After 10 days of being trapped in a cave due to severe floodwaters in northern Thailand, 12 boys and their soccer coach have been found alive! But rescue efforts could still take months. Please pray that they will return home safely and that their families will stay strong and hopeful!

One of the boys in the cave is a Compassion-assisted child. His parents spoke with us in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. Hear from them on today’s blog at the link in our bio.
REPOST @savethebeesaustralia We have triumphed in our battle against #honeylaundering. 
From now on @colessupermarkets will only sell authentic Australian honey. 
Coles is no longer stocking Chinese syrups blended with Australian honey. Thank you everyone who has written to Coles , signed petitions , shared posts and refused to buy Chinese blends. 
Like the beehive when we galvanise we have the ability to manifest change in the world. 
Earlier this year utilising consumer pressure we achieved  a ban on Bayer’s #confidor (neonicotinoid), this year now Chinese blended honey products like Capilano’s subsidiary brand  #Allowrie will no longer be stocked at Coles. 
We need to pile the pressure on @woolworths_au and Aldi to behave with honour and remove Chinese blended honey from their shelves. If the government is too corrupt to act we will invoke change by boycotting greedy corporations. 
Thank you Jodie Goldworthy from @beechworthhoney who has had a long relationship with Coles and been pressuring from within the system. 
On behalf of all Australian beekeepers well done Coles you at last have done the right thing. 
#savethebees #beethecure #crypto
Mayat nga pagbatayan no adda nakadulin nga rikrikna nga di maiwasan no adda ti mangipalagip. *Padasek man isurat ti iloko no adda pay lang umay ditoy nga agaramid ti storyak...kasla la jay di makabasa ti tao. Pagmayatanna ti sao tayo ket madi agkori jy teknolohiya ti tagapataros haha.. Padasak man gayam agsurat ti iloko (jak kayat usaren jy ilo ken Kano tapno dida mabesto) jy blog ko....mmm

I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO LIT IN MY LIFE without the crypto tool I have ever met.

A flower buried its bulbs 3 years in the darkest soil before it blooms in early winter May 2018 & yet remain blooming &  enjoying the winter frolic frost of its life til these days #LIT each day! 
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C'mon follow my IG but create your original content in the #crypto world of sparkles entertainment forgetting WHAT does really SPARK you to lit love one another in peace.
Love protects.
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Other side of the lake sunset 1
Lit Somewhere
The Palm By The Lake - Winter June 2018
Nature Silhouette - Civil Twilight