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Runner. PB HM: 2:02:18 13.1 x 2. Full: 4:07:48 🔜Lake Norman Half Marathon


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Home away from home...#honeymoonislandstatepark #florida #dunedin
7mile Treadmill run today. First long run since November. Total Jan miles: 29. #halfmarathontraining #runcltrun #runclt #lakenormanhalfmarathon
This game was SO engaging that we had to force ourselves to take a break at 2 am for sleep! 😅. New board game addiction 🎲🎲#catan #boardgames #fridaynight
Back to the grind!! #halfmarathontraining #runcltrun #runclt #lakenormanhalfmarathon
Thai Red Chicken Curry for a change.
Last night I dreamt that I was training with God!! @runmeb
When Wife asked what I wanted in my smoothie. I was like "I'll have all reds today for a change". It felt so refreshing. Ingredients - beets, pomegranate, dates, milk.
When you don't like your local restaurant biryani,  you take up the task on your shoulders 😅. Homemade Hyderabadi Chicken dum biryani @vahchef #biryani #vahrehvah #hyderabadidumbiryani
This isn’t running related. Well, it is in a way. I don’t listen to music while driving or on my runs. I still play the same cd that I have since 2013ish once in a while. I am a big fan of podcasts. It all started when I bought my first iPhone(5s) in 2013 when I started looking for news, podcast apps on AppStore and found stitcher. It’s the best thing that happened to me. I listen on my drives(if not listening to NPR...I’m a NPR nerd) and on my long runs. Today when I was playing around the settings option I saw my listening stats and was blown away. 650 listening hours and 6763 episodes since Sep 2013. I listen mostly Dave Ramsey, Rich Roll, Embrace Running, Marathon training academy, Runners Connect, Everyday runner, Moth Radio Hour...countless travel related ones. I even listen to audiobooks from audible but lately, I started looking for a cheaper alternative to audible and found hoopla digital. It’s awesome. It’s free...all you need is your local library card and you can download audiobooks, movies from your library upto 6 titles for offline listening, watching and they are returned back automatically at the end of month and you can borrow new material. What are your favorite podcasts?

Sidebar- Yeah, I’m still using my iPhone 5s 8gb model which is almost 4years old 😂. #stitcherradio #embracerunning #mothradiohour #runcltrun #hoopladigital
Going strong with the 4hr pace group. #charlottemarathon #runcharlotte #runclt#runforyourlife #runcltrun
Wife surprised me today with this painting which I have been asking for a long time 😊. Title cover of “Born to Run” #charlottemarathon #runcharlotte #runclt #runcltrun #borntorun#tarahumara #cabayoblanco #whitehorse #christophermcdougall
I am a Marathoner!! Yay!!. Went well for the first 20 miles and then started to have muscle cramps. I thought I was done. Had to dig deep for those last couple of miles. Couldn’t keep up with the 4hour pacing group which btw was awesome. Pulled myself together and told myself “You’ve trained for this.” Finished with a chip time of 4:07:48. Thank you @charlottemarathon for such a well organized race. Thanks to my coach @ddreamb for keeping up with my silly questions 😂. #runcharlotte #charlottemarathon #runcltrun #marathon #embracehills