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Runner. PB HM: 2:02:18 13.1 x 2 🏃🏻. Chasing my sub2 half goal. 🔜 Marathon


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While Wifey is playing tourist in DC with our friends, I head over to Mt Vernon trail along the Potomac river to complete the mother of all training runs...the most dreaded run in the marathon training cycle and for me it was the 20 miler 😂😂. Ran from Jones Point Park to Mt Vernon and back. Thanks to @trailsandkale for the trail suggestion 😊. #charlottemarathon #runclt #marathontraining #runcltrun #mtvernon #mtvernontrail
Another 15miler in the books. #charlottemarathon #marathontraining #runcltrun #runcharlotte
September mileage. This was supposed to be the highest monthly mileage but I had to skip my 19 mile run on Saturday with the apartment move and all. I ran one 19 miler before, knowing I might not run this weekend. I'm totally low in energy right now with the weekend move but planning to run a midweek longish run. Have to see how that goes. #marathontraining #charlottrmarathon#runcltrun #runcharlotte
HM PR on today's run!! What do you do when wife says I need you home asap? You run your a** off 😂. Project - Breaking2 HM accomplished. Dare to dream, care to achieve. #marathontraining #charlottemarathon #runcltrun #runclt#qcrunning #pr
Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must, JUST NEVER GIVE UP -Dean Karnazes #runningmagazine
19 mile long run ✅. Last 18 miler I had 3 Huma plus at around every 45 minutes and by mile 17 my GI started acting up. So on today's run I decided to alternate between Huma plus and Huma regular as the plus has Caffeine(may be that was the reason) so went for the regular one during mid run and this seemed to work for me. Started at a pretty controlled pace in the starting miles and had 2 water stops around miles 14 and 16. Ran some negative splits for couple of miles. #marathontraining #charlottemarathon #runcharlotte #runcltrun #qcrunning
And then this happened. A 10k PR(53:36) on a 8mile run. #charlottemarathon #marathontraining #runcharlotte #runcltrun #pr #grind #10k
Another 13miler in the books. Listened to Tim Ferriss podcast, interview with Maria Sharapova on my run today. Awesome!! #marathontraining #charlottemarathon #runcharlotte #runcltrun
It's been a while I read a novel so felt like dusting off my old novels. Huge fan of Detective Harry Bosch. 13 miler tomorrow , so pasta it is 😂. #marathontraining #charlottemarathon #harrybosch #michaelconnelly
Man-o-man!! Did I survive this run or what? The last 2miles have been the toughest, but I told myself you just ran a 17miler 2 weeks back so get your s**t together and keep moving. When I was heading out wife asked when I will be back and I said it would take 3hrs 20min give or take. Glad I finished in 3hrs 17mins 😊. I read that people who run Death Valley, Leadville100 or another ultras have hallucinations. But train for a marathon and you will get a perspective on life. Today during my run, my whole life flashed in my mind's eye just like devil on your shoulder telling your wrongs(I think I've been watching too much of Death Note anime 🙈) Grind On!! #charlottemarathon #marathontraining #runcharlotte #runcltrun #runclt
It's been raining all day so decided to shift my run to tomorrow and went to get groceries. On the way back realized that it was month end and HAD to get my run in today. Ran 5 miles in the drizzle, my highest monthly mileage till date. Keep Pounding!! 👊 #charlottemarathon #marathontraining #runcharlotte #runcltrun #rainorshine
Taming the beasts!! Break in these bad boys!! #marathontraining #charlottemarathon #runcharlotte #runcltrun #asics