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Today's outfit 🌞✨ how was your day?🌹
This sweater is falling apart, but I think it's too cute for throw it away ⚰️💔
Fav atm 🦇
2 headphones in: don't talk to me
1 headphone in: don't talk to me
No headphones in: don't talk to me ✨🍸
In love with my new super green lenses from @ttd_eye ✨🌙 🖤
~ Use my code 'quimimo' for a discount ~
What a nice day outside.i think I'll wear all black 🖤⚡️😸
I need this lamp in my room 😍

#eclipse #koperhuis
I basically have 3 hairstyles. Straight wavy and homeless 😹
How rude is it when you're excited to come home & crawl into bed and u find that your past self has left an absolute mess for unto return to 💔😹
g r l ⚡️ p w r 💕
Lunar case 🔮🌙✨
Today I'm looking for a moisturizer that hides the fact that I've been tired since 2010 💆✨ any advice? 😸😹