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Happy Valentines Day beautiful沍ケ I think these 3 pictures here sum us up and I wouldn窶冲 trade you for the world. I love you Mowgli笘コク鞘擘ク条汳酒沐
DeuceDeuce. Wait on it泄
Fro & Freckle 沐栓泱、
2010/2011 being 16 with a dream. 汳ュ

Isaiah 54:17 - No weapon forged against you will succeed. Any voice raised against you in court you will refute. 泗条沛ス Don窶冲 sleep洟ュ沽洶遺埒ク
The boy Chazza is on fire! A point taken into a busy Christmas Period. #WeMarchOn 泗条沛ス
I've just seen this story and felt I had to say something and clear a few things that are floating around right now. I want to make it absolutely clear that the Man City Manager, Pep Guardiola did not say what The Sun is falsely claiming in this story. Yes he was very passionate, intense and aggressive but he was only very complimentary and positive to me. He commented on my qualities as a young English player and how he wanted me to attack his team more during the game in a similar way to last season. I told him I was doing what my Manager had asked me to do in the game. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing negative or offensive was said towards me from Pep and that's what makes him one of the best Manager's in world football.

Losing the game the way we did in the last kick of the game after working so hard for 90+ minutes, I was very disappointment but when one of the worlds best managers compliments you or gives advice in any way, you listen.

Sadly this story is an example of lazy journalism and is a complete joke. It does no favours to the sports journalists in the game that I like, happily work with and genuinely respect. 
The focus for me now is regrouping with the Saints ready for a big performance this Sunday in the v Bournemouth. #WeMarchOn #SaintsFC
The pain is invisible but you can窶冲 hide the scars.
沽懺沽 Idiots abroad.
Sure Pressure series season 2. Always good fun filming with @surefootball & @superiorstriker! #NeverMoreSure 笞スク条洟橇沛ス
Always fun when @socceram and @1jimmybullard come to town! @surefootball #YouKnowTheDrill 沽懌埒ク条沽