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"Mon" means "my" in French. Raising MonAlisa is a drawing diary I started inspired by my daughter Alisa & the special moments we share

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Alisa is going through her princess pharse like all little girls. And she was watching a lot of princess movie with a lot of weddings. One night, she asked me if she's going to have a wedding when she 's a big girl. I told her sure if she wants to start a new family with someone she loves. And she replied: But I want MY family. And I told her when she gets married,  she will have her own family and she won't be living with Mama and Dada anymore. And Alisa cried and said BUT I WANT MAMA! I WANT MAMA!!!!!! #art #momlife #motherdaughter #arts #drawing #drawings #sketches #love
We have a vintage WWII poster from the New York War Museum hanging on our wall that says "Lets Go!" But in this house, it's never that easy. That's a mysterious moment when every impossible thing happens. Its called "it's-time-to-go o'clock." (ITTGOC)

Just when you think you are ready to leave the door, your kid magically finds face paint and somehow applies it. The #cat suddenly has a tummyache and drags his bum across the floor because he's got a "dangler" poo stuck to his butt.


Its insanity and ridiculous but I've learned to laugh and let it go because really, what else can you do? :-)) #momlife #parents
#cats #pets #mommylife #parenting #drawing #drawings #art #arts #sketches #sketch #pet
Alisa loves noodles, and we go to noodle shops a lot. Last week we went to a small Taiwanese restaurant near our hood. When we sat down I asked Alisa what would she like. Little Sasa suddenly climbed up the sofa and put her arms around my neck and said "I like you mama, you are my little love." She learned that from her daddy. Dada tells her she is his little love all the time! #sketches #sketch #daughtermother #hk #hongkong #love #art #arts #drawing #drawing
My little girl is obsessed with Dinosaurs. She knows all her dinosaurs and her favorite is T-rex. Everytime we go to a toy store she'd ask for a dinosaur, and every time she'd pick one that's bigger than the last one. She also loves to talk about them. At her friend's birthday party, I heard all her friends were saying which Disney princesses they like, one said, "I like Elsa and Snow white" another little girl said, "I like Cinderella and Rapunzel", and then Alisa said " I like Elsa and T-REEEEX!!!!! " 😀 Every night we go to bed she'd say "Mommy lets talk about T-rex." And now I know all about them. And today I was telling her about how we adopted our cats, she said, " But what happened to their mama? Maybe T-REX happened?! "  #dinosaurs #momlife #family #lol #funny #drawing #drawings #arts #art #sketches #sketch
Sasa and I were passing through a lingerie section in a department store the other day and it sparked the cutest conversation. Sasa touched all of the bras as she walked down the aisle and kept saying "Boobies!" She asked me if I wanted something, and I told her I didn't want anything. Sasa then loudly announced, "Mommy don't want anything, Mommy have boobies already! I like your boobies!" 0_o well then... Ok, lol. I love these early childhood conversations, so cute and innocent. #lol #drawing #drawings #art #arts #sketches #sketch #motherhood #momdaughter #funny
Alisa has her own bed and even though she can sleep by herself, she prefer to sleep with mommy and daddy. And she always slips her cold little feet under my pyjamas bottom. "Mama I love your bum, its so warm". And just like that, like our cat to me, I became her feet warmer. #arts #art #sketches #sketch #family #drawing #drawings
Happy Valentine's day #drawings #drawing #love #arts #valentinesday #art #sketches #sketch
One day, when we were crossing the road, Sasa saw a young woman pushing an old lady on a wheelchair. Sasa looked at me and said "Mama why is that old lady in a stroller?" I told her the old lady's in a wheelchair, she's old and needed some help getting around. Sasa said" I want to push mama when mama is old. I will take care of  mama!" #arts #art #drawings #drawing #sketches #momlife #momdaughter
There is a aquatic shop on to way to Alisa's school, and Alisa has definitely made some fishy friends there. She loves to go inside and look at them every time we walk pass. If we are in a hurry she would wave and shout " Hi Fishy, I am going to school now, see you later guys! Bye bye!" #drawings #drawing #arts #sketches #momdaughter #hk
One evening, we caught a bus home during rush hour, the bus was packed with lots of very tired people and it was very quiet. Alisa suddenly announced very loudly "Mama loves Daddy! And I love you guys ! " The whole bus started laughing and aweing, it was nice everyone got to forget about they tiredness for a moment and smiled. #smile #family #art #arts #sketch #sketches #drawing #drawings
My hubby and I are crazy StarWars fans and now our daughter has become one too. She knows all the characters' names and she loves "Dark Vader" and " R222." One Sunday afternoon i suggested to watch a movie together, and Sasa said : let's watch Star wars! And nothing beats watching Star Wars and munching on cheese balls together.

When I watched the new movie "The last Jedi" I was an emotional mess, it was so good and I knew Disney successfully created a new generation of StarWars fans. In our household, a new fan will carry on the light (saber). #drawing #art #doodle #arts #familylife #starwars #maytgeforcebewithyou