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No it’s not some special occasion for us. Both decided to have this out of the blue cause we had to cancel our initial plan due to weather. My first cable car ride and it’s my job to scare @_mhdzulhilmi with heights😋 Nonetheless, thank you for the wonderful day which turned out to be a date for us👫💕 #shaxzul
This wasn’t what we planned to do today but it ended up to be some dating/shooting day. Just a short clip of me wearing @mf.shawls in dreamcatcher. Amazingly he managed to shoot me without visibility of my cast😘💕 #mfshawls #dreamcatcher #hismodel 📹: @_mhdzulhilmi
Summarizing a wonderful weekend. We didn’t plan to go for all the days but they said impromptu is the best one ever. So satisfying. I got to see mine and he gets to see his too. Sucha beautiful and friendly person @mfmirafilzah . Definitely gonna have short-clip of her shawl soon. Or perhaps tutorial too?(after I recover) #celebfest2017 #miralegacy ♥️💕
@randpunk clean cut soon please!! So more ganteng😜 Come sg often oki! All the way to Suntec and I bought perfume for my love♥️ #surprisegiftgitulo #secondtime
The day before I met with car crash accident, my love sent me a bouquet of roses. It didn’t happen intentionally. Nonetheless I was blessed that I’m given another life. Idk how miracle works but I know the entire occasion wasn’t my fault at all. I’m glad I didn’t bleed and return home in one piece. Don’t worry mum, dad, your only daughter is genius enough but what’s meant to be, will always be. Thank you to my love for sacrificing his time so much for me last night as well as my beloved dad, younger brother and sis in law. Thank you dear friends for the well wishes everywhere. In shaa allah I will recover soon. #iknowimstrong #laylaml #timetoshine #myfirstcast
Speechless and dumbstruck. Been waiting all my life to receive this amazing reward. And so, it’s my first time getting bouquet of roses. Thank you so much love @_mhdzulhilmi 🖤 #tooyoung #everydaymybirthday
Is that an organza scarf? Yassss it is. The kinda scarf that makes me look muffin🌚
Each time when he does something weird like this, I’ll always be poppin the same qns to him “what exactly you want”😂 but thanks love for this🖤 #loveyou
I’m teaching everyone to have sweet tooth so they can sugar coat things🤣 #pickupeveryone #wallssandwich
We shall wait until your owner have another off day then we go for a shoot oki Nyra♥️ #nyraR125 #r125 #sgteamr125 #stillunderconstruction
I’m smiling on every photo cause #hhn was lit last night with love(he couldn’t survived for all haunted house without me👻)😈😈😈 #shaxzul #perksofhavingme #countingthedays
Everything here was well done istg. Especially the chickens and bingsu😍 We managed to finish all of these except for me(my chickens🌚) but wasted cause we didn’t get the chance to taste the cheese😭 #anothercomeback #foodforlife