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Runner. PB Full: 4:07:48, HM: 2:02:18 13.1 x 4. 🔜 50K(may be), Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon 2019


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Nobake oatmeal peanutbutter bars. 
Ingredients :
3 cups crushed oats
1 1/2 cup peanutbutter
2 handful semi sweet chocolate
1/4 cup honey
1 handful pistachios
5 dates
Spread on a square base and refregirate for 2 hours.
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Gatlinburg #gatlinburg #fallcolors#smokymountains#natgeoyourshot
The ackward moment when you realize you're wrong in an argument but you keep arguing anyway. 😂 #parrotmountain#birdsofinstagram
🍁🍂⛰️#smokymountains #fallcolors#landscapephotography
#tbt Fall 2012, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
Debuted our DIY version of Catan tonight. #catan #settlersofcatan
Posting it early so that kids can come prepared 😂 🎃🧙 #haloween
Having skipped lot of long runs I was undertrained going into the race. The longest I ran was a 9 miler. And in the last few weeks my Garmin watch died on me and no data in phone to track my Strava so it was pretty much run by feel. I didn't have a time goal as I didn't wanted to stress and burnout halfway. So I started in the 9:30 corral and if things go down the drain, plan was to stick to the 10:30 pace group.  Overall I finished strong.  Finish time 2:18:14. Half marathon #4. #bullcityhalfmarathon #halfmarathon #runcltrun
The other day I was in my shower and asked my Alexa to play my audible book and it offered me free credits and suggested couple of books I was wanting to listen for a long time. I generally wait for free credits and cancel once I use them.
 And I just said Alexa buy and now I have 2 free credits so ended up with one personal finance one and Deena Kastor's that I was waiting for a long time to get my hands on. 
What are you current favorite books? 
Sidebar- Yeah! I have my echo dot in my bathroom 😂. I received it as a Thanksgiving gift sometime back and I didn't find a use for it other than listening my news(I know you could do a lot more). I am a NPR nerd and get my news briefing and listen to audiobooks while brushing my teeth or in the shower 😂. I hardly listen to music and have just one CD in my car that's been playing for the last 5 plus years 🤣. Even on my runs I mostly listen to podcasts or audiobooks. During my races I hardly wear my earphones I just want to listen to my footsteps as a metronome.
Run with Mrs @hemainst. Just out of the blue she said "I will run with you". Win-win
It was me vs my car and , my car hit the 50k first. #crv #hondacrv#roadtrip
Day 30 of 30 day running. DONE!!! 2 mile run on the treadmill.  Now back to weekly plan from tomorrow. #runcltrun #halfmarathontraining #bullcityhalfmarathon #30dayrunningchallenge #goals