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The honeysuckle that trails into your window well
Is in bloom
It’s like your love of flowers (“Fow” or “off” as you call them)
Is willing them down to you
So, every morning
Before I pick you up
I pull back your curtains
Open up the window
Before I turn
Before I lift you out of your crib
Your room is flooded with the scent of them
The pale yellow and white flowers
I hope you remember them someday
That the smell of them reminds you of spring mornings 
Reminds you of the mornings when I used to pick you up 
#everlyv #motherhood #stollenfamily #poemsofmotherhood #hbgoodiepresets
I’m a do laundry once a week kind of girl. I don’t know how people do laundry every day! I’m sure I’ll have to up it to twice a week eventually but I’m going to put it off as long as possible. What’s your least favorite chore? #stollenfamily #everlyv
Everly has sneezed on every book she’s ever read 😂
#everlyv #motherhood #stollenfamily
14 Weeks
I’m so glad that first trimester is behind us. I had a little morning sickness this time around. Now it’s heartburn and pelvic pain (I dislocated my pelvis in Everly’s birth). Can’t say that I’m looking forward to dealing with that for the next 6 months! I am so excited for this little bean and to find out what they are! (We have hunches, but really, who knows until the ultrasound or blood test, right?) They were right when they said that the second baby pops faster!
#growingbabystoll #stollenfamily #maternity #pregnancy
Tried to get a cute Father’s Day after church picture 😂 swipe over to see how Everly felt about this plan. 
Truly the best Daddy. He goes above and beyond all the time. So glad to have him as my partner in this parenting thing. 
#fathersday #stollenfamily #everlyv
Went to the store today for Father’s Day food supplies... twice. Got all the way there and realized that I forgot my wallet! 🙈 Father’s Day is hard for me to make special because Brian’s birthday is on June 5th and I make him breakfast and dinner a lot... so... yeah. Any ideas on how to up my Father’s Day game are well appreciated!
#fathersday #stollenfamily
True story: I haven’t really used an alarm clock since 7th grade. I have no idea how people stand to wake up to that every day of their lives. 
#anchoredinlight #blogger #lifestyle
Everly calls every bird “duck” 😂 I kind of love it. 
#everlyv #motherhood #stollenfamily
I’ve been leaving my phone during the day. After listening to find the magic ‘s podcast about reducing screen time I decided to just leave it in one spot during the day. I use it during Everly’s nap time, or when she’s down for the night. It has been amazing how much more deeply I feel like I can connect with her when I don’t have it anywhere near me. Do you have “phone time” rules for yourself? Do you feel like they help? The only downside is that I really don’t get any pictures anymore. I’m trying to figure out how to work with that!
#everlyv #motherhood #stollenfamily
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about becoming who I want to be. I feel like it’s totally possible to be gracious and patient with where you are now while still striving to be better. A good example of this is that when I was about 14 or 15 I got really into the idea of yoga. I wanted to put my bed on the ground, I got Chinese lanterns, a yoga mat, and a deck of yoga poses. It was 4 years before I took a yoga class. I haven’t practiced with any kind of regularity until about October of last year. It was always something that I wanted but not something that I was ready to be doing. I have full faith that all the other things I want to be doing and being are just brewing slowly inside me. I’m just not quite there yet and that’s ok.
Seems like every time I start to get comfortable with my hair length I start thinking about chopping it off 😂 anybody else??
Also, if anyone can photoshop this random lady out of this photo, that would be great, thanks 😉
This little bean. 16 months. 
You: just changed your laugh a few days ago and it is the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard • love to wear shoes • loves to shake her hair in her face • eats mostly applesauce, Cheerios, and yogurt • loves reading books 
Me: learning that being pregnant for the second time is different than the first • constantly in awe of all that you are learning • blasting through books 
#projectyouandme #everlyv