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The perfect pick-me-up after a workout, our Green Tea & Mint is versatile enough to be cold infused for a refreshing hit of mint followed by the lift by the green tea.

Not only will you be helping yourself hydrate, you'll also be supporting women in Satemwa by supplicating their income with smallholder mint farms.  That's very important to all of us.

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@editionbarcelona officially opens today - head down for some of the best tea in the world whilst taking in the striking Barcelona skyline.
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The mint in our delicious Green Tea and Mint blend comes from smallholder farmers in Malawi.

Mostly women, they have garden plots to tend which allow them a crucial suppliant to their often extremely meagre incomes.

The mint (like the tea which comes from China) is grown sustainably without pesticides or herbicides.  We believe that good tea should be good in three ways: •  Tastes very good
•  Is good for you, no nasty chemicals.
•  Is good for the people who make it. 
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The 3pm sun beats down on the tea fields at @satemwa_tea_coffee in Malawi.

The tea leaves adore the sun, with the fresh silver tip buds reaching into the sky for the life-giving rays.  The soil, sun, rainfall and local expertise all add up to an unforgettable terroir.

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Team @arktiskmat are on their was to the Arctic #teatravels #norway
There's nothing quite like the lift you get from Matcha.

Creamy, packed full of antioxidants, polyphenols and caffeine (you're basically drinking the leaf), but with none of the crash, just a gentle lift for the day.

Want to try it for yourself?  We've got a special offer for you this week: buy the tools for the job (Whisk, Scoop and Bowl) and we'll treat you to a free tin of Ceremonial Matcha worth a whopping £20.

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We're lucky enough to have several friends using our Matcha in a variety of different ways - this is an incredible Matcha Latte from @thecoralroom, certain to improve any mid-week afternoon. 
Rich and robust our new Latte Matcha has enough depth to stand shoulder to shoulder with milk. 
Should you fancy trying your hand we have a special offer for you this week: buy the tools for the job (Whisk, Scoop and Bowl) and we'll treat you to a free tin of ceremonial matcha. 
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It's Matcha Week at Rare Tea. Amazing new Premium Matcha and Latte Matcha are the latest to land at Rare Tea, each excelling in their own right.

And, if you've ever wanted to try Matcha and not had the tools do it, you can get a free tin of Ceremonial Matcha worth £20 when you buy a Whisk, Scoop and Bowl (this week only!) #tea #raretea #matcha #greentea
Have you tried our Premium Keemun yet?

@raretealady says "it's so perfectly balanced it could poise, on one leg, on the top of the tallest Shanghai Tower." Tasting of marzipan and milk chocolate it's perfectly balanced by elegant tannins - the second infusion reveals fruitier notes of pear and brown butter.

It's been flying off the (virtual) shelves since we launched it last week, and we'd strongly recommend picking up a tin.

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We've got a free gift for you this weekend... Get TWO free Glass Teacups when you spend £30, get FOUR when you spend £60... With a double walled design, our Glass Teacups are both beautiful and robust.  The vacuum between the walls keep hot tea warm without burning your fingers and iced tea cold without freezing your hands.

You can't get better than that!

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We’re holding on to the last gasp of summer, and we’re  very happy to give you one last sip of Spring with two new blossoms - Italian Cherry and Sicilian Almond.

Don’t hang around, we’ve got very limited supplies of these rare blossoms.

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If you look closely amongst the verdant plants and trees, you can see the plucky pluckers in Qimen harvest our fabulous new Premium Keemun.

It's just been launched on our website, and is a sweet, rich black tea, with marzipan and milk chocolate notes perfectly balanced by elegant tannins.

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