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Have eaten all the Quavers in London. Send help. (+ more Quavers)
Whoa! Thanks @forbes for including me in the #30Under30 Class of 2019. This sweet surprise is even sweeter because I get to share it with my dear friend @coreycamp (yay team @femmethefilm!). So many inspiring movers, shakers & game changers on this list. I’m insanely honored to be in your company.
I feel so hopeful headed into #ElectionDay. So many friends, family members, colleagues, acquaintances and folks I’ve only spoken to in passing are exercising their right to vote today - some for the first time! I’m particularly energized by the number of young people who are excited about voting and encouraging their peers to do the same. If you’re registered but haven’t made it to the polls yet today, please remember that your vote matters. Your voice matters. The future of our country, the planet and the next generations are counting on you. Let’s do this. #vote
“Who wouldn’t want to come home to this every night?” - @rasonjalph winning Halloween
You guys are slaying me with these #MrsMaisel costumes. A few of my faves...Happy Halloween! 🎃
Voted with love. What’s your plan for Election Day? ✏️Will you vote before or after work/school? During lunch? ✏️Will you vote with friends? ✏️Will you vote early/absentee? ✏️Do you know where your polling place is? #vote
My heart is broken, again, after hearing the news about the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue yesterday. Unfathomably pure, unmotivated hatred and a man with a gun emboldened by the words and rhetoric of our current administration. I’m out of words to say enough is far past enough. Please vote and please lift these men and women and their families up in light and love.
Fancy new trailer Part 2! #MrsMaisel
Also, tits up to this fancy new trailer! Part 1. #MrsMaisel
🎙 12.5.18 🎙 #MrsMaisel