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This is one of the most beautiful videos I have ever produced not because it's of my little girl, but it's a reminder of the life lessons she teaches me on a daily basis. 
As a child we don't fear anything. We don't stress about nothing and we know nothing about depression or anxiety. 
Life was wonderful and the world was our playground. Some of us need to be reminded of this. 
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Tag a mate who is always on their phone. Watch the full video on our Facebook page @quickpourbaristas
Swan inversions in a 4oz
Ever stood behind Nigel in line? Tag that annoying friend that would do this! 😂😂😂 @missbrooke_lyn @baristaaaronshin @barista_rpgplayers @baristaswag
Cleaning house today... need one of these in my belly
I'm blown away to be named in the #ascatop12 for the latte art competition. Nationals here I come. Thank you to everyone who had supported me so far, I won't disappoint you. #mice2018
Living on the edge of the cup 😲
WHAT? STOP IT!! Thank you to all of you guys for following me. I love you all, and I going to share something special with you really soon 🤐😜🤓
Throwback to a year ago 😉
Like and repost if you agree. Knowledge is power and in today's world of information you can learn anything. @
Who agrees with this? 🙌🏽💰🔥
Latte art with the best in the business @originalbonsoy