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Last weekend was so much full of laughter. I guess our days are better off unplanned. I’m glad we managed to pull off those bitter and salty days. Nonetheless it was a splendid weekend. Those faces will always carve a smile on my face. I was too engrossed with the games I didn’t notice your face had gone wrong😂 You won both games just like how you won my heart🤪 #imslow #snap #snakeandladder #shaxzul ♥️💕🙆🏻‍♀️ 🎈
I don’t really take photos at night but my photographer did well last night😘🙆🏻‍♀️ Me don’t wanna grow up. Can I?💁🏻‍♀️ #foreveryoung #fivemoremonths
Today I’m in the mood for #selfie #feelinglucky
Most of the time you’ll see me happy like this. So you ready to #havana with me?🤡😏🌚 #nextlevel #foreveronholiday
This is just the second time here. Gon make a deal hoping by the 10th time here, he’ll be fat by then🤪 #imtrying to make him fat🌚
Too excited sampai lupa shade🙄 #factsaboutme I hardly take selfie cause forever go out when there’s no sunlight🌚
Either this knitted jumper expanded or I became smaller over the years🌚 #foreveryoung
Not a bookworm type of person but I love reading something which touches my heart. #notetoself
Second week of Jan and I’m already hoping to invest time traveling this year. #nakflyjauhjauh #idontwannagrowup
One of the best thing I’ve learnt in 2017, how to ice skate. You taught me so well that I didn’t regret being on the rink for hours with you😘 I should learn how to skate backward perhaps😂 #shaxzul
#throwback to yesterday’s dinner with love. You won’t stop eating until you are fat. I know some of you miss my food photos, yes it’ll be up again😽
Picture will look good without my hand brace but that’s okay😸 You’re a pain in the ass but it’s more pain to lose the carnival games(cause waste money)😂😂😂 We have approximately 4 months🎪🎡😘💕 📷: @m.mazree #shaxzul