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Where pets run free & owners support each other. DM photo & happy memories to feature. Remember, it's not goodbye, it's see you later 🐶🐺🐰


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"This sweet boy’s name is Malto and he was the sweetest boy ever. I’m not sure if he was a stray his whole life or somebody abandoned him at some point; what I do know though is that he loved his freedom more than anything. I welcomed him in my own house and he loved us very much. He was very strong and independent, but also very gentle, obedient and kind, protective towards us and the dogs and so loving. Well, his life was taken away in a hit and run car accident two months ago today, and here I am sobbing, thinking that nothing will ever be the same without him by my side. I miss you very much sweet baby boy. I still can feel your gentle touch at night when I fall asleep, and I can’t imagine that I will feel this way for the rest of my life. I hope you’re doing well in heaven and that you’re happy there. I also hope that you will keep protecting us from your fluffy cloud and that you come visit us in our dreams more often. If only I could give another kiss. Had I known that was our last embrace, I would hugged you longer. Rest In Peace my sweet baby. ❤️🌹 " @dogisafourleggedword

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"Shadow 11/12/17 & Mona 03/17/15 Rainbow Bridge" @everdyn
#rainbowbridge #alldogsgotoheaven
"This is Hookah. She was my family for about two years when she met a disastrous and sad fate when a friend was babysitting her. She was owned by @devynngibbons and we are both beside ourselves.

Some good stories? Well, this dog has been to eleven states and has backpacked the beaten path trail in Montana twice (26 miles difficult trail) with a backpack. When she would fart, you could always tell because she looked terrified. She loved camping and fishing and going along on trail rides." @le_shadow_proves_the_sunshine 
"Rest In Peace Buffy 10/18/17.
My sweetest Buffy Boo, I will always love you to the moon and back. When you took your last breath and your heart stopped, my heart broke apart. Four years together isn't nearly enough time. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. You brought sunshine, happiness and big kisses to everyone you met. I will write more soon, my Buffy girl. I'm wrapped up in one of your blankets, wishing I could kiss your beautiful face.

We had to put our Buffy down on October 18th. It was the hardest decision. She has leukemia for a year. About six weeks prior to her death she was also diagnosed with Large cell lymphoma in her lungs. She was going through chemo. The morning of her death, she had a seizure. Her oxygen was only 91. They think she had an embolism. 
Be with the Angels now and run free. ♥️ " @dont_bully_my_pitbullbuffy .

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"Rip little man. Pippin I groomed from 2yrs to 12yrs old. Goodnight old friend" @pissyprissypetstylist
"Fridolin-Petri-Gustav passed away on friday :( he was my first hamster. He loved to eat 'Haferecken' and was very good at climbing. At least he couldn't climb on the way out of his cage and won't eat anymore. I loved him so much." @lovely_hammy
"Panda was only three months old ,  rescued from a pet shop during our vacation abroad with an old leg injury .. rushed to a vet with all hopes and plans of her recovering and growing old in our household .. with an amputated leg and catching panlukopenia in the clinic .. her weak body couldn’t tolerate ! She passed away leaving the biggest void this tiny baby could ever leave in our hearts .. love you, stuck by you and travelled miles for you , forgive me for all the shortcomings" @nasi18 #saving_panda
My gorgeous guy Chaz who passed away August 2016. He was born October 10th 2010 and is missed every day " @jenn5.7
"Today we took Paris for her final sleep. Today a part of me died. Today I feel a huge hole in my heart for my best friend, baby girl and the best cat we could have ever had. Today I will never ever forget as long as I live. I love you Parface - you will forever be my bubs 🐱😢💜 " @shells1982
"This was my boy Max sadly I lost him October 2015 :( he was my world he got me through so much he was there when I lost my mum, he truly was my best friend, he wasn’t a typical dog but I wouldn’t of changed him for the world and he’s missed every day and a smile always appears on my face when he’s mentioned" @katie_devine_95
"Rest in peace Dubs, you may not be here but you will always be remembered for your impeccably long tongue. We know that you are not in pain anymore, but you have left behind a family who will miss you everyday and a brother who we never thought we would outlive you, but now that he has he will never be the same again knowing he doesn’t have a friend to take walks with and wake up next to." @barneydubs ( #rainbowbridgeonline initially tagged in by @mrfordandfamily, thank you )
"On Wednesday July 26th, my husband & I took Archie to the beach for the first time, and then took him to the forest preserve to walk around off leash. Then we came home to give him his last meal; a Porterhouse steak so he can go out like a king. It's true when they say "you'll know when it's time." They couldn't be more right. He could no longer poop due to completely obstructed colon, and he became so preoccupied with trying to go, it was painful to watch. We had to relieve him of his cancer pain, and as much as we miss him, we know we made the right decision. He was ready to go, as evidenced in the very last picture here in the car on the way to the vet. My husband, son & I were all there with him at the vet until his last breath was taken. I am so grateful to have been present to see my parent's dog Milly give birth to him, and then also be there on his last day on earth. My heart is absolutely broken; I miss terribly. The house just isn't the same without him. I miss my little momma's boy, being my shadow following me from room to room, with his worry wrinkles on his forehead. When we're outside with Eddie, and people walk by, it's so quiet, no Archie barking. It's funny all the little things you miss, that you don't realize until it's too late. Eddie knows and misses him too. When I ask him where Archie is, his little tail stops wagging and he sighs. For me, it's very bittersweet; I miss him terribly and am overwhelmed with grief, but I am also grateful to have been his momma on earth for 11 years. Now he gets to see his momma Milly on the Rainbow Bridge. I love you, Archie boy. Momma loves her baby. You're a good boy. RIP Archie 7/7/2006 - 7/26/2017 🐶🌈🐾💔😢 #eddieandarchie #archie #restinpeace #mommasboy #cancersucks #rainbowbridge #RIP #archieboy #brokenheart #goodboy#followmydog " @jackrusselleddie