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Life documenting, photo taking Cheshire mum of 2 young men and wife to the most amazingly positive and awe inspiring survivor 😘

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Let’s go up the Great Orme in the storm he said, it’ll be fun he said....
#stormophelia #blowingawaythecobwebs
A stunningly beautiful day red sun followed by blue skies and hot weather and now the wind is picking up.  Grateful we can make the most of it together.  #stormophelia #coast #windyday #gratefulheart #gratitude #idoliketobebesidetheseaside
ALL CLEAR!  Back in 6 months.  #thyroidcancersurvivor #kidneytransplantrecipient #kidneycancersurvivor #skincancersurvivor #crohnswarrior #goodnews #firstof4 #grateful #gratitude #gratitudejournal
Together and grateful #grateful #gratitude #gratitudejournal
Bilbo’s final walk 😢 it was sunny and there were muddy puddles everywhere, he would have loved it.  Even Pete managed to come with us for a 10 minute walk.  We’re getting stir crazy now as we aren’t used to this sitting around doing nothing while he recovers.  The hospital yesterday said it will take 3-4 months for the swelling and pain to subside!! I’ll be insane by January if it does take that long!!! #gratefulforthetimewehad #grateful #gratitudejournal
Lovely view from the top of the car park today.  The best bit was that when they scanned his neck they said they can't see any signs of cancer!! Official results are a week on Monday but it's looking hopeful 👍🏻. A different hospital tomorrow 🤞🏻that ones good news too.
I'm considering opening a home for the retired and infirm.
We had the cutest visitor today,  it was sooo nice having a dog in the house again.
He's home!! Complete with vacuum pump dressing that sounds like a Geiger counter.  Damn fool refused the hydromorphine they wanted him to bring home for pain relief.  He's using paracetamol instead 😳
Up and about last night looking dashing with his asda bag full of drains and catheters and a not very well planned out shot of him in bed,  it made everyone in the ward laugh though 😂
All went well.  He's stuck in recovery as the bed that he has allocated in ICU has been blocked as that mans bed on the ward has been blocked.  Not complaining as it's 1:1 in recovery and 1:2 in ICU.  Very tired, in no pain and has a shiny new 15” bad ass scar.
I feel sick, I need this to be over and have him home.  I thought I'd be ok.  I want to be OK.  I've had lots of experience of hospitals over the last 4 years surely I should be OK.  Instead it's bringing all the horror of those 6 weeks in hospital that we endured 4 years ago back.  I'm not OK. I'm terrified.  I'm terrified it won't work like they hope.  I'm terrified he will be in pain.  I'm terrified it's all going to go wrong again and that there will be more emergency surgeries to save his life.  I'm more than terrified about him getting sepsis again.  I'm terrified of being left waiting outside the theatre for hours to see if he lives or dies.  I'm terrified of seeing him in intensive care later.  Mostly I'm terrified of loosing him.