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250 km (155 mile), 6-stage ultramarathons: Namib, Gobi, Atacama, Antarctic deserts #racingtheplanet #morethanarace
👉Atacama Crossing begins 29 Sept

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ANTARCTICA. Possibly the most iconic place on earth where less than 1% of the worlds population have ever been.

A place that will give you shivers when you see the first iceberg marking your arrival to the white continent.

Experience Antarctica .Don't just see it.

At The Last Desert Ultra you will run / walk up to 250km/ 155 miles in up to six different locations with 59 other like-minded people.

Next edition is 21 November 2020

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The course is beautiful and astonishing, we know, but those moments at camp are unforgettable, and at the #atacamacrossing they have a very special touch. #atacamadesert #racingtheplanet #4deserts #campfire #chile
Which past 4 Deserts race? Hint: our athletes were surrounded by hundreds of fossils (besides Where in the desert can you admire hundreds of fossils and this beautiful scenery!) #throwbackthursday #WadiAlHitan

Racer Anim Swart from Canada gives her insight into her thoughts as she makes her final preparations for her third 4 Deserts Race this year. "Super excited to go to the Atacama! Watching the videos of the race is seems so beautiful and serene but does look pretty tough. Namibia enriched my soul but the Gobi March not so much. These races touch you in levels you never knew you had - they take you to the depths of your soul to find clarity and perspective and that is the most amazing thing". #racingtheplanet #4deserts #atacamacrossing #puttingthingsintoperspective
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Find out what Kuba learned from his last RacingThePlanet Ultra a S what he will change this time. 
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#4Deserts #AtacamaGear part 5: Drinking.
Setup for Atacama Crossing will be slightly modified from Namib Race.

In general I keep again 2 soft flasks in front vest pockets and one regular  bottle as a backup.

Every #racingtheplanet competitor is required to have containers for at least 1.5 liters, what is more than enough to survive 10km between checkpoints.

For me 1 liter was almost enough but “almost” is a keyword here - that’s why I replaced 0.5 Salomon flasks with 0.6 @hydrapak with straws and bigger inlet. Extra 0.2 liter makes just enough difference, straws are actually pretty handy when you walk/run with trekking poles and larger inlet makes it much easier to refill (don’t have to break salt tablets anymore to put them inside). Old 0.5 hard bottle stays with me as a backup but also to make shakes or tea at the camp (easy to prepare and cleaning), triangular @salomonrunning bottle fits perfectly in side pocket. Soft flasks never failed me in last couple years, so hopefully they will work also this time. If you managed to read all above and enjoyed it :) don’t forget to support my charity project at Thanks! Next part with time keeping coming soon!
Camping on the edge of a UNESCO Heritage Site - the Orkhan Valley in Mongolia.

Just another moment from the Gobi March that you will remember forever.

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Antarctica "the White Desert" is the largest desert in the world!

Step back through the remarkable history of early polar exploration and whaling.

See incredible scenery of icebergs, mountains, research bases and incredible wildlife are unparalleled anywhere else on the Antarctic continent.

Explore your physical and mental limits by setting yourself the challenge of a 250km / 155 mile ultramarathon inspired by the unique adventure that goes with it. 

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RacingThePlanet: Georgia recce continues at the Caucasus 🏔while the management team is putting on the final touches on the course. 
The route that follows the Ancient Silk Road has impressed us with the stunning views, friendly locals, colourful villages and markets and its ancient history from the 12th century. 3️⃣5️⃣1️⃣ days to the start of the race!!!! Check it out www.racingtheplanet/georgia
Three weeks from now... #atacamacrossing #atacamadesert #racingtheplanet #morethanarace
When it's just too darn hot!! 🥵🥵😎 A little spray goes a long long way...#gobimarch - are you up for the #challenge 
Registration open now for #gobimarch2020 ... #youknowyouwantto 
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Namib Race 2020 is 235 days away - the perfect amount of time to start preparing for beautiful sand dunes, the Skeleton Coast and amazing Namibian skies 🇳🇦 #morethanarace
Ash "Ashacama" Mokhtari is returning to his 11th consecutive Atacama Crossing (and 25th RacingThePlanet Ultra) later this month. ""I fell in love with the Atacama on my first trip to San Pedro," explains the Iranian-born Canadian. "It feels like home and I think everybody understands that feeling." When we ask what keeps luring him back for more, he points to the sheer magnificence of the place. "I love the beauty of the Atacama Desert, especially at sunset. I can't describe it… you have to come here and camp out and see it for yourself," he says.

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