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A fresh bud of our Yunnan Black - due to the high number of these fine leaf buds the result is a tea golden in colour that produces a deep, highly caramelised flavour of sumptuous butterscotch. 
This hand crafted, whole leaf black tea comes from the mountainous province of Yunnan, China, where tea has been crafted for millennia, since the Han dynasty.

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It's the Rare Tea Lady's Birthday, and what better way to celebrate than sharing Rare Tea with you all?

Enjoy free shipping worldwide until Monday on any order - and celebrate our @raretealady 's birthday with us. Safe travels Henrietta

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A stunning view of Yunnan: home to our Chinese Pu’er. A painstaking fermentation process awaits these leaves resulting in a silky infusion of deep earthy flavours and umami

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White Silver Tip Tea is the Rare Tea Lady's personal choice for the taste of spring, and she is in China at the moment selecting this year’s harvest.  While we await her return, here’s a new video we have had made if you’d like to know more about this delicate, sweet spring tea. 
The tea harvest is on, the clocks have changed and we’re going home in daylight– spring is finally here.

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@raretealady getting to know this year’s green tea harvest in Guizhou. Two leaves and a bud picked to perfection.

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@raretealady is currently in Guizhou, China selecting this years harvest.  It's pretty chilly work, but Spring is well and truly on the way on Fanjing Mountain.

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Happy Mothers Day to all you fantastic matriarchs out there. Make sure you find time for tea!

Matricaria recutita or German chamomile is a beautiful flower which also makes a delicious, soothing herbal infusion. Our beloved whole chamomile flowers are sourced from a small Croatian farm where they are organically grown without herbicides or pesticides. Carefully hand processed without the hurly-burly of industrial machines the delicate flowers are kept whole, for a clean, sweet and soft flavour. 
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With maybe only a touch of hyperbole, Rare Tea Jasmine Silver Tip is a life-altering experience. Delicate white tea carries the Jasmine scent and flavour with inexorable poise, with no astringency and a beautifully soft mouthfeel.

The silver tips are laid on bamboo trays with fresh blossom and over six consecutive nights the downy tips absorb the scent of the jasmine.The silver tips are crafted entirely from tender spring buds, high in the remote mountains of Fujian where it is picked for only five days of the year, just before the buds unfurl to the first new leaves.

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An event to remember.

The @rarecharity Afternoon Tea was a huge success - lives will be changed because of your help.  Thank you to everyone to came, donated, helped, cooked and/or did anything to help.

Special thanks to @reneredzepinoma @chefmnail @richardhartbaker and @claridgeshotel

Photos with thanks to @warrenorchard

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The downy bud and leaves of our treasured Himalayan Spring Green: A hand-rolled Nepalese tea from the beautiful Jun Chiyabari estate that truly exemplifies the idea of terroir. 
At 1835 meters above sea level, the tea grows slowly but with intense flavours - with this early spring pick originating from one specific field, one specific harvest. 
The result is a bright infusion with tropical fruit notes of mango, cooked pineapple and lychee: a very special spring tea from an extraordinary tea garden.

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Throw back to Kathi's trip to the Bắc Hà District of Vietnam last year visiting the 400 household cooperation that produces our unique Vietnamese Spring. Each family cares for their own tea hill which are set up under the guidance of the farmer Mr Than. He oversees the handling of all the leaves that are brought to the communal tea processing area in the valley.

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Looking out your window in the last week (especially in England) you might be confused about the imminent arrival of Spring, but we promise you it officially starts today (20th of March). Spring is such an important time of year in the tea world and we'd like to celebrate by focusing on some of our luscious Spring Teas for the next few weeks. 
Pictured is the pick of our Green Whole Leaf Tea - a traditional China tea made in the mountains of Fujian following millennia of tradition.

Carefully hand-roasted in a wok over charcoal to preserve the whole leaves and buds, it has been made in the same way, and in the same place for 3000 years. Made from the soft new leaves of spring it is also known as Monkey Paw after the resemblance of delicate, curled, downy buds it contains.

A tea so delicious it perfectly exemplifies the truth that green tea does not have to be a bitter brew for the pious. It's a truly luxurious and indulgent experience. It has a delicacy and clean refreshing flavour that can soften the hardest heart - that might have been put-off green tea by industrial bags.

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