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Not ready for Fall yet 🌙⛓✨
I have an addiction ⛓💫
When I die I want my heart donated to NASA so they can finally see what a black hole looks like up close 🖤
I always need new shoes 🌙
What's ur favorite tv show at the moment babes? I need some new good stuff 🌙💫
When you ask me what I'm doing today and I say "nothing" it does not mean I'm free, it means Im doing nothing 😹😹 Have a nice Sunday 🖤✨🔮💫
Be a seeker of everyday magic 🔮🌙💫
w h a t e v e r 🔪
When your poor so you custom clothes by yourself 💫
"You look mean"
"Because I am. Bye" 🔪⚰️
Still thinking about Jon Snow's 🍑 from last episode 🕊🌈
God is watching so give her a good show ✨
Art is a way of survival ✨