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Top quality wine producer, heritage in the art of Rioja winemaking since 1924. Legal basis:


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Find out about the fifth episode of the Wood, wine and music campaign. Fernando Solar, maker of wind instruments, talks to us about the importance of wood when creating an instrument.
Gonzalo D'Ambrosio’s suggestion for accompanying Viñedos de Altura: cured meats with truffle, watercress and cherrys.
Find out about the fourth episode of the Wood, wine and music campaign. Ara Malikian tour. His live concert.
A Viñedos de Altura pairing by @gonzfd to enjoy in the best company.
Find out about the fourth episode of our "Wood, wine and music" campaign. Confessions of Rodolfo Bastida from the wine cellar.
A glass of Reserva Original, a journey to the past in each sip.
Our Altura party was a complete success! A very special night that we have recorded in our memory as one more destination of our trip.
Looking at life through different eyes is to discover new paths that nobody has trodden before.
Our Reserva Original is a unique wine that breaks away from the beliefs of the past and explores new territories. The result of many years' experience and know-how.
The 2017 harvest is the most earlier in history! Ramón Bilbao started in early September, the grapes are arriving at the winery following painstaking work to select the grapes in the vineyards. Excellent quality for great wines.
Sometimes you need to be surprised. Try it with Fresh Rosé.
The music of “City of life and death” will captivate you from the very beginning. The wide range of emotions that will make you feel for the intimate, dramatic, and at the same time inspiring that this music is, makes Mirto the ideal partner to immerse in this cultural trip.