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Yazzzz. I’ve been eyeing on this salted egg chips for quite some time. Now I’m satisfied😍 #irvinsaltedegg
Kalau da sayang, gaduh cemana teruk gila pon tetap sayang. But that requires tons of effort I swear🌚 #hisballoon #3moremonths #shaxzul
Semakin lama semakin chubby pulak #ohno
I’m snacking and feeding on daily basis and that explains me being chubby🤷🏻‍♀️ @_mhdzulhilmi you feed me more than my capacity could hold🤪
I’m so outdated. I finally get to try soft serve from @overrun.sg for the first time. It’s durian chendol🍦 Didn’t expect @_mhdzulhilmi would pick this(cause I’m not a fan of durian or chendol) but that’s ok, I will definitely come again to try my own choice of flavours😈 #overrunsg
Been a blessed to have such an awesome sis in law. I do not have little sister cause I’m the eldest but even so, it’s amazing how life turns out to be in the end. On 8th Feb she gave birth to a cute lil baby girl I called my niece. Honestly she is smaller than me and I respect the amount of strength she put for a smooth delivery😌 Dear Puteri Medina, may you grow up to be a genius and brilliant child😘💕 For any sponsorship or collab for baby products/clothings or shoot, drop me an email or DMs.
Honestly I’m not a fan of teddy bears or any plush. That explains all the bears and plush I’ve gotten/received resting on top of my wardrobe. I know he had been trying so hard to get for me a jumbo ever since the opening of carnival. Today, he ended up getting for me this two cute pity little mushroom. He thought he failed to make me happy. Only god knows how appreciative and contented I am for every single effort he did even when it’s just a small gift😘💕
I have a thing when it comes to food:
• very selective cause it must be nice
• no weird taste • if it’s dessert, better be damn sweet💯

I kinda miss having food coma on my feed🍕🍫🍰🍿🍭🍦🍩🍟🍔🌮🥨
I’m still not over about last Monday’s day out. The best one ever for this month. His first time being here and second time for myself. Who knew in 5 years time this photo will evolve to be a plus one perhaps?🤪 #dreamfar #underconstruction #shaxzul
Tell me about it. I can never have my shot in peace cause he’ll always have to ruin it since young😒 #heisayearyounger
Busiest Monday ever. Yknow this is the reason why we rarely take selfie. Cause my younger brother will forever bomb my photo😒 #shaxzul
So much good things to look forward this month but nonetheless, my birthday in two months time🤪 #hintforpresent