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Ballerina, Visual Artist, & Interior Designer
1/2 owner of @designmadebyarc
Dog mom to @tuffyca

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I dapa and hilata at the beach like I don't have 3 on-going design projects 🌊
Elyu was a dream I never imagined X 😍
Flexin' my unpointed and kinda sickled right foot. Also flexin' my not turned out left foot. But really, I just want to flex my transparent umbrella.
focus on your career and nothing but your career (@tuffyca is an exemption).
Wanted to caption 'fire exit' but this was my birthday outfit really.
[Late post] 20 years of celebrating my birthday with you. Happy birthday, baby brother!! 🙌😊🎂 I love you :)
26th. Annual birthday write up on my blog ♌
as bright as my future ✨
Didn't expect that my capabilities and strength were still on a roll at this age! Loljk 😂 Always a kid at heart! BTW, I got a huge open wound either after sliding in the 30-ft high Vortex slide and fly thingy or somewhere in the playground idk. The peklat lives.
Unicorns make me happy 🙌
I recently discovered how to take double exposures on my instax mini 8 so i took 'advanced' [lol] selfies. I wasted only 1 film in this experiment. #fujifilm