This year started just about right with that one-big-bahala-na solo trip to Sagada last January, 2017. •
Without much of a plan, I packed my bags, booked a hotel and went away. It was like I catapulted myself into a big unknown. Where do broken hearts go nga ba? ‘Di ko rin alam, tanungin na lang natin si Tita Whitney.
Doing this trip was perhaps one of the best decisions I made this year. Sometimes, spontaneity and travel could go hand in hand. This trip was a clear proof to that. 💯 ✅  #LookForRaine
Last weekend’s #CirqueduPCS Christmas Party. And this creepy girl winning the best in costume. 🤷🏽‍♀️😌
About that time we went to Johor Bahru, Malaysia and made a mental note to come back for more cafe hopping scenes, but never actually did. #2017photodump #LookForRaine
Yes, will do. 🥀
Nevertheless, she persisted. ✨#LookForRaine
“There’s always a few moments at dusk when the sky sheds purple and the world seems to exhale out the day. I’m learning to breathe alongside it. I’m learning to soften into the in-betweens, to be content with the not knowing, to innately understand when it’s fine to stop all of the reaching for a bit and just be and believe.” #sundaysbest #fujifilmxt10
As I lighten up my sky lantern, I wished of magical things; of more places to see and people to meet; of silly adventures to try; of kindness and compassion to share; of continuing a life with a story worth telling; of seeing the world with stained-glass eyes, with inquisitive heart; of better days to come; and of genuine love and happiness.
#LookForRaine #taiwanthatgotaway 🥀
as free as the ocean 🌊
“It takes tsunamis to demolish the dry land,” she declares. “It would take tsunamis to break me too.”
So she faces the ocean fearlessly every day,
And whispers the words, “I dare you.”
I might have ‘fan girl’ed a little too hard last night at Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour. But who cares, anyway? Watching and hearing him live still felt like the first time from two years ago, so much feels. Lalo na when he sang my favorite piece from the album, which wasn’t on the setlist. Huhu 😭🙌🏽➗
I think, like almost everyone else, I will just forever be in awe with the talent of this guy. Thank you for coming back to Asia (and for not cancelling on Singapore 😆)
#edsheeransg #edsheeransingapore #edsheerandividetour
My love, you have too many smiles left in you to be so sad. ✨
I thank the universe for taking away everything that it has taken and giving to me everything it has given.
May your dreams be filled with whatever your heart’s desire tonight. 🥀 #LookForRaine