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Independent tea company. Not very good at compromise. Really quite good at tea.


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Can't thank you enough MIchael, for all your tea love and support over the years. Even living now in Shanghai  @symmetrybreakfast still drinks our China tea sourced and selected by @raretealady  #truefriends #directtrade #keemun
8 years since we won the readers award for best online retailer @obsfood - awards - so glad to be part of the merriment and celebration at the party tonight - @raretealady seen carousing with the great and good and downright shady - while we stood proudly by in the legendary good-bag. #ofmawards
From #tealady no.3 - hand -rolled Nepali tea from @junchiyabari Remarkable notes of rich chocolate, cocoa nibs and Maltesers.

The flavour is almost of Aztec hot chocolate - deepest, dark melted cocoa without the addition of milk fats. It tastes almost milky, with a silky rather than a slick mouthfeel. #directtrade #nepal #truefriends #blacktea
From #tealady no.2. Deep in the forgotten forest region of Meghalaya,India, lies the tiny LaKyrsiew tea-garden. High in the cloudy hills they craft some of the most deeply delicious black tea. In the local dialect Meghalaya is called "the Abode of Clouds" so we call this Cloud Tea.#terroir #meghalaya #india #directtrade #truefriends #blacktea
From #tealady no. 1. One of our rarest teas - only very occasionally available online -  Malawi Antlers. Made from tender growing shoots rather than the leaf of camellia sinensis. Only one unique field in the entire planet can produce this extraordinary flavour of peaches and apricots. Its utterly amazing #terroir @satemwa_tea_coffee supply antlers to other tea companies. But not these precious few from that one field. These are reserved for us. #directtrade #truefriends #malawi
12th in our series of tea ladies we work with around the world - Darjeeling, India. Picking our second flush Muscatel Darjeeling on Makaibari Estate - the first organic tea garden in India #tealady #tealadytravels #directtrade #darjeeling #tea
11th in our series of tea ladies we work with around the world- Ongani Jambo - from Thyolo in Malawi who is on a full university scholarship from @rarecharity - a direct % of all tea sales go to #rarecharity to support sustainable development through educational opportunities on our partner farms. #tealady #directtrade #malawi
10th in our series of tea ladies we work with around the world - Anhui, China - Picking our Emerald Green tea and looking up to see @raretealady helping harvest  #tealady #directtrade #greentea #tea
9th in our series of tea ladies we work with around the world - Uji, Japan. Picking shade grown tencha to be stone ground into Matcha. #tealady #tealadytravels #directtrade #matcha #tea
8th in our series of tea ladies is Linda - our very own operations manager - currently in Kerala, India. LInda gets the tea from and to the farms and restaurants we work with around the world. She is deep in tea love. #tealady #kerela #tealadytravels #directtrade #tea
7th is the series of tea ladies we work with around the world. Deep in the forests of the Wuyi Shan in China - sorting buds to create the incredibly precious Emperor's Golden Eyebrow - @raretealady brought back 2 kilos of only 6 kg hand-rolled this year. #tealady #china #directtrade