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You know what helps when you get hit in the face with a snowball...by your brother? 
Stuffing your face with marshmallows while the hot chocolate brews. 
#snowballfight #snow #winter #hotchocolate #marshmallows
This is my dad. I’m pretty sure I get my cool style from him. 
Not only is today his 62nd birthday but he’s also saying goodbye to the workforce. Retirement after 34 years at Thermo King/Hastings is gonna be so sweet for him. 
My dad can play cars with the kids, give me some pretty darn good life advice, and make a mean cup of coffee among the many other hobbies and adventures he finds himself on. 
My mom also retired this past year after 42 hardworking years at Mary Lanning Hospital. If anything, my parents showed me dedication and responsibility. I’ve been working on those concepts for the past 10 but I think I’ve got a handle on em now. 🤭😉 I hope you guys enjoy the next step in this awesome journey of life. Travel to Arizona, somewhere new, come see us whenever! And have some fun. Happy Birthday dad! And congratulations to both of you.
My coffee order is a dirty chai ((pictured)) 50% of the time. The other half it’s a vanilla latte with half the syrup. I don’t like em too sweet! & coffee black at home made in the French Press, but if it’s black it’s usually something I ground myself at fresh thyme like chocolate hazelnut or cinnamon s’more. 
Sometimes...if I’m feeling crazy, I’ll put a drop of Thieves in it to add some cinnamon clove spice (and wellness). My favorite thing to do at a coffee shop? Cozy up with a pen and paper and let it out. 
What’s your coffee shop order?? #journal #themill #coffeelove #dirtychai #coffeeislife #maydesigns
People who wear crazy socks are more brilliant, creative, and successful...studies show.
#nebraskaweddingphotographer #nebraska #crazysocks #groomsmen
This describes A LOT of our Christmas break. My husband teaches so he gets a lot of...break time in. He does it well. ☺️ and our 3 year old...if he’s not napping hard he is going nonstop. #endlessenergy
Origami today
After bath time sweetness.
Week one | January 1 | I joined and committed to a little project where I document my home life, my children a little more. It’s so easy to put my camera away when I’m not on a shoot. The main reason I shoot in the first place is because I absolutely love it and want to capture those I love. 
One photo a day is ideal. One photo a week is realistic. #project52 #lifein52 #shiplifein52
When taking pictures of your own kids...you scribble something on the wall, plop your kids down and hope you get one before it turns into bigger madness. 
This year was my best yet in terms of my business. Thank you all SO much! I honed my style + discovered more about myself and what I want to give to you all. I have even bigger plans for 2018. 😊 I’m always working to get better, organize my LIFE & learn more to become more so I’m so excited to see what this year will bring. 
Thanks to all my clients/ aka friends (we are friends now!) for being amazing and making this thing I do so fun and rewarding. ❤️ you all and Happy New Year!
Looking forward to 2018 like...
Finally got to see this lady again after her senior photos last year and have a little session with her sisters! Whom are pretty awesome by the way. I don’t think I’m the only one who’s a little envious of their sister love and kind of wish I was part of the gang. Cassidy just got her matching heart tattoo since she turned 18, and now they are not only connected by blood, but by heart. :) @themillcoffeeandtea telegraph. // Cassidy // Bailey // D’Aarion //
A goal for this year was to draw more. This is the second page in the sketchbook I bought 8 months ago....
So my goal for 2018 is to fill this book. Draw everyday.