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🎧 Self-titled EP featuring my debut single ‘Damage’ is available now! ✨


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WELL! 😸😸😸 It was quite a party last night at @analognashville ... performing my very 1st showcase 😻Thank you dreamy Nashville (and my AL and MA travelers!) for one heck of a night. ✨✨✨✨📷 x @zackmassey
Thank you SO MUCH!!! tune in @ 2:20pm today for the debut AirPlay of “Damage” in Muscle Shoals, AL, my HOMETOWN. Listen to Kix96 Country and/or Q107 The 100,000 Watt AC/Classic Hits (they are going country for me!) at Kix96country.com WXFL and/or WQLT! 🤠✨😜 this is amazing! Thank you Muscle Shoals!!!! I love you!
OMG LET’S GO ROLL TIDE THANK YOU JESUS, RCA, AND MY MOMMA FOR GETTING ME THIS FAR!!!! If you want to celebrate with me today: turn up your music, dance and sing loud WHEREVER you are. Because IT’S OFFICIAL!!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸 When I was 12 and just beginning to write songs, I couldn’t imagine that one day my songs, or voice, would be on the radio. NO WAY PEOPLE... I am so ready for the world to hear the songs that have come from my soul, and the fact that ‘Damage’ is my first single gives me such joy joy joy down in my heart. I’m so thankful for everyone’s love and support that’s gotten your Muscle Shoals, Alabama girl here today. #LoveCanDoSomeDamage 😭🤠🙌
I saw the show of a LIFETIME this weekend... @samsmithworld your vocal chords must be blessed. Only the sweetest spirit could translate the way yours did on such a huge stage. Thanks for writing songs that have helped me in so many ways over the years. I love you, and ~ I know I’m not the only one ~ 💓 #hiseyeisonthesparrow #thankyouJesusforSamSmith
This is my "oh my gosh, I cant wait to tell you guys EVERYTHING” face. 🎈 It’s time to share the 🤭 details 🤭 with YOU! Sign up for my email list now at the link in my bio to find out what I’m up to first!!!✨💗✨
There is something about focusing on the beauty around us... and inside of us. In a world of editing and filtering my looks, sometimes I forget about my inner beauty. Read my latest blog at the link in my bio. 🎥💗🎹 ~~~ 📷 x @racheltenpenny
T H I S  S K Y 🤭 ~~~ Hope your 4th was filled with BBQ, live music, happiness, and L O V E 🌌🇺🇸❤️
She sang out on the day she wrote it so nervous and burdened and heartbroken on that piano first time writing with two of her heroes Tom Douglas and David Hodges “I’m a bartender... best friend pretender... I make drinks to help forget and help remember...” and then sang it over and over and over, and then over a year later it became something that she never imagined... her first single to radio. And then she shot a music video for the song that now ironically helps her forget and helps her remember that love can do, love can do, love can do... some damage. So so unreal that that story is my job and allows me to do this. Yesterday I was completely humbled as an artist. Thank you, friend and music lover, wherever you are right now, for your love and kindness. On sweet July 30th Damage goes to radio. 🥃🥂🎬 #tipyourbartender #lovecando #somedamage #damage 😭😭😭🙌🎈
Feeling so so much love! @faithannkelley is married y’all!!💓🙌🌌
So. much. fun. getting to celebrate my girl @faithmansell before her big day! Thanks @sweetteaclothingco sending me this cute dress 🎈✨☺️
Happy three year anniversary Boomer!!! Lookie there buddy, you still got the same look in your eye... crazy, but pensive, and so sweet 😂💗🤗 we love you lil baby boom boom #butreally #heismyprideandjoy
I had such an incredible time playing for everyone at Country Radio Broadcasters’ meeting yesterday morning! So thankful. ✨🎹🙏🏻 @crsofficial