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إن الله يرفع بهذا الكتاب أقواماً ويضع به آخرين 😍 ‎“Verily, Allah raises the status of people with this Book and he humiliates others.” Our brother Ahmed Burhan was invited to meet the president of Somalia upon winning the Quran Competition in Dubai.
Exclusive recitation by Ahmed Burhan Mohamed - winner of the 2018 Dubai international Quran Competition!
LINK IN BIO ————————. Premarital education course with sheikh Said Rageh ——— Why have a course on pre-martial education and why should I take it? Premarital education is actually not a new concept. The Prophet (saws) provided very detailed education about every aspect of life to his companions, including married life. We need to review these teachings and are more in need of them than ever before. This education is just on step in the right direction to combat rising divorce rates and marital discord. The main objective of prep is to equip couples with essential premarital knowledge to increase chances of a successful marriage. The factors leading to marital breakdown may be varied and many-faceted, but there is an increasing awareness that good preparation in the form of premarital counseling can provide a better foundation for marriages.
May Allah swt have mercy on him!  One of the greatest Muslims to ever live.
One of the 7 wonders of the world - Australia - video credit: @mukhtar_official