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🦚 My soul adores sublime beauty in opulent fashion, timeless luxury & historical elegance.
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Know what your dreams are and know what your soul loves 🥰 For me, anything cultural is a must. 🎭 My soul adores and craves it. ❤️ We aecblessed to have such talented international and local performers in #hongkong 💪🏼 I loved every mintier of this hilarious #show by @auroratheatrehk - #shakespeareabridged was an absolute riot and highly recommended #local #production #supportlocal #theatre ❤️ 🎭
Our path may be #unusual 🌟 We May take detours for fun, experience, adventure or growth. 💪🏼 It’s always good to try new things, test our limits, do things we may not have considered before. 🤔 Just for the fun of the experience or because we want to force ourselves to grow in uncomfortable but positive ways. 🌅 Change and growth always comes with rough edges and discomfort. That’s just part of the process. 😅 But whatever we must go through, it’s always worth noting the ways we change for the better. ❤️ Trudging through the mucky yucky discomfort and all. 💩 It’s worth it. We are a different person a year from now because of the growth we embrace today. 🌃 Let’s be kind to ourselves, rest and nurture ourselves and know that our path may be difficult and unusual but it’s entirely our own. 🔥
We all make mistakes. 😭 Today I made an error at work that caused extra work for my colleagues. 💩 I felt awful. 😢 Mistakes are a part of life and part of the learning process, but they still feel pretty bad. 🐌 All we can do is figure out what went wrong and try to put measures in place to avoid it happening again in future! 🙅🏻‍♀️ We all make mistakes. But we are not a sum of our mistakes. We are the choices we make to be better and do better. 🔥 So if you’ve made any mistakes today, dust yourself off and take a deep breath. Then get back in the ring and try again. ❤️ Wearing @robertocavalli earrings, #mirror #aviators and a #cardigan from @zara that made so much fluff I had to get rid of it! 😱 Even @zara makes mistakes #qualitycontrol #zara. 😉 #mistakes
Keep going! 🔥 Wherever you want to be, wherever you want to end up in life, keep going! 💪🏼 Set big and small achievable goals and decide what you’re willing to change, adjust and sacrifice to achieve them. 🎯 Push through and take small positive steps every day. 🌅 For me this is a weight challenge- forming ever better habits and stronger mindsets to move my turtle butt towards what I want. 🐢 I may take ages, but I’ll get there! You will too. 🥰 If you ever feel like giving up, just rest and then resume and repeat. 😴 But keep plodding onwards and upwards, whatever your goals may be. ❤️ Know you’ll get there and the time will pass anyways so might as well spend them inching towards what you want! 😃 The process of evolution is uncomfortable and hard. Nobody evolves overnight. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Every single person started somewhere and took daily steps towards what they desire. 🏃🏻‍♀️ The steps add up. Keep going! ❤️
We are all on a journey. 🛳 How we choose to view every day makes all the difference to our voyage. ❤️ Can we appreciate more? Love more? Share more? Savour more? 🥰 Can we appreciate the moment while knowing we are making progress every day towards new adventures awaiting on the shore? Can we use our time wisely and well? 🤔 Whatever our journey is today, know that this is just one day of a greater adventure. 🌅 There may be storms and inclement weather, discomfort and unease, challenges to face- but always remember that this is just one day of many that link together to make a whole experience. ❤️ Let’s point that ship where we want to go and keep it on track to get there. 🎯 ⠀⠀
Artwork by one of my favourite artists, #JamesTissot - ‘The Gallery of HMS Calcutta.’
We are not always going to be sunshine and roses every day. 🌹 Some days we’ll be slugs and other days dragons. 🐉 That’s perfectly natural and normal and healthy. 😊 Life doesn’t just have one setting of ‘happy all the time’ but we can choose to strive for positive mindedness and seek to build healthy habits that bear us through the tides of our days. 💕 Celebrating our strengths and accepting our weaknesses with love and a nurturing spirit will get us through anything. 💪🏼 So today be kind to yourself, love your flaws and celebrate them. 🥰 You never know who you’re inspiring just by being authentically you. ❤️
Basking in #Birkins and a whole heap of @Hermès goodies from @Vestiaireco 👜 🌟 Today’s musing : attitude is everything. EVERYTHING. 🔥 Whether we decide something is tough, negative or positive is up to us, and our mind will make it true. 🧠 Is 6am early or is it just a normal time to wake up? 😴 Is daily exercise a chore or is it a habit like brushing our teeth? 🦷💪🏼 Is our job leading us towards fabulous goals or is it humdrum? 💰🤔 All these views are entirely our choice, our view, our judgement and product of our minds. 👸🏻 Do we think like the winners we are? Do we forgive our mistakes, love our flaws and celebrate our journey? ⭐️ Can we celebrate what is good about every moment instead of complaining or ignoring it as just part of routine? ⏰ What we say matters, what we think matters. If we choose to adjust our thoughts, we change our whole experience. 🌅 The thoughts we think come from somewhere, let’s make sure they’re serving us well. ❤️ Have a great day, all! 🥰
YOU ARE UNIQUE 🌟 Powerfully, beautifully, entirely unique. ❤️ You are strong and brave and amazing. 🔥 Whether or not you feel like it. You just are, by default. 🥰 Remember that every little thing that makes you different also makes you perfectly and absolutely YOU. 👸🏻 Cherish and adore every detail. Nurture what makes you difference and embrace it wholly. 💕 You are valuable and the only one of you. What you bring to the world - your energy and beliefs and self love- affects the world around us. 💃🏻 There is so much pressure leading us this way or that. Sometimes all we need to do is breathe and ask ourselves - what do I really deeply want? 🤔 And what am I going to do to get it? These can be seemingly small things that are actually big things- more time with family or reading more, self care or earlier nights. 😴 What actions can I take right now? Even if it’s just a list of truths about what we love and want more of in our lives. Or a double list of those things and one small action that can get us closer. Or a triple list of those two things and what SACRIFICES we are willing to make for what we want. 💫 The power is in our choices, and the choices we make shape our unique experiences. 🔥
I get to play with luxury fashion all day... 🥰 @hermes #lizard and #pave #diamond #timepiece from @vestiaireco #VIP collection 🌟 Some days of our lives are good, some days of our lives are weird. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But every day has new insights and lessons that support and encourage our evolution if we choose to keep our eye out for them. ✨ I love the concept of #resale and the fact that companies like @vestiaireco are working together with brands to extend the love life of their luxury goods. 👜 Plus you all know I’m a passionate #selectivespender and love to buy #preloved luxury while I #invest in my #passionhobby of... investing. 😂📈 Whatever our lifestyle choices and goals, we are each and every one of us a valuable part of this world. 🌎 I like #fashion, I like #luxury, I like #saving and I like #investing. 💰 Whatever you love is valid too. ❤️ Always follow your truth. Follow your heart. Follow what you love. 🥰 And know that not everyone will approve or support your choices, but nobody else has to. 🔥 BE YOU. Always. You are fabulous, complete and utterly blindingly beautifully unique- just as you are. ❤️
🍀 Sometimes we need to remember that we are four leaf clovers- and we will feel meh or unaligned if all four leaves aren’t cared for. 🤔 Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. 🌟 We must ask ourselves if we are caring for and respecting our four elements. If we are neglecting one leaf, we will feel unbalanced and may not be sure why. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Am I feeding my mind, body, soul and emotions with positive food?🍴 Am I adjusting to cleaner thought habits, stronger body habits, deeper soul habits and healthy emotional care and rest habits? 😇 Can I eat more veggies today? Can I choose to focus on positive thoughts? Can I do something my body likes? Can I tell myself ten empowering things every morning in the mirror? 💭 We can grow if we look after our four leaves with care and love and respect. 🍁 We can do this. We can! ❤️ Today is another day and every day is a new start; a new beginning. 🌅
Mood this week- loving beauty and fine detail in all its forms. ⛲️ There’s so much work and effort and history in these places and things of great beauty. 🏰 So many people before us have spent heir hours and days creating splendors that we can still visit, touch and experience. ♥️ If you’re a creator today, thank you. Your craft and brilliance share our world, no matter how big or small it may be. Whether in music, art, architecture, fashion, calligraphy or any other area. Your beauty sings to the world through your love of it. 💕 Please keep creating! 🥰 
Photo by @graciousopulence
Reminders to keep going! ⭐️ Eye on the goal and remember what each experience is leading us towards. 🎯 Whether it’s better habits, ways to improve, bigger goals or dreams or desires, this part right now is just a step in the direction we want to go. 👣 Make a plan, work at it, be patient and push through every day as if it is a beautiful mountain to climb. 🏔 I write these words to myself as much as to anyone who cares to read them. ❤️ Always remember what you want. Always remember why you want it. Always remember what you’re willing to give and sacrifice to achieve it. You’re on your way. Keep going! 🔥