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Sitting in my drive way singing @bethjamesband songs. If I get mugged it's because they are too good to go inside and turn off my car!
Hallejuah!! I heard they found God in Barcelona, No habla Englais just Espanol now Oh Oh oh oh.... photo by @elliottoantonio
Ah yeah!! You know you're on the path to doing great things when ninjas start hating!!
She thought I was taking a picture! Tricked her ass!!!
Ouise, Mexican Chocolate and I heard they got the truth in South Dakota... @blackfret said it's selling cheap for half a dollar.... Hallelujah!
Singing back up with Ouise! Making it do what it does representing @blackfret one chord at a time. We keep our strings clean...drip drip drop little rain drops fall. Ya heard me?
My dog "Tadow". Had him back when I was in 7 Stones. Loved that dog! Kept his coat shinny by giving him egg yoke baths!
Mexican Chocolate and I making it do what it at Philantropitch! Representing @blackfret 4 life homes. Chords in Chords out.
Penny Poods Commercial came on the CW last night! THIS HO IS FAMOUS!!
Next Up!! FULL BAND 8pm June 22nd Free Show
Atash rules!!!! Live at the One 2 One Bar!!