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Was inspired by the colors of the gorgeous ocean in Croatia. Lots of glow, sunshine 🌞and bright lips - major holiday mode makeup ❀️😍😍 You may check out full details of the look on imbb :) https://makeupandbeauty.com/turquoise-eyes-glowing-skin-makeup-look/
The trip may be over but there is so much more I want to share with you guys. This little balcony outside my room was literally my dressing room, breakfast area and lounging room. It was unbelievable to wake up to this view every single day. I never imagined I'd get to live a life like this ever. My little love for makeup made me start IMBB and then it literally drenched our life with the blessings we can hardly count. We have our ups, downs, super highs and literally hair pulling days in running ours and yours IMBB. But my team and us just keep it together and keep going. Thanks a tonnn for visiting our site everyday. I hope it makes as much difference to your lives as it does to us. I have shared my makeup, fashion, our love story every place we have been to with you all.  And that's an ongoing dream. I want to take #IMBB and Fauxpas every single place in the world. Sharing my little heaven in God's heaven with you all. Hope you like the view. :) Writing this post from a magical little place on globe right now. :) #thoughts #blessed #imbbfam #croatia #dubrovnik
For those of you who were asking how I did this eyeliner, here are a few tips
1. Use a gel liner . It would be easier and you would not finish the entire liquid eyeliner pen in one go . β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜›
2. It is just like any other winged eyeliner except it is super thick. Apply eyeliner all over the lid and even past the crease. Follow the same way you do your regular winged eyeliner. Dont be scared. It would be a lot of black on your eye. πŸ‘€πŸ˜
3. Clean the edges with a qtip dipped in makeup remover. 
Enjoyyy❀️😘 #eyeliner #wingedliner #sexyeyes πŸ˜›
If you travel a lot, it is always good to carry something that helps with de-puffing your face and eyes. I love this nurse jamie massage tool (reviewed on imbb) and skyn iceland under eye gel pads. But if you find nothing, just use cold face packs, cold spoons or do a little face massage to stimulate your muscles and get the blood flowing. ❀️ Oh drink a lot of water and go easy on alcohol. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜› Do you have any travel beauty tips that you religiously follow? Share them below :) #imbbtravels #travelbeauty #nursejamie #skyniceland
Living in a God's painting πŸ™πŸ™ #holidayvibes #croatia #dubrovnik
When you finish the entire liquid eyeliner pen in just one go πŸ˜›β€οΈ Eyeliner used and finished 😬 -kat von d trooper. #eyeliner #thickeyeliner #wingedeyeliner #imbbmakeupgurus #katvond #croatia
Which one should I try first? 😍😍 #essie #decisions #nailpolishlover #croatia #imbbtravels
If you have never tried Mac Cherry Lip Liner, you must. I keep going back to it again and again πŸ’‹#maccosmetics #imbbmakeupgurus #cherrylips #indianmakeup
Catch me if you can. 😍😍New post on FauxPas after ages. Link in bio http://fashion.makeupandbeauty.com/postcards-from-dubrovnik-croatia/ #imbbtravels #croatia #dubrovnik #imbbfam
Waiting for lunch ❀️❀️😍 #croatia #dubrovnik
Always reapply your sunscreen every few hours. Then touch up your makeup πŸ˜›πŸ˜ #imbbtravels #makeuptips #imbbfam #clarins #croatia #dubrovnik
My dressing room be like πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™Œ #croatia #dubrovnik #imbbtravels #villadubrovnik