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Independent tea company. Not very good at compromise. Really quite good at tea.


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@hellopoe stunning image of handrolling tea @satemwa_tea_coffee - Huntington Hand-rolled and Shire  Highlands hand-rolled available only through our website. Link in bio. Sublime stuff. #tea #malawi
窶彙ecause after-all, why should something everyday be ordinary.窶 The new blend with @satemwa_tea_coffee Malawi Antlers @raretealady made exlusively for @nomacph you can only get there - but you can drink #speedybreakfast and #lostmalawi at home in your kitchen (loved by Arctic divers @roddiesloan and chocolate innovators @jofairley and bakers @richardhartbaker) available  @waitrose thank you for delving into the value of good tea @ashleigharnott #waitrosefood #malawi #tea
沒ク @kyuminhahn head chef @restaurantkadeau in Copenhagen who is visiting the Amba Tea Garden high above the Ravanna Falls where we find our Sri Lankan Lemongrass and hand-rolled Black tea.  Send everyone there our live please honourary #mrtea
Its wet and cold outside. Why not make it wet and hot inside.
If you are a quick - We have a few carefully dried little fellows from Tarragona for your delectation. They aren窶冲 cheap but you窶况e seen how fiendishly hard they are to harvest. And you only need 5 or 6 flowers to make a cup, and they make many infusions, so several cups from 5 little blooms. Amazing really. Just search almond blossom on our website.
Valentines is over. But love lasts longer than a day. We have adored @tonyconigliaro and his Jasmine Gimlet longtime -using our finest Jasmine Silver Tip. Available to make your heart sing @zettertownhouse
Ever wondered how our Tarragona almond blossoms are harvested and why they are so precious? One by one - so delicately and painstakingly.
Doing us so proud in Barcelona @thefederalcafe thank you for taking such good care of us and our tea.
Climbing into the tree-tops for the finest flowers. Each blossom is picked individually and dried on a muslin bed over the next 5 weeks. For every kilo of these ethereal fresh flowers we get 200g of dry flowers.
Hard work but also the most wonderful adventure. #almondblossom
Harvesting almond blossom in Tarragona, Spain. We are here with Ferran the farmer to pick the early blossoms -laden with pollen that make the sweetest infusion
@xander.armstrong and Rare Tea Co respectfully suggest you drink RAF tea (25% off. ends 11/02/18) - raising 50p with every tin for the @royalairforceuk Charity Wings Appeal. #FridayFeeling