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Big fucking shouts out to @noisey for hosting one of the most helpful and touching web series on the internet, The Therapist. In hip-hop culture and the black community getting help, especially professional help is often stigmatized and as a result many people carrying real trauma go their entire lives not learning the best way to work through it. Putting our trauma out into the world, opening up about it and examining it is the best way to heal old wounds. Here we find Joey Badass finally opening up about Capital Steez, his best friend and Pro-Era co-founder who took his life on December 24th, 2012. LONG LIVE KING STEEZ.
Vince takes home the trophy for most original video concept this year. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
OXNARD IS OUT. We’ve given it a couple listens so far and Anderson has definitely provided us with some dynamic material. Gonna need more time to digest it, expect a full review soon! What’re you first impressions of Anderson Paak’s highly anticipated album?
ALBUM REVIEW: Smino - NØIR (8/10)
Guys, this is hip-hop at its most fun and entertaining. Smino’s second at bat is a home run and excels when it’s not taken too seriously. Smino isn’t out looking to make powerful politically charged music, nor has he swung to the opposite end to make hostile gangster rap. Smino’s album instead whispers to you “Play me if you’re trying to have some fun”. This is bump-it-in-the-whip music at its most refined. The hooks are infectious, the verses engaging and the production bouncy. Let this be your next go-to record for when you’re linking up with the homies and need something new to bump on a late night adventure. ~
FAV TRACKS: Z4L, Klink, Tequila Mockingbird, MF Groove
HAPPY 25TH: Midnight Marauders turns 25 today, and with its release ATCQ is releasing a capsule collection to keep the Tribe’s vibe going well into the next decade, at least when it comes to fashion. But let’s be real, this post isn’t about spotlighting some clothing. We’re just here to pay homage to an INCREDIBLE record, a record that effortlessly stayed cool and conscious in a time where gangster rap was the only thing that mattered, a record that preached positivity, love and empowerment in a time of hostility. This group for many served as a gateway into the world of old school hip hop, that’s because this music was audible butter, you didn’t have to concentrate to vibe. Just put the needle down, sit back and relax... Tribe made the hard work of dissecting a new record an easy task. Tribe, if you’re still wondering if you can kick it. Yes, yes you can. RIP Phife. What’s your favorite ATCQ track? Hit us in the comments.
SWEATER WEATHER: Earl Sweatshirt decided to release a duo of cryptic videos earlier this week to tease new music. The videos doesn’t reveal much on their own but the latest video was conveniently captioned “NOWHERE2GO TOMORROW MORNING TAP IN”. So I think it’s safe to say tomorrow is the day we finally get our hands on some new music from the reclusive rapper. Drop some 🔥🔥🔥 if you’ll be listening.
RELEASE ROUND-UP: The next few weeks are looking stacked for hip hop releases, especially if you’re into hip hop that bounces the bones. Which project are you most excited for? Personally, we here at Racket can’t wait to get our ears wrapped around a new Anderson Paak album, it’s been far too long. What about you? Drop a comment below, let us know.
F*CK DRUGS: Mac Miller’s cause of death has officially been made public knowledge, while it was known he died of overdose the identity of the killer remained a mystery. Today we learned that the culprit was a deadly cocktail of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol. This makes Mac the third musician/celebrity in recent memory to OD from fentanyl with the other two being Prince and Tom Petty. While our generation lives dominantly by the “We’re here for a good time, not a long time” mantra it’s important to keep in mind that If the rich and powerful can’t keep their drugs clean of the deadly cutting agent fentanyl, it’s unlikely the guy selling you molly at the local music festival can. Stay safe, party responsibly and RIP Mac Miller, RIP Prince and RIP Tom Petty. The world longs for your influence.
😓😓😓: We here at Racket spent our Halloween glued to our laptops watching Mac Miller’s A Celebration of Life, and we’re glad we did, felt like we were able to witness an important moment in music history. Mac meant a lot to the world and music industries a like, that may go to explain why his festival lineup was absolutely stacked, but I think it’s safe to say John Mayer stole the show with an absolutely MOVING tribute to the Pittsburgh MC. Mayer started off by performing a beautiful Small Worlds cover you didn’t know you needed before transitioning into a tear jerking rendition of his hit song Gravity. John Mayer left it all out there with a powerhouse guitar performance which spoke volumes about how he felt about Mac Miller. Imagine having that sort of influence that inspires a larger than life artist like John Mayer to put on such a show in your memory. Swipe right to see what we mean.
RENAISSANCE MAN: The most interesting man in music is set to drop his new album, “White Bronco”, tonight at midnight. Even more exciting than the album are the processes that have helped to inspire and fuel its creation. Action has been immersing himself in new creative projects such as painting, drawing, sculpting, pottery and more in an effort to live his best life. Action has even gone as far as designing and painting the album artwork for his forthcoming album and it’s actually beautiful, seriously, if we had an office we would buy it and hang it there. Anyways, swipe right to catch Bronsolino chop it up with Ebro and Pete on Hot 97 as well as check out a snippet and the artwork from his new album. Enjoy!
Is it me or is the Midwest putting out the best and most innovative hip hop right now? With Mick Jenkins just dropping Pieces of a Man, and Smino getting ready to drop in November I find myself more excited than I expected myself to be. The truth is, very few rappers are touching the talent coming out of the Midwest (which is surprising). Noname, Smino, Chance, Saba, and Mick Jenkins are at the forefront of a hip hop revolution if you ask me. The way these MC’s have been able to blend meaningful and intelligent lyricism with distinctive pop elements is unprecedented. The result is a beautiful and sincere melodic form of hip hop that will influence generations to come. Drake May have lit the “singing rapper” torch but a small group of Midwestern artists are carrying it brightly into the future in an unconventional but undeniably innovative way. Who’s your favorite out of the group? Saba? Smino? Noname? Mick? Let us know!
Y’all notice how Mac Miller’s concert line up is better than every festival ever? Just goes to show how loved and well revered Mac Miller was in the music world. We’re sending Mac Miller love today and everyday, RIP. Anyways, Mac Miller’s benefit concert will be live-streamed in full on Wednesday. The event is taking place Halloween evening at 6:30pm PST at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Performances include Action Bronson, Anderson Paak, Chance The Rapper, Earl, JID, John Mayer, Miguel, Schoolboy W, SZA, Thundercat, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign, Vince Staples and more. Will you be tuning in on Halloween?