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A Ballerina & Visual Artist pursuing a career in Interior Design. 1/2 owner of made by arc



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"I understood myself only after I destroyed myself, and only in the process of fixing myself did I know who I really am." -Sade Andria Zabala
1. I suck at decision making and I always get eaten by pressure. Learn how to stay calm and not suck at things.
2. Pride is the least I care about. That's good. But I still need to swallow it more.
3. I literally had no idea what I was doing. What the f*ck had I gotten myself into?
4. Daddy and @byycab will not always be by my side. Don't be weak. Learn how to be independent. Keep that in mind.
5. I need a credit card.
6. The Lord is testing me. This was a blessing in disguise. I need to trust His process. His plan is better than mine. I just need to keep the faith. He always makes ways. I am very blessed. He just wants me to learn from this, the hard way.
7. Could have been worse.
8. I need to believe in myself. I need to regain my confidence.
9. The only way is to move forward.
10. The world is filled with so many nice people who will lend a helping hand. Bless them all. They all saved me.
11. At least I got to experience this first hand. :)
12. "Use the mistakes to master the art."
13. "Poor control of emotions can lead to making stupid mistakes or failures in your life."
14. This doesn't make me a weak person or lesser compared to others. Accept what happened. Learn from it.
15. Don't let one mistake make me so vulnerable to the point that I am being taken advantage of. Stand firm.
16. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Everything's gonna be alright in the end. Breathe!!
17. Arby is a very, very, very nice person. I am blessed to have him in my life.
(Plus 4 more that needs to be kept private) 😊
"You're valued not just by how much you mean to people but how much you mean to yourself." -

Finished reading this book i begged @byycab to buy for me. Hahaha. Such a beautiful, beautiful book. So inspiring! I can see myself reading this over and over again especially when i need to lift myself up.
went to my meeting last week looking a bit extra X
I've always enjoyed journaling ever since I was a kid. This Crazy Horse Leather Travel Diary Notebook from @kinzdwallet is so handy and so beautiful! Love it to bits!
forsaken and lachrymose
27" x 39" mixed media on watercolor paper

#raellaart #artph
How do you find my handpainted white shirt? 🎨
If you think that I sketched 42 lineart faces on individual pieces of paper and stuck them altogether just so I can make a really cool backdrop and take this photo, then yes, you're definitely right! Hahaha. [New outfit post on the blog btw]
bohemian and holographic. new outfit post on the blog!! link in bio X
#tb at Dulo
I got it from my mama 🌹
new outfit post on the blog!! X
clickable link in bio / 📷 by @maemariecaacbay